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Found 7 results

  1. the kids got some Betta at the last auction and now wont to try breading them SO how do y go about it eg tank set up ,getting her in and out from him ,how do u know when she is ready to go in with him and so on all and any help will be good thanks:hail:
  2. I want to start breeding Discus but I am lost. Dose anyone have any tips or tricks they could share?
  3. Hi im new to breading betta and would like to give it a good try. I have read up quite a bit of information regarding the whole process but am struggling to find some recommended tank sizes what size would be good for the spawning tank and grow out tank sizing. any help would be appriciated
  4. So got a tank it a 30L corner one, i got 3 albino b/n 1 male 15cm 2 females 8-10cm had em tank for 7 weeks. The male sits in cave all day fanning, but no eggs. Wat am i going wrong?? Temp 26 ph 6.6 everything eles all good.
  5. Hey All Woke up this morning to find 2 Electric Yellows about 5mm each swimming around ... I didn't even know that my adult EY's were breading Is there anything special I need to do ? Separate them etc ? Cheers Josh
  6. First , Hello All I have browsed a few forums and subscribed to a few but never posted until now. I have a 3ft planted tank with 5x Gourami, 1x Angel, 2x Ottos, 1xCAE, 2xSEA 1x Blue Ram. I'm running an Ehim 2135 Ehim heater and diy co2. All seems to be doing fine. However this post is not about my 3ft its my 600x330x330 home made tank, I running an internal powerhead with a FoamFilter attached and heater. I read about these little stunners called Blue Rams, I went a looking and seen Ble and gold and neon Rams. the Blue Rams took my eye. So i decided ( after a lot of reading ) to try keeping/Breeding them. In My 2ft tank i had 4xColumbian Tetra and a few barbs in so I relocated them and scaped it a little with a few hiding places and tester the water { 6.7PH - 34C - GH 80 mg/l - KH 30 mg/l } . Im new to testing and reading test results but all seems close to what I need. I read a lot of Different views about water changes. Normally i do 30% weekly and seems to be keeping other tanks nice, Rams like good water quality so more water changes ? I popped out and purchaced 2x Blue Rams Im pretty sure that one is female but the other will not show me his fin properly so I cant be 100% sure, time will tell. I uploaded a few picks, Please tell me what you think. Female > http://img191.imageshack.us/i/ramfemale.jpg/ Full tank shot > http://img11.imageshack.us/i/img0313ck.jpg/ Tank on stand > http://img651.imageshack.us/i/tankonstand.jpg/ I will update my first thread when there is more to see or hear, when the rams settle I will get some better shots. If anyone thinks i could be doing something better, or just from experience a different way then please feel free to comment > As i said i new to Rams, if they wont breed it will not be the end of the world but it would be nice .. thankyou in advance for comments and advice
  7. Hi all I am looking to bread peppermint BN as a hobby now and i was wondering if any one could post some pics of there breading tanks / setup's so i could get and idea on it chears ned
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