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  1. Received our first lot of the Zigzagfish Caves and logs ideal for breeding Shimp, Catties, Calvus and Cichlids. We now have a great range of breeding logs and caves in various sizes. Will have to get some more in as well and was thinking about getting the Clay Barnicle shells this time round too. ZigZagFish Caves and Logs Breeding caves and logs for aquarium and fishtank fish.
  2. Ok so ive kept all types of plecos over the years and after going from freshwater to reef then back to freshwater. Ive decided to do a small side project of my 1st time breeding peppermint bristlenose and possibly others. Going to post my ideas and progress on this thread so i can keep track and see the great ideaa from all you plecoheads!! At this point in time i have convinced the missus to set up a small breeding rack in the study. Was looking at something easy and sturdy found this on masters online store(pic is in attachments). Would take out the middle shelf. That way i could have 4 tanks from 2ft-2.5ft , top 2 would be breeders bottom 2 would be fry grow out. Will paint back and bottom black on all tanks. Going to get a 8 outlet resun air pump and run 2 sponge filters per tanks. Bare bottom. And just wood and caves. Things i want to ask are. 1. Egg tumblers. Where can i buy or how can i make? 2. Ive read they like to chew on soft wood. What woods from lfs would be classifed as soft wood. 3. Should i feed a mixture of fresh zucchini and algae pellets? 4.what tips and tricks should i know about breeding peps and what am i missing for my setup. EDIT: could i keep 1m 2f in a 2-2.5ft? Any help will be appreciated. Cheers sean.
  3. Hi, I have peppered corys and Corydora trilineatus and was wondering at what size do corydoras start spawning? They are separated, but does anyone know if it's possible to interbreed the two varieties?What fresh veg can they eat? I've heard of feeding zucchini and thought it would be nice to add more fresh variety to their diet currently on sinking pellets for bottom feeders, as well as flake and occasional blood worms.thanks
  4. Hi guys, looking for a pair of pleco for the right price. The pleco I am looking for are L002 pleco, Peppermint Catfish, L333 pleco or anything else that doesn't get over 15cm. If anyone has any could you please give me a pm cheers
  5. Hi , I was given a couple of ghost knife which are doing the happy dance , they are in a community tank and I was wondering if it was worth trying to raise the fry. Thoughts would be great thanks
  6. has anyone on here bred them or know of someone who has or where i can find any info on the subject??? or does anyone have any for sale also......... Cheers Christo
  7. Just after advice from anyone who have bred frontosa regarding water , temps , chem levels , phs , tank setup , male to female ratio any advice at all is welcome . I have a fair idea on it all but just after other personal experience tricks and advice . Cheers
  8. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find a pair of L46's(Zebra Catfish). If anyone has a pair or knows where I could get one, I am open to offers. PM me cheers
  9. Hello all, I have a breeding colony red fin Kadango ad my femae is holding. I have not bred cichlids before and need some advice. I have set up another small tank and need to know if I should isolate the female or strip her into this tank? She has been holding for 2 days, how long do I wait to do either option? Cheers
  10. So I have a young pair of polleni, male 18cm and female 14cm TL approx. this is my first time trying to breed these guys. They are currently on there second spawn of eggs after eating the first batch on the second day. I have noticed that the eggs are a off white colour possibly infertile and clumped together in a similar manner to bristle nose eggs, but much smaller, in a small divot in the substrate. They are are in a 2ftx18cube on my breeding system. No plants or other fish in the tank just Coffs gravel and some pots to hide in. Water temp has has been at 27ish. I honestly don't check water prams unless there is a issue so no idea on kg,gh,tds, but ph is usually at neutral. now my plan is to leave the parents to raise the eggs and fry and have as little involvement with the fry until they reach 5mm. Assuming they don't eat the eggs first. At which point I will remove half to be raised in grow out tanks and leaving the rest up the parents. filtration is just a sump on multiple tanks which can be isolated and a air driven sponge filter, I clean the sponge filters maybe every 6 months, maybe. I find that fry will pick at the bio film and what not growing on them so I don't touch them. feeding is just a mix of pellets and aquaculture prawn pellets, no live food. Thanks for reading hope to update with fry so time next week
  11. i just got back in to breed african cichlids but i never breed burundi frontosa befor can someone please tell me . how i can sex them if they are still abit to young to breed as im getting 25 of them and what i should feed them
  12. OK, I know as much about breeding BN as I do about flying a roket ship to Mars. LOL. I bought a nice looking male BN to go in to my 5x2x2 with my three rather fat females. About 5 mins ago while I was feeding my fish I noticed one of the females is now nice and slender but I cannot see the new male anywhere even in the two caves I bought. In any case do they spawn that quickly? Also What is the incubation time befgore I might see fry about the tank. Will one male spawn with more than one female at a time as there are two more very rotund females in the tank. Will they spawn in the same cave?
  13. Hi there, i have two Angel fish that have got fry, started off looking good, my angels were looking after their fry, but after a few days the fry started dying, a few at first then progressively more. When I only had about 10 left I moved them into another tank with a sponge filter, but they continued to die off until now I only have one left. Now my angels have got another batch of fry, they are at egg stage with wiggly tails. Any tips to help me try and save some of this batch? my tank has only got my angel pair in it no other fish. I use rain water for water changes. Any advice would be appreciated
  14. How to tell if your female guppy is pregnant and setting up your tank for breeding: Due to youtube issue with annotations, recommended to watch on non mobile device.
  15. I have a Female Rhadinocentrus rainbow that I was breeding with ( not at present though ) This female throws about 5 in 100 red tailed females ( very unusual ) she also throws 1/2 of the females ( almost exactly ) with a congenital defect in the caudal fin but otherwise healthy fish ( feeders , I am sad to say ) All of her male Fry are normal ( 50% half Red 50% red tail ) The male fry from her are the best coloured ones I have . Is there anyway of knowing if the male offspring from her will carry the congenital defect as a recessive gene . Or is the defect solely in the X Chromosome . I only went to year 12 ( no uni ) so a little over my head . I would like to breed the Half red males back with the red tailed females to produce a population with half red males and red tail females but without congenital defects . Just a note - I am also breeding a colony that is just a random selection of multiple colour morphs ( pretty much just like in the swamp )
  16. Taken few days later. One of the female gave birth and the Fry were moved to a breeding box temporarily: Due to youtube issue with annotations, recommended to watch on non mobile device.
  17. Will be collecting some shortlyfor my own purposes as there seems to be quite an interest, so if anybody who is already breeding rainbows is interested please contact me As easy to breed as rainbows and rhads, they dont seem to eat their eggs or young Will only collect extra for those interested in breeding - not for your fishtank
  18. Bit of advise, I am looking at setting up air supply to 8 qty 2*18*18. 2 qty 4*18*18. and to extend in the future to a 4*2*2 and 6*2*2. I believe I am going to need a minimum of 60 l / min. But what I'd like to know is the difference between, electro magnetic piston pumps / standard pumps and air blowers
  19. Hey guys im thinking about making some bamboo breeding caves for some L's and bn. Does anyone know where to find large bamboo? There is a park near me but i dont think i can go and cut down a some as its in the middle of Ipswich and kinda the Japanese gardens
  20. What's the best plant to put in a tank to breed rainbows ? Thanks
  21. Hey guys i just wanted to show off my 6ft breeding tank. Tank is just for breeding fish so it's not a looker but it works. It contains. 1 pair of Blue Ramirezi, 10 neon tetras ( originally there to liven the tank up but are now breeding), 2 BN (10 cm long, Albino male and female common. They are the start of my colony that will contain albino, common and peppermint) and 12 gudgeon ( no idea what type of gudgeon but they were the fish i used to cycle the tank) No fry as of yet because it has only been running with fish for 3 days. BN were under a cave and I didn't want to disturb them so no photos Thanks for looking, TAH001
  22. Just thought I would show you guys the start of my little breeding setup. This is my first time attempting to breed so all tips are welcome. Ill be purchasing some electric yellows from [MENTION=57]DFishkeeper[/MENTION] in a few weeks and cant wait to get started. Will be running these three fry/ grow out tanks all through 1 sump underneath ( next weekends project) Thanks to [MENTION=5332]lloydashton[/MENTION] for the tanks they are perfect.
  23. Just wanna know wats everyone's thoughts on breeding tanks for Africans do you think 2x1x1.5 is big enough to house most Africans with colony sizes of one male eight females and four footers for grow outs obviously the tanks will need to be larger for bigger fish but for most variants wats your thoughts?
  24. Hi All, So I am still new to the Breeding game and find myself asking the question what fish can go with what and not cross breed in a breeding tank? Currently have numerous colony but find myself running out of tank room wishing I could put other ones in but scared that they will breed with each other. Is there a list of fish that can go in the same tanks that wont breed with each other? May be a stupid post but hey I thought I would ask the questions. Thanks All...
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