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Found 27 results

  1. Hey everyone.. Just wondering who has actually bred Clown loaches.. I have 2 in my tank, and they chase one another and love hiding in one particular place.. circling one another.. you get the gist.. (well i think thats what theyre doing..) I asked Google.. and he/shes not much help.. "Breeding clown loaches in a home aquarium is difficult. To breed clown loaches, make sure to have at least one male and one female." yep.. THANKS GOOGLE... Theres loads of Clown loaches in pet shops everywhere.. so they must be getting them from somewhere.. (probably not australian.. now that i think of it..) But literally nearly every google site doesnt have much info.. Just that they need to be on the big size and that they eat their own eggs.. Even google images has contradicting pictures.. some eggs are white/clear and some are orange.. ahhh... anyone have any info/personal experiences? Ta, Crystal.
  2. What do you think. I have mixed views. some deformities could be caused by water conditions. if I breed and raise in good water will that address? What can and cannot be bred out of a line? Thoughts?
  3. Just curious as to who else (not me, yet) has bred these fish, and where,how ect
  4. So my Marble fenestratus bred for me and i was completely over the moon. I was told it was hard to breed them, so i was expecting to wait for ages for anything to happy. Unfortunately my female paired off with the wrong male! But i guess thats my fault, she was on the other side of a divider to my male who got horribly bashed recently (Some of you may remember my thread with photos of him) Would of preferred she paired off with the best looking male, oh well. To much extra study not enough time! Any who, when they were breeding the female was not laying her eggs in one spot, she was kinda dropping them/laying them where ever and all around the tank. I haven't actually witnessed Americans breed before (Did have some green sevs breed for me, but never saw it) The male kept pushing the female around a lot, i thought maybe he didn't want to breed with her and that caused her to scatter the eggs? They eggs didnt last very long cause i think the male ate them once they finished or during the process. I honestly felt the eggs were not even getting fertilized they looked plain white, but im sure they are supposed to go amber colour. It may have just been the lighting the the room. Has any one had this issue with the female scattering her eggs? Is there a reason for it? I thought it may have been her first time breeding, not sure though.
  5. I brought a pair of bristlenose off DeagonTheo last week, I put them in my cichlid tank for a few days then on Friday I moved them to there 2 foot tank and added a 2nd female. I was worried last night because the females were chasing each other around last night so I added to more caves and they calmed down a bit I woke up at 9:00 today and looked in there tank, and saw a clutch of orange eggs in the males cave . The only thing wrong with them is they are not attached to the wall, they are just in a small ball with the male fanning them. Picture of my male fanning them. (Sorry for the crap Iphone 5 quality)
  6. Glad to get my hands on these stunners. Some will call them Super Reds and you can see why. Doug has bred some insane colour into the hongi so it will be great too see the quality getting around for the future of the hongi in Australia. Even the females are looking this good so it's even hard to pick male or female without vent sexing them to be certain or seeing them hold. If you want to know more contact Doug (DFishkeeper) which you can find him in the breeders registry. Some of the pics I took last night and there still settling. .
  7. Yeh i know its not a huge thing and there are plenty of things that can go wrong yet, BUT, im super excited and thought ide share Not too long ago i purchased a nice humpy male devil from paul4157 and i had the idea of pairing him with my female who also has a slight nuchal hump. Well that was not going too well with the female hiding in her PVC tube for most of the time. About 5 days ago he let her live outside of the tube and eat for a change. Today i came home to a couple hundred eggs on the glass and female still laying and male appears to be trying to do his job too. Cant wait to see if they hatch and hopefully they will grow up into some nice "humpy" devils, which seem to be fading out as of late. Anyways i didnt want to disturb them taking pics but heres a link to the male http://www.qldaf.com/forums/qld-cichlid-trader-classifieds-113/male-red-devil-93526/ And heres an old pic of the female, she has even better head shape now
  8. hey, has anyone bred these amazing fish and if u have i'd love to get some fry from ya or any size cheers!!!!!
  9. My Alto Comp Sumbu pair bred & I'm so happy I just had to share. Thanks to [MENTION=2023]shon982[/MENTION] for the brilliant lil cherry shrimp hunters :). Zap (male) & Zip (female) had 14 (possibly more) lil green hoppers bouncin round the bottom. I was bout to do a snail cull & water change on my Nigripinnis, Alto Comp Sumbu tank last night bout 10ish. I cleared most of the plants & ornaments out, was about to start suckin snails off the bottom & I saw a tiny 3mm long green thing. Staring at it trying to figure out what it was, thought it was a bit of plant or something then it hopped off the bottom & I nearly bloody fell over! I was up til 3 in the morn building a fry saver & very carefully catching 14 of the tiny lil critters just in case the Nigripinnis wanted a chew. Barely avoided tragedy & I wouldn't of even known! Thank you eyeballs lol. Only had em bout a month maybe a lil more & really wasn't expecting fry yet but I'm not whingin [ATTACH=CONFIG]34509[/ATTACH]
  10. Hi Guys, Im doing a water change on my African all male Hap/Peacock tank and I decide to remove some of the larger rocks and rearrange my scape because the fish are growing and need some more room. Any way I have a pair of bristlenoses in there at approx 10-12cm mark, the substrate is mainly shell grit and there is no wood so water conditiions are quite hard. I did not think this would be favourable. I regularly throw in som zucchini which ALL the fish enjoy not just the bristlenose's and there is some alage growth for them to graze on. I havent seen the male for a few weeks and figure he might have died, so I was quite surprised to move a big rock to see my male and about a dozen fry about 13-14mm long scatter and hide(fry) in the cracks of my latex background... cool. Of course I dont think any will survive, but I just thought Id share... cheers Gary
  11. took some pics today, not the best, but give you and idea,
  12. Hey guys got home from work yesterday to notice my F1 Mpimbwe Blue Frontosas have bred. I bought them about 3 years ago at a very small size from Pet City at Mt Gravatt for 60 bucks each. Wierd thing is they bred in my 6x2x2 housed with a large rivulatus, large Oscar, synodontus eupterus, bullrout, venustus, and an aceii. Didn't think I had any chance nor was I trying to breed them with such a mix of fish. This is their first batch and we stripped 52 large eggs from her today. Here's hoping we hatch a lot of them. Cheers, Mick.
  13. My little boy told me I had tadpoles in my tank. On closer inspection they were tiny fry about 2mm. I bought these kribs from my lfs at the same time, so I assume there brother and sister? Question is what do I do with them? They seem like awesome parents, anything that goes near the fry is shoed away, they take turns in sitting with them ect. There in a community tank with a dozen others species so I'm guessing they won't last real long. I do have another tank that has half a dozen neons in it, do I suck them out or will they just die anyway cause there interbred? I must have a healthy tank at least! Cheers Lippa
  14. WHOO HOO have had them for so long have almost sold them a few times and finally my L397's have bred i have eggs in the cave CHEERING so EXCITED!!!!!!!
  15. Ok so my longfin albino bristlenose that I was growing out have produced eggs I just found them yellow (that means fertile right?) at thye bottom of the tank! I have popped them into a ice-cream container with a bubbler and three cherry shrimp (as I heard they can keep the fungus at bay?) Did daddy abandon the eggs because of water conditions or just because he's never had a clutch before or something else entirely? What do I do now?
  16. Just a quick question. If a male endler and orange female guppy bred will the female fry have colour on them? Thanks
  17. hey guys, just wondering if there's any guys out here finding some odd mutations out there in their cherry stock and more importantly, are there any breeders working on some new colours!!! one of my friends has been getting the odd patch of blue and is starting to work hopefully on a blue cherry and maybe if we are lucky a black cherry!!! and then there's those yellow cherries out there at pet city any cool pics to share?
  18. got home to find a nice suprise, blue acaras have laid! about 150 eggs I think. will they eat crushed flake and brine shrimp eggs?
  19. I've been keeping a pair of 'Polleni' for a few months now and I would really like to try my luck at breeding them. Unfortuneately the last time the female laid eggs it was on a rock in a divided 4ft with a Flowerhorn on the other side whilst she was healing from a hiding the male gave her. I was hoping someone else here had bred them successfully and could kindly offer some pointers as there isnt much info on tank setup etc to get them in the mood..... Thanks in advance... Craig.
  20. Seeing Rex's thread has made me want to see the EBJDs out there that people bought off me. They must be getting some size on them now. If you have any ebjd that I have bred please post a pic or two!
  21. hey all My new calvus pair are acting strange saturday i noticed my male trapping the female in his shell and tday same thin female still in there. have they bred yet male is very protective of his shell. wat do i do, wait till i see babies or tip the shell out into a container?? any advise?? cheers ben
  22. But wait there's more. The L202 have fry as well! I didn't do anything different to make these guys breed except maybe rearrange the tank furniture (change is as good as a holiday) and its raining. Its a 4ft x 15" x 12" tank with ugf, small eheim canister and powerfilter. Rainwater is my wc water as usual. I got 17 very hungry fry out of the log. Dad didn't want to cough em up. I only thought the L134 fry were fast; these guys are speedy Gonzalez. Since its the bottom tier getting a good gravel vac is hard so I built the base up higher. Unfortunately now I realise I can't fit a standard frysaver in the top. I am using a Zcliffe saver imported from the USA and those suction cups to date are holding well.
  23. i was just looking at my apisto tank and noticed that they have bred. there is a fair few eggs dont know if they are fertilised but the are like a red/white. here is a pic. Female Male cheers ben
  24. hey guys i got my flowerhorns wednesday and they laid yesterday morning the eggs have turned transparent so far so good i got some pics for you the first one is the male just after breeding hes awsome and sits out side guarding the cave the second two is the female fanning the eggs inside hope u like the pics cheers steven
  25. hi im in a few minds as to what breed in my soon to be empty of fish 6x2x2 tank currently i am breeding peppermint brislenose albino brislenose common brislenose albino longfin bristlenose common longfin brislenose orange spot brislenose Cockatoo Apisto (Apistogramma cacatuoides) Electric Blue Cichlid (Sciaenochromis fryeri) Sulphur-Crested Lithobate (Otopharynx lithobates) Texas Cichlid (Herichthys cyanoguttatus) was thinking of jags or eye biters im into all fish so nothing is out of the question am buying some ebjd's but will take a while to grow up and would like to eventually breed those in it but until that happens i was after somthing in the meen time any ideas or anyone selling anything of interest would be much apritiated thanks hoppa
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