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Found 29 results

  1. QLDAF Breeders Registry (NOW OPEN) The new QLDAF Breeders Registry offers some new and unique opportunities for breeders to promote themselves. Breeder Registry members will have: - Their own individual subsection of the forum to promote themselves and advertise their fish. - The ability to moderate their section of the forum. (The ability to add stickies, lock, remove and edit posts & threads in their section, etc) - A change to their title (below their username) to identify them around the forum. ('QLDAF Registered Breeder' will appear below user name instead of 'member', 'senior member' etc) - An increase amount of messages allowed in your inbox storage (from 100 to 500) Applications for access to the breeder section are invited. We expect applicants to match the below criteria: - 100+ informative posts. We are looking to include active and helpful breeders who are regularly and currently sharing their experience and expertise for the good of the hobby. - No current infractions. - Regular supply of quality fry for sale. This does mean extra data storage and put demands on the server, and hence we will be actively asking breeder registry owners who are not active to justify their continued inclusion. Inclusion on the breeder registry is a privilege not a right and may be revoked at our discretion at any time. It is our aim that the breeder registry will be a list of well respected, highly regarded breeders in QLD and will be people that anyone should be able to deal with, with full confidence in both the fish they are purchasing and the advice they are given. Applications now open! Please send your application via PM to webmaster or via email to webmaster@qldaf.com for consideration of inclusion in the new Breeder Registry.
  2. There is feeder shrimp breeding in there too, so was just thinking fire tail gudgeons as they'll stay closer to the surface away from the shrimp ? Any suggestions welcome.
  3. Hi [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION], Can you supply Aqua One 3 & 5 Litre breeder nets? I am after 5 by 3 litre breeder nets and 4 by 5 litre breeder nets. Cheers
  4. Can anyone vouch for the polleni juveniles currently in stock at pet city/ darra? i want some really nice display quality polleni, however at the current price they sit at im not sure if they are quality? Thanks in advance!
  5. What works best for everyone? Bare bottom breeders? Fine substrate sand. Very few rocks or none at all or loads of rock for the fish, what is best for the fish stress wise? Would appreciate your opinions ?
  6. Looking for anyone in mount isa area who is selling fish or knows of anyone who is since the pet shop here is closing down. Thanks!
  7. Hey all has anyone used them to breed in before. Thinking of putting a few rainbow species in them and may even put some discus in one??? What are your thoughts. Cheers Marty
  8. Howdy all, Long time lurker first time poster I have been working on this little project for a while now an today i finally got it running. Its still not working 100% just yet as there is a few issues i need to fix up. Let me know what you think and any ideas on how i can improve it. I appreciate your time, Thanks.
  9. Can anyone tell me who I bought the white Delta male off at the Nudgee Primary super auction last November? Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk
  10. hahaha - love it thanks guys, glad im one of only a select few with the good sense to get the little breeder box :-) I have noticed though, my shrimp that i have trialled in it so far, have all found escape routes back into the main tank. I have the little plastic return gate in place, but wondering if there is a ss mesh option out there to stop escapees? sean
  11. hi guys have lost one of my breeders and am worried am about to lose the partner and the other pair i have. all my levels are spot on, there is no substrate in the tanks and they are both running on a sponge filter. have treated them with protozin water treatment, stress guard and have also tried fungade but to no avail. the one that died had what looks like blisters or growths on it, one is half way down the body the other was near the base at the tail. I have taken pics and would like some advice asap so i dont lose the others. thanks
  12. Was peering into my tank with a torch looking for some corys i had just introduced. And bugger me dead in a little cave in a rock i found a heap of bn fry. What do I do do i take them out of the tank?, do i separate the male (he is guarding them). Will they be lunch? it is a community tank with lots of Rainbows, Corys, 2 bigish plecos. I have another tank with neons, cherry shrimp, some very young corys. Its a 6x1.8x2. The are about >1cm. Aquarium pictures by jacleo65 - Photobucket
  13. hey all, i bought a breeding pair a little over a week ago. After watching them dance for a few days i discovered they have laid eggs on the side of a leaf of a palm tree ornament! This is the first time i have ever bred any fish i was just wondering if anyone has experiance with blue acaras and had any tips to ensure the survival of the fry? Should the parents be seperated away from the fry after a certain amount of time? Any help appreciated :)
  14. hi guys, im looking for a breeder that has a fairly wide variety of fish and that is located on the gold coast or southside brizzy. cheers
  15. Hey guys, Im looking for a breeder that sells these fish Afra Cobue Electric Yellow Yellow Tail Acei(not black ones) I know everyone breeds elec yellows so I only want to buy off a breeder that has yellows and one of the other fish listed. Im looking to buy 5 of each fish except the afra cobue im looking at 7. Cheers, Matt
  16. Hey guys, Im looking for a breeder that sells these fish Afra Cobue Electric Yellow Yellow Tail Acei(not black ones) I know everyone breeds elec yellows so I only want to buy off a breeder that has yellows and one of the other fish listed. Im looking to buy 5 of each fish except the afra cobue im looking at 7. Cheers, Matt
  17. hey all, im having alot of trouble locating a breeder of tangs(shellies and calvus)in qld, does anyone know of a reliable breeder,ifso can you please send me a pm. cheers marty
  18. My male Flameback got bashed pretty bad. I've quarantined him now, and he's coming good but looks like he's lost an eye. Ive never bred him before, but I was thinking of getting some females alone in the tank with him and trying. Do you guys reckon there's still a chance he will breed with only one eye? And can they (Flamebacks) be bred in a 3ft tank?
  19. Was having a pity party for one this morning - been a average week with three wee children down with gastroenteritis, impending monster-in-law visit, waddling around 6 months pregnant - so I'm all hormonal, hungry and the other h word. Decide to do w/c a day early, so am muttering and hoovering out the vast amounts of crap in the peppermint tank, and there they were - tiny little black and whiters, just made my day. Didn't think they were quite old enough to be breeding, only bought them at 2cm, last March Auction (2009). Not too sure who the parents are - got 4 adults in tank, was thinking I had four males, including three sub dominants, as they all have bristles up the nose. Wrong again. Then checked temp community tank - cory eggs all over the shop. Still growing out 30 or so, (sterbais if anyone is interested) so not fussed if these eggs get eaten. My CRS is also carrying eggs - who-hoo Something in the water?
  20. Hey everyone had an unfortunate event relating to the temperature of the water in my display tank and half my fish are now gone. Looking for a quality african cichlid breeder on the northside of Brisbane, if you could list a few names and numbers that would be superb. Thanks in advance.
  21. Thougt I'd put a couple pics up of some of my Tanks 1st One is My 6x2x2 Frontosa tank with 13 Burundi ranging from 6cm-14cm and a couple of random Peacocks (Pity about the dirty Glass) 2nd one is My 4ft Saratoga Tank Last one is my 4x2x2 With a colony of Chewere (2M,9F) and a Colony of 6 Electric Yellows. Let me know what you all think
  22. Can any1 help i'm looking for another good site where breeders list fish fs. Cheers Angie
  23. I didn't even think my peppermint trio was old enough to breed. To tell the truth, I forgot I had 3 and thought I only had two. I got them as 3cm fry in December last year. Last night I was cleaning the tank above and noticed peppermint fry in the tank below. I found 8 that I could see but there may be more hiding away in there. The 4ft x 1ft tank has 8 corydoras and 7 upsidedown catfish in it as well so for safety I have put the fry in a fishcave frysaver until they are a little bigger. Bye gee they are fast little things and the only way I could catch them in the tank was to use a big water siphon. Corys didn't mind the water change and have gone into the usual 'lets lay eggs' dance.
  24. Help locating Hey guys not realy a discussion just wondering if there any breeders around north brissy sunny coast area that have any rare sort of plecos like zebras "cool stuff like that" as well as any calvus and or comps ready to sell, aslo chasing red tropheus, any comments will help. If you are a breeder of any of these you can also contact me 0422404853 cheers people[/size]
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