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Found 18 results

  1. hi guys we were over at aqauramma at stafford today and we seen these bloody awesome tanks with everthing in them some just for fresh water and some that are fresh and saltwater they have this big digital screen on them that operates many of the features the brand the brand is cleair aquatics now has anyone else seen these at all and what do you think of them are they any good or not they come in many sizes too
  2. I'm wondering what is your choice preference between the following food. HBH HIKARI. NEW ERA NLS H20 Stable wafers If you have other suggestions please feel free to suggest it. I'm more asking about food to feed BN etc so I'm pretty much asking for algae discs.
  3. Hello, When cycling an aquarium would spending extra money on Tropic Marin or Salifert compared to the API test kit be worth it? Regards Jacob
  4. I am very excited about some new editions I am getting today... Some amazing ikolas off timothy2. ATM I have a small colony of bembas and I feed them spirulina flake and vegetable flake as well as algae wafers. With the quality of these new fish I want to give them the absolute best. Does anyone have a preferred brand of food for tropheus. I only buy hikari for pellets and sera for flake except for spirulina which I get from aquariums alive. Cheers, Steve.
  5. hey guys i have a breeding setup of 7 tanks i am buying brand new sponge filters today i dont plan on putting any fish in the breeding setup for atleast a week should i run my sponge filters in my established tank for a week or will they be ok if i just leave them in my breeding setup for a week??
  6. Hey guys my housemate is brand new to fish and what's to start with marine but he doesn't know where us a good place to buy his coral and fish from in Brisbane any recommendations?
  7. With so many available I was wondering if anyone could recommend based on quality accuracy and price a brand or type of thermometer and the same for a digital ph test pen. I know I have bought a batch of 5 glass thermometers before and all showed different temperatures when they were supposed to be high quality.
  8. I see this as a Group of people that all love freshwater shrimp of any breed or grade that can come together and share there knowledge and stories as well as Photos, I want to see more people enjoying these beautiful Crustaceans Come on everyone if you love freshwater shrimp as much as us then join our Shrimp lovers Group, share your stories and photo's of your shrimp and connect with other like minded Passionate people http://www.qldaf.com/forums/groups/freshwater-shrimp-lovers-18/
  9. I read this in my fish magazine today and HAD to watch it. The first episode was amazing, made a fishtank out of a car!!!!!!!! Anyway thought i would post it on here, not going to promote watching online but a link has been posted on blinkx. Definitely gonna be a regular t.v show/ doco for me. Anyone else hear about this show and comments so far?
  10. Hi, as i love my fish so much I want to get the best possible filter for them and also it will help more for when i have my neck operation. I saw Eheim have a new one that they say you only need to clean yearly.. but i dont want to pay the earth... up to $300. I saw a Rena XP2 which has a great read up on it.. but i wouldnt really know.. Can you pls let me know which are really good ones.. i have a 3ft tank and the one i have was one of the cheaper type online even though i have put matrix etc into it. thanks for any advice
  11. Hey Guys. I'm looking at buying a brand new 6x2x2 with a weir in the middle of the tank and drilled in the bottom. I'v been doing a bit of research on different companies and stores that make custom tank but havn't really come accross anything that stands out, so I'v decided to ask everyone elses oppinions! If you have had a tank made by a LFS or someone else that made a GREAT quality tank and fairly well priced, leave me a message telling me their store name please Cheers, Matt
  12. Hey everyone, as the title states just wondering peoples brand preferences on frozen foods and where they go for the best deals? Wondering because I normally go to the rocklea store but they are currently out of action due to the floods. Also I usually use hikari blister packs but I have been told you can get decent specials on the orca flat packed foods.
  13. Ok so you may have seen my post (General aquarium) about my broken tank and belly up fish, so it's now time to start again and get it better than what it was before. I need to have at least a cpl of electric yellows and blue Aceii but think i may be able to pass off electric blues as aceii to my daughter which i would prefer. Now as you proberly have read 100,000 times before, What will go with these? LOL I want lots of colour variation (not 10 different shades of blue) and variety of fish though only those that you would find in the same lake in the wild. I really want to try and find a way to have plants (the real kind) so if there are species that are less harmful to plants that would be helpful. Hope that is enough info to get some great feedback.
  14. wanting to know a good brand for power consumption. I am looking at around 5500L/Hr? Cheers
  15. i just want to know which brand of bloodworms is the best or safest to use as i have heard some brand of bloodworns carry parasites and worms?
  16. Hi all, need a 2800-3500 ltr per hour sump pump but not sure what brands too look at? Does it matter if its a cheapy ? Whats the difference?
  17. Hey guys, Lookin at a good qaulity cannister for a 4x18x18 display tank. Been looking at the rena xp3. Just after any feedback you guys have on these before i spend the big bux Cheers Nick Here is a link http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/cata ... 40&catID=6
  18. hi guys, Looking into buying a UV sterilizer, clover leaf 36w has caught my eye. Many peolple out there must use a uv just wanting any info on what brand uv other people are using Any feedback would be great!! cheers luke
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