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Found 12 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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  4. We had our 25th and 26th off and now we are now back to work - just the 1st is the next day off. Hope everyone is enjoying their break and had a good Christmas.
  5. Hi Getting back into the game after a long break....2 munchkins now older and its time for this mum to focus on her interests as well. So currently have a 4ft tank sitting empty as I ponder setup and research low tech planted tanks. Researching substrate is enough to cause a brain overload let alone a CC meltdown at some of the options. one calculator suggested 9 bags of flourite sand...ouch $$ just for substrate. Not in a rush to have fish, I know it will take several weeks till I start stocking. Looking forward to joining in. Cheers Nicole
  6. Hey guys, I am finally back into cichlids from a 4 year stint since I have moved to Townsville from the sunnycoast, my old handle was brad2828 I believe. nearly have my new custom 5x2x2 setup complete. cost me a small fortune but its far from a pet shop style timber pine set up. what do you reckon. I have from what the builder tells me a pretty decent bio filtration sump with a 4200l/p hour pump. I got a lot of little extras put on like stainless hinges, soft touch opening doors, polished glass edges, quick release tap water change function . And hopefully if all goes to plan my 5 wild caught Moba frontosa to arrive this Thursday
  7. so the continuation of the empty wall. I have watched with envy the many threads on the site around large tanks and thought it time to give it a go and as it happens I have a wall that would support an average size tank. I have been a fan of American cichlids for a while and thought I should ease into it with a less angry fish. So the new tank will be set up to support mainly Geophagus. the empty wall from part 1 the new tank - 2400 x 750 x 750 Ready for fish I finish it yesterday and am still fiddling with the lighting but at this stage am happy with the result. Next step is fish shopping. thanks for looking.
  8. Over the last year I have struggling to maintain my 6x2x3 malawi cichlid tank, the height has been the main issue and I have needed to pull it down to move it as i wanted the wall for another project (part2). Had the new tank delivered last weekend and have finally swapped out the fish from the old to the new smaller version 6x2x2 with all fish settling in nicely. The Old The new tank relocated and full of fish all happy, removed some of the trouble makers and the empty wall and now for part2
  9. Hey Ben, what are your opening hours/days over the Christmas new years break?
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Hey guys, Good to see somethings never change. Back in the game again after a break from fish. Some names still floating around I recognize and some new ones to meet. Moved again and now on the Sunshine Coast (where it seems to rain everyday.) Looking forward to catching up with some old friends. Phil
  12. So in about 30 minutes I am off to pick up a 6ft tank, internal filter, sump filter, rocks etc . Also I have arranged to buy 30 chiclids from a forum member, maybe late this week. I currently have an internal Fluval in my 4ft that is just there to build up the bacteria and will soon go into the new tank. So what is the best or fastest (safe) way to break in the tank. I have the water conditioner, am using Prime and a chlorine remover but am a little unsure on when the tank will equalise so that the new fish can go in Any help appreciated. Damon
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