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Found 9 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Hey everyone, I have these new little fellows Although I am not sure of what breed these little plecos are Does anyone have any ideas? I can't really get them to fit into one L number. Maybe L002, or the store owner thinks they are L389. Unfortunately he has mis labeled fish before Appreciate any help Sorry not the best pictures. Thank you everyone
  3. hey guys are the title states im just wondering what frontosa breeds are available and who breeds them??? cheers
  4. im 17 and parents said im only allowed one heated tank -.- "when you pay the eletricity bill you can have as many tanks as you like"- quote from mum ok so by the weekend my 6x2x2 will be set up with my golden severums and oscar and possibly a few texas(if im lucky) thats my display tank its going to be planted have a few feeders and RCS my 4ftx15"Wx18"H will be empty(and my new non heated tank) so what can i breed in there that breeeds quick or slow but i want large ammounts of fry (to feed my displays with occasionally)breeding feeders would make low quality fish even lower quality because theyd be breeding with there own siblings by chance :S ! so ideass on what to breed would be greatly appreciated! cheers .
  5. starting 6x2x2 barra-5cm saratoga leichardti(coming monday arvo) about 5-10cm turfing out my jag so i can get convicts instead so hes about 10cm pm with an offer ! sailfin is going too $50 25-30cm sex unsure if you want to see photos either pm me or look at other threads so im going to have my 6x2x2 set up in the up and coming weeks im going to put in 2 dividers each at the 2ft mark so ill have 3 parts or 2x2x2 i want my leichardti im getting on monday in one with my barra and something that breeds like crazy in the 2 other parts so i have sufficient live feeders for these little guys ill also have my 4ft either up as a breeding tank or up for sale when the 6 is set up. im looking into [sara + barra]convicts]empty] any suggestions on what to put in the empty part? im thinking Red Cherry Shrimp in a small planted part or possibly the convict fry so they can get a little bigger while its tiny theyll go into sarra n barra side ASAP so the question is what goes in the empty part of the 6x2x2 when its set up!? and what should i breed in my 4ft(not allowed a heater for the 4ft when 6ft is set up) so 4ft - guppies gudgeons mayb e a nice planted tank with an undergravel and rcs? ideas people i need ideas! empty part of the 6 which will equal to 2x2x2 space for somethign to breed in and my whole 4ft(which cant have a heater!) thanks in advance i really appreciate it!
  6. Hey guys. Have been searching for someone that breeds rusty cichlids, they are beautiful fish and would love to buy some fry if I could find anyone that bred them. If anyone knows of someone that breeds them send me a PM please Cheers, Matt
  7. Just setting up a new tank and was thinking of putting some americans in it. Anyone have any ideas of some nice not so common americans? Thanks
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Can someone let me know how many breads of fronny are there IN AUSTRALIA and how common or rear are they
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