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Found 65 results

  1. Looking for ranchu and oranda breeders mainly. Also any ryukins would be nice. Hopefully get some advice and buy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi guys, I lost a few of my display males due to the recent Sydney storms last weekend. We had a 2.5 day power outage, and I lost a few before I could get a generator etc, so am not too happy. In either case, I am looking to for a few replacement display males (blue dolphin, eureka red jacobfreibergi, etc). Any breeders in Sydney that you can point me to will be appreciated....cheers
  3. Hi, i am interested in locating rainbow fish breeders in the Brisbane region. I am having trouble locating some species for sale such as turquoise rainbow fish. thanks.
  4. Hi, could anyone recommend a high quality discus breeder in the Brisbane / Gold Coast are?
  5. Have an IBC out the back (unheated) with a big happy breeding colony of feeder shrimp (Macrobrachium australiense ) .... suggestions on anything (fish species) I could also put in there to breed that won't eat the shrimplets? There's a lot of cover for the shrimplets to escape to, heaps of elodea and about 6 unravelled rolls of plastic gutter Gaurd, and some logs/timber. I know heating will greatly widen what could go in there and may even put a heater in there to keep the shrimp breeding through winter... so I guess what would be best for: -cold water conditions -warm water conditions (24deg)
  6. Really struggling with keeping my yank fry alive. I need a fry saver that they can't slip thru. What's everyone using? Just lost 3/4 a batch of Oscar fry. Seething....
  7. hey guys don't know if this is in the right place but looking for a African ciclid breeder in the Scarborough area just brought a 4 ft tank
  8. Hey guys, looking for any Springfield lakes or anything near here breeders that are selling any African cichlids. Also chasing a 10cm goldspot pleco or sailfin. matt 0413 803 772
  9. Hi, just wondering if there are any known cichlid breeders in the Toowoomba area.
  10. as the title suggests im wondering if we have any sucessful redtail catfish breeders here in australia? reason i ask is because im after one in a later date once i get my bigger tanks, and i know fish dont live for ever so it would be sad to see them all die out in the decades to come. and importing them is impossible now.
  11. How do you go about dealing with your holding females. Separate or strip?
  12. I plan to get some in the near future. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good blood lines in Australia?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Hi guys, im going to be looking for 1 or 2 freshwater stingray pups in the near future. Is anyone planning to breed theirs this year? If so please let me know. Thanks, Jonas.
  15. hey all just wondering who breeds cory's and what types have you got. cheers Gavin
  16. Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone has bred 2 distant types of pleco in the same tank. Bit worried about dominance. I'm setting up a 4x2x18, 3x2x18 and 2 of 2x18x18s. I have 5 big tigers, 5 medium peps, 7 longfin and 3 small blue eyes. I was going to divide the 3 and 4ft tanks but not sure if it's entirely necessary... Has anybody bred any of these guys in the same tank? I'm hoping some can coexist as long as there's enough caves. Any feedback would be great, Thanks
  17. Hi does anyone know of anyone breeding silver aro in Australia or has anyone on here bread them before? Thanks
  18. Hi guys, just wondering if any of you know of any breeders around the coffs harbour nsw region?
  19. Hi all, Over the weekend I helped my grandfather in-law tile his back patio. He has a small pond with some large goldfish in it. He doesnt want them any more and I said I'd look into getting rid of them for him. From what I saw they are a mix of double tail goldfish, and lionhead double tail goldfish. There are about 7 all up. I should of got a photo. So Im after your knowledge as to if it would be better to take them to a LFS or sell them online? What would they be worth and does anyone know someone who breeds or wants them? They are big... but not this big.... No Cookies | Herald Sun Thanks to all who reply.
  20. I no this has been posted before but I just got out of Africans afters many years and want to go down the discus path. Where can I find breeders in the brisbane area and how can I get in contact with them. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  21. Looking for current prices and availability of Bichers. I'm not keen on paying pet store prices but I have no idea where to start looking for someone who breeds. Any info to point me in the right direction would be great!
  22. Is there anyone breeding discus in Caboolture or surrounding areas?
  23. I took advantage of the recent offer for a $1 digital subscription of TFH magazine. One of the articles in the may issue by Ted Judy caught my eye and indeed is almost compulsary reading. It is concerning the issue of genetics we face as fish breeders and inbreeding. He lists 5 flaws in our breeding techniques, being Small Founder Population, Uneven Sex Ratios, Inbreeding, or more correctly line breeding issues, distributing sibling groups and fostering natural selection. It is certainly reccomended reading. Some of the issues are difficult to do much with. We do often suffer from small founder populations from an import from some time ago, or perhaps a fish that came in to the country misidentified. Given the issues we can't deal with perhaps that increases our responsability to do what we can do. Some of the fixes suggested, such as rotating breeding males in a group, releasing fry in stage and as non-related sexed fish are not possible as a small garage breeder. However perhaps we can make things better by encouraging swapping of fish within our own breeding groups with other breeders. So - my thought is what can we do at QLDAF to foster this. We have a swap section but it has contained more goods than anything. What are your thoughts. What can we do to make a difference?
  24. Hi everyone, I'm after some quality African Cichlid breeders in qld. I want to have a few to buy my stock from in order to build top notch Cichlid colonies for breeding and show. Any help is appreciated.
  25. Just a question? So many times I see on here people advertising huge pair of what ever have bred many times and asking huge prices or asking eoi, The truth on many occasions is these fish have bred heaps and are past their use by date and aren't breeding anymore. so the breeder is trying to get rid of them. My question is wouldn't it be fairer to advertise them as display fish instead of breeders or great companions for a display tank? Just my opinion, maybe to help novices that save up and buy these expensive fish, then loose heart.
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