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Found 4 results

  1. Will this be ok? Looking to get two Bolivian Rams. I have: 3 x Orange Head Geos 15 x Black Phantom Tetras 6 x Sterbai Corys 7 x Pepp Bns 1 x L066 Pleco Tank is four foot... Also, are Bolivian rams bottom dwellers or will they hang around mid tank as well? (I don't want any more always on the bottom) Thanks
  2. the Bolivians wont eat the shrimp will they? I got 3 Bolivian butterflies, 3 metae cory's, 4 julli cory's and a common Bn I want some cherry shrimp but just wanna make sure they won't get eaten.
  3. Hey guys, So i get up this morning and one of my bolivian rams has died, there is now one left and im hoping he doesnt die also. Are these fish sensitive to any changes or? I did a 50% waterchange the other day and may not have put quite enough water ager in to combat this (i ran out)? Could that be the problem? Cheers Alex
  4. Gidday everyone my bolivian butterflies have bred they laid about 100 eggs but started to eat them so i have seperated them , the eggs hatched today can anyone tell me what to do now ?I have bought spiruna flake to feed them any other info greatly appreciated cheers hilly
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