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Found 119 results

  1. Hi have an 11cm Male and 2 Female 1x8cm and 1x10cm bristlenose in a 2ft breeding tank have had the logs in with them for about 5 weeks now and have been doing weekly water changes to spur them to breed the 2 females climb all over and in and out of the logs all the time and look keen but haven't laid eggs yet could there be something wrong with my male as I have never seen him go anywhere near the logs and when the 2 females go near him or touch him he flips out and does circles to get away from them could he be queer or is it something else cheers Yellows
  2. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/keep-your-ps-saulosis-breed-them-true-100584/#post669755
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. So much confusion are they fragile do they need Terra Cotta please if any tipS.
  5. Hi I've just moved my new male to his home 3days ago. He has just started bubbles this morning I awoke to this. I have 4 very happy females in their own community tank. Both tanks are heated. His is a filtered, Heated, 55lt . Not sure if I can breed in his tank as he has a filter on low flow but grills for water flow... can you move him and the nest? And which girl? First time poster so any tips are welcome. This is my male tank. He is the only one and in the middle. betta-aquariums.php
  6. I have a male Bristle nose & female bristle nose but ive been looking closely are they the same type of species, and are they able to breed. They have different colours, They have a breeding log i just havnt seen them interested in ea other :S
  7. Thought id put up a list of what im breeding and tryin to breed sorry mostly Africans Thanks for lookin MALAWI Pseudotropheus Flavus Pseudotropheus Polit Pseudotropheus Demasoni Pseudotropheus Mpanaga Melanochromis interruptus Cobalt blue Electric Yellows Dimidochromis compressiceps Aristochromis Christyi Cynotilapia afra Cobue Cynotilapia afra Likoma Cynotilapia afra Hara Crimson Tides TANGS Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Enantiopus Kilesa Mabita Pearl Compressiceps Fire Fin Compressiceps Leptosoma Livua Tropheus Bemba Tropheus lufubu Americans Cryptoheros sajica L134 L031
  8. .Saw these child sand pits at bunnings, they are 20cm deep. Too shallow for keeping natives in ?
  9. .will be breeding electric yellow /blues(80 females of each..14 males),and veil tail angels..must be a bit special (4 pair)Will be doing in line breeding also..But looking for the best to start with..any professional assistance appreciated..Ta!
  10. Hi brains trust, I want to breed small feeders for my little bass. I have tried RC shrimp, but they are too cool, so they got their own tank What sort of species should I go for? Cheers Ez
  11. I am having a little trouble identifying my fish i got from a friend. He says its a Melanochosmic and then someone else has said its an electric yellow, if these are one of the same, Im not sure since I'm stlll learning or if its something completely different. If someone can help that would be awesome. thanks.
  12. Hey anyone know when fuelleborni breed i have a colony of 16 atm 12 f and 4 male im just vurious when they will breed? They are 3-3.5cm atm?
  13. just wondering what size pepps will start breeding at??
  14. as the title says .I probably will be chasing some real soon [MENTION=372]mitch[/MENTION].o the tang tank starts real soon
  15. So i have a spare 4x2x2 in my african nreeding rack now, so what i've decided is to breed something that people want but are hard to get hold of or don't see enough around any thoughts on what i should consider throw them at me i'm all ears? Currently i'm breeding, venustus (just kicked them out too many fry now), electric blue (not sure if i will stick with them), mpanga, maingano, electric yellows (not creamy yellows), and my absolute favourote Demasoni
  16. Ok trying to thin down what I have or change to males only if I have to. To stop cross breeding so if any one could help in what will or wont they are all in main display tank and not trying to breed just like having verity. thanks 1m 1f maingano 2 sex? Blue dolphins 2m 1f OB peacocks 1m 1f salouis 1m 5f red top hongi's 2m 4f electric yellows 1m 2f demisoni
  17. i just got a 150L tank and i am wondering what fish to breed. i was thinking angelfish or ebjd. opinions.
  18. Hey guys i have had a large Paratilapia polleni in my display tank for a few years now and trying to chase down some more. Anyone around qld breed them and can ship if needed? Thanks
  19. I have a 3 foot tank and a 2 foot tank .... I have always wanted 2 breed mainganos but only now I have a male and female... I don't care about the ratio thing or anything. I just want to know the easiest way to breed them 1 male and 1 female .... in a 2 foot tank ??? and can bristlenose breed in the same tank as them ???
  20. As title says . Igot a couple of german choc australe females at last nights auction, a boy would be nice .really wanted orange and some other killis as well .pity cant get annuals in aus
  21. Hi everyone, Kel and i was just wondering if BN will breed in our Cichlid Tanks, or will the cichlids eat them or stop them from breeding in any way. Any info will be great. Thanks.
  22. hi just got a couple of female cichlids for my 75gl tank today ones realy fat and i dont know much about bloat is she full of eggs ready to spawn or is she sick i dont know if shes eating fine as i just got her but my male one has been shakeing his tail chaseing her to males punched on over her and after say about 30 mins of all this now thay have stopd chaseing her and things have cooled down and would any one know what breed she is just buy the photo or if shes a hybrid and help would be good cheers
  23. Keep your Ps. saulosis & breed them true because their natural population has been severely depleted. Here are my dive buddies doing a release of pond breds on a recent safari.
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