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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys just wondering how i would go about putting a full bottle of rum in my tank as decor. Want to keep labels on . What should i coat it with?? Cheers
  2. Does any one know if the ISTA I-641 C02 regulator will fit a C02 bottle with a AS 2030 thread??
  3. I’m looking at setting up CO2 on my tank (2.6x1x.75). I’ve got a few pcs of parts for it and I think I need a CO2 cylinder. I need suggestions on where to source CHEAP and good quality CO2, that can be refilled. Also estimated cost so I can reserve some money for it. I only have anubias on my tank and just have normal light. My intent is to help the anubias thrive. The tank has rays as well so not sure how the CO2 will impact the water parameters.
  4. With a rough constant bubble flow is there a formula that will give an estimate on how long a certain sized co2 bottle will last on a certain sized planted tank? Its gotta be the most common and difficult to answer question I ever face. And I can only go off what mine last me to answer. Wondering if someone has a neat little equation to share?
  5. Has anyone done this as yet just by putting K1 media in a bottle running a airstone inside as a main filter only? If so what size tank? How much stock? Thanks.
  6. Hello everybody. I just ordered a Keg King 2.6kg co2 bottle and I have a couple of questions. 1. Would a Tunze regulator suit? Specifically this one https://aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3818&catID=58 2. What other accesories will I need to start off without spending a fortune? I'm thinking about getting a reactor for my canister but not too sure. 3. I've heard a variety of opinions about turning co2 off at night. I'm still undecided so any advice would be appreciated as I'm wondering of a solenoid is worthwile. I work close to Age of Aquariums so thats probably my 1st choice for getting stuff but I have no issues with ordering online if need be. Any and all help is much appreciated. Cheers Phil Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  7. Looking to buy an Oxygen bottle small med size 1st choice would be 2nd hand used one but if anyone can point me in the right direction of a new one that would be helpful FJ
  8. just looking to fill 4 or 5 bags with oxygen, willing to pay a few $, no shops are open(obviously) so i cant do it that way, can anyone help me out?
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows whcih aquarium shops fill up CO2 bottles as I need some for my planted tank tomorrow. thanks lealea
  10. hey guys got my first co2 set up and was wondering if any1 knows where to get it filled around wynnum or manly i have tried bis but they dont and the brewer shop at manly has gone ;[ so does anyone know where else i can get it filled . this is the co2 tank. cheers Damo
  11. Been using liquid carbon on my planted tank with no real results. Was thinking about getting a sodastream co2 cylinder and regulator with the usual co2 bells and counters and running this. Was wondering if anyone has tried this before. Reason is can't really afford proper co2 set up.
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