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Found 34 results

  1. An imperator is very easy to keep, you need a hammer to kill one, lol, that's a given, but the endemic blue whip tail, as I have put up before, it’s a tough balance to create to get one to not just survive, but to keep its fins?? Lol Every time i look in my bottom tank and It comes to the front to look at me, not that I can see it with my algae covered glass and obviously not for my good looks, I am just one of the dinner people”, the personalty matching from so many observations, that sort of took over 30 years of many failures to get it right with the tank jammed with fish and shrimp, that food chain fish that is part of a rubbish bait family of fish, looks dam good to me and full of personality.
  2. Hello ☺ I was wondering what people liked to put on the bottom of their L333 tanks? Sand, Gravel, nothing or a mix, and is their any particular reason for the substrate you chose? Thanks ☺
  3. .Wondering who is running bare bottom tanks at the moment? Have just recently removed the sand from my tank to do a big clean but I actually really like the look and don't think I am going to be putting the sand back in... it still has one side with a little bit of sand (kinda like a beach). I left some in for my stingray to play in/ hide if he needs to. Heres some reasons why I like it: 1. Easy clean up (all the crap just gets pushed in to one spot because of my wave makers and then its just a matter of doing a quick vac with the eheim... no more constant gravel vacuuming. 2. When my stingray loses its barb i will be able to spot it quicker and not worry about it puncturing itself. 3. probably a minor point but there will be slightly more water volume now 4. Nitrates stay lower because things that cause ammonia can't hide amongst the gravel now. Some people may not like the thought of keeping stingrays with out a lot of sand but he seems super happy and is impartial to hanging out on the sandy side as opposed to the bare bottom side. let me know what you think
  4. .Hi people Need some quick advice to make sure I'm not making a bad choice :-D Just about to set up a 3x14"x2 that I've had for a while, it's an ex salt tank so had a weir in the corner that I have removed. So can I use that bottom drilled hole as the suction to run down to the eheim 2215? I have a bulkhead with strainer in the hole now just waiting to attach the canister, just wondering if there will be too much force gravity feeding down or if it will just create more flow. Might be a silly question but just thought I'd ask first. any advice would be appreciated Cheers ;-)
  5. ..Due to the up coming LIVE FISH AUCTION in Brisbane we have just place our fish bags (100 pc bundles ) on sale again so you can restock we hope you enjoy we hope you enjoy http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=bags+100'>http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=bags+100 INCLUDING OUR NEW JUMBO BAGS (Now's a good time to stock up)
  6. Not me but my tank:eyebrows:. Is there a down side of running a large yank tank bare bottom? On my third day of pulling 10cm (never again...) of gravel out of my tank, originally wanted to swap for a lighter colour, but holy dooley this is taking me ages! Thinking bare the way to go O_o Might add some murky pics tomorrow. Dropped my syhon end in when i couldn't see at all thru the water....multiple bites later, got it back..... Still more to scoop out
  7. Hey All We got some new goodies arrive and one of the new items is something im sure all you could use FISH BAGS Available in 3 sizes: Large - 3-4bags fit per standard box - 34cm x 60cm Medium 6-8 bags fit per standard box - 24cm x 50cm Small 12-15 bags fit per standard box - 17cm 42cm Obviously the more you buy the more you save These are HIGH QUALITY square bottom stand up bags. http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/accessories/fish-bags
  8. things were getting very crowded so i got a pair of scissors to my top tanks halimeda and all other coralline algae forms along with a few the things tost out, it’s looking a little bald, like me now,lol. Morphs multiplying,tubastraea multiplying and algae going nuts, the few acans and stony corals in here don’t have much room any more, so I think I am going to loose some of those as they get squeezed to death. The long tendril cream morphs are already finding it hard to have space, its not looking good for them, the purple/blues are much stronger and forcing them out by covering them.
  9. This is an example of something that a couple of guys were asking about on another forum, what is the opinion on bare bottom tanks and experiences! That’s right no substrate of any kind! This is one of two that was my pride and joy till the 2013 January cyclone power outage took it off me.
  10. Hey, I havnt been on here for while, so im sorry if i do something wrong.. My dad has discus and he has breed them and looked after them for years. His current tank full of Discus, have been for a bout 4 months now.. Not eating, sunken bellys, breathing heavily, 2 of them are facing downwards, breathing in sand.. one Blue Turq full size.. the other not sure of type.. its orange. Anyways. He now has a baby leopard thats copying but its facing upwards, sucking air from time to time, its belly is fully sunken, and below its eyes is now sunken. Im afraid they are going to die. He treated them all with everything avaliable, he got to the stage, of poking a needle into them to release the 'air' which they had apparently swallowed through his air stone.. He has atached a sinker to one of them to get it swimming upright (this was when there was only one that was doing this).. and it helped it ate food, started pooing, swiming normally.. then the sinker fell out and my dad couldnt be bothered to put it back in.. Its now come to.. fish are being fed and thats it. No medication..No weekly water change. What should I do? The fish are in the loungeroom right beside his chair.. and he is doing nothing! I cant bare to be in the loungeroom anymore, because all you see is a load of sick fish.. Has anyone else had discus that just all of a sudden turn downwards or upwards.. they are still straight.. but they re facing either upwards or downwards.. Any tips would be kindy appreciated.
  11. Hi all i Wondered if i could tap you for some ideas/suggestions. what bottom feeders to go with my guppies and not eat the baby fry ? I have a 60L Hex tank that is has fine gravel, full of plants and currently housing 1 female and 6 fry.lost all the others due to over feeding (big rookie mistake:baby:) Id like to put some little bottom feeders of some description in there to help clean up and catch the bits the guppies dont bother with. What would you put in there and that wont also grow too big. Any ideas welcome! Many thanks
  12. Hey all, I've got a question about my new fan tail gold fish which I bought about 2 weeks ago, he was doing great Sunday, but now he keeps sitting on the bottom of the tank only at night, also sometimes not all the time he has his top and bottom fins pressed against his body...my black moores have never done this, so is something wrong with my fan tail Gilbert? He does swim around during the day, does come to the surface so I'm a bit confused as to why he sits on the bottom all night. My fish tank is a 40L Blue Planet Aquarium which is new only bought it a month ago, it has a 3 stage filter, so the water is crystal clear all the time. I use water ager about 20 ml which I put in the tank once a week. Could it be a stress related problem, as I've only got blue gravel, a small log tunnel, and an aquarium decoration. All the fish are about the same size (9-10 cm). Any help will b greatly appreciated. Sean 😉
  13. I have straddie white sand in the bottom of my tank and I cleaned the crap out of it before putting it in. But now there is like fish poo and little bits of stuff on the surface of my sand (just normal fish waste nothing special here) and I wanted to use a gravel cleaner but apparently sometimes they are too strong and kick up the sand etc. Can anyone recommend a good sand cleaner for me or a rock cleaner that is weak that wont pick up sand?
  14. Looking to get some discus in the next month or so, was just wondering what sort of bottom feeders would be suitable with discus. Are common bristlenose catfish are okay? Certain plecos? Just curious as to what options are best suited to a discus tank. Great forum btw love it
  15. Just came across this pic on the web - would work equally well for bare bottom tanks. There was a question about this recently... The air-stone strapped to the pipe inlet in the centre of the tanks helps to 'pull' in the solids. As the intake is open to the atmosphere, no siphon is created. If you make bits so they come apart easily, you can remove it for catching fish etc
  16. Okay so i just bought a tank really cheap, it was described as having a small crack like a cm at most in the bottom but when i got it, the entire base is cracked, happened during the moving process. So now i need to look at replacing the entire bottom panel or just selling it on. Its 51cm width by 128cm high by 60cm deep. Ive gotten some good quotes on glass cut to size and all that jazz but honestly, how hard is it to replace a panel of glass? I really want to know what im in for before attempting this bad boy! Its an aqua one tank with the fully encased base so id have to remove that as well and then attempt to reattach it. Any advice is appreciated and welcomed! Thanks in advance Hellen
  17. Ok so in my 5ft I currently have a jd, a gt, a jag and a plec. Just wondering what catties ect I can have in their without them becoming food. Cheers Sam
  18. I am just starting a planted tank and was wondering if tablet fertilizer was safe to use with bottom dwellers . About 4months ago when I started using root tabs I was loosing kholi loaches were dying ,I also lost some peppy fry. I was thinking that because they dug around plant roots the fertilizer might not be safe. I use flourish liquid and Co2 would this be enough nutrients for plants
  19. Hi all, Wondering the pros and cons of Bare Bottom Tanks. Cleaning , Biology wise and anything else from your experience would be a great help. Also if there are any fish that do better/worse Thanks
  20. Well..... -recently I purchased a new bigger tank ( I keep africans) put my old white sand and old crushed coral in it, but need more. Had mixed reports about what to use still looking 2 use something white tho, my pH is always good sits around high 7's. Just really need more as to make my rocks more stable. I've looked on this forum and asked around about maybe play sand / calcium carb or more crushed coral, however, I am still unsure about what I should use??.. Any ideas would be great and if anybody has something suitable for sale pls let me know... Cheers Steven
  21. will be setting up some tanks shortly - have decided to drill in the base of the tanks - just wondering how you lot plumb them up? so a number of tanks on each level - 25 mm bulkhead with collector pipe underneath of 40 or 50mm - goes off to sump at one end... any pics ideas would be great
  22. Hey guys; My 4x2x2 is drilled on the bottom panel but in the middle of the tank; so i cant build a weir around it. Ive had it on a sump setup and just used two PVC pipes going all the way to the top of the tank; so the tank doesnt drain. Im changing to canister filters; Can i use the 2 holes in the bottom for the "strainer/intake part" and have the returns coming over the back of the tank? Or will the pressure of having the intake on the BOTTOM of the tank be too much for the canister filters? They are "AquaNova" (Ebay cheapies) filters. Ive seen other tanks with bulkhead/canister filters, but these have all been drilled on the back panel not the bottom? Nick
  23. Hi people one of my Frontosa girls has had it's tube down for a few day and now it looks like it's bum is busted. Any ideas? Thanks. Mark
  24. when cleaning out my filter i saw whitish worm looking things about an inch long in the bottom sponge of the canister filter. is this good or bad?
  25. what are the best bottom feeder or catfish for American tank ?
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