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Found 10 results

  1. Found these at a LFS....didn't look much when I bought them....but male had the girl in a shell a few months later and lots of NLS and live food....they are looking pretty Good
  2. hi all i picked up some brevis the other day just wondering what size/age they normally are when they start to breed they are currently 2cm to 3.5cm and i have 9 in a 4 foot with 21 shells 2 have paired up in a group of 5 shells female is in and out but male isnt going into her shell at all will the other fish hinder breeding or is this adequete room for these guys the other 7 know to keep there distance and rarely go near them any breeding advice at all welcome thanks in advance Aaron
  3. Whilst doing a waterchange to I could notice tiny things darting about in my Brevis Kavala Tank. Upon further observation I could see quite clearly that they were Brevis fry :eureka: There are about 10+ of them, I filled up a small tank with the same water from parents tank and waited for the temp to reach the same before releasing them into there tank. They are now in their new home and swimming around. Will get some photos soon, thats if you can see them. Etienne
  4. Hi all i looked into my brevis tank thismorning and notice i have brevis babies should i take them out or just leave them? cheers ben
  5. Hi all i Brought a Pair of these fish from the last super auction. the male is about 2 inches and the female is 1. recently the female has picked a shell and berried it in a mound of sand just spt the mouth of the shell is visable. i was wonder if any1 could help me with any info on them and how they breed and how long it takes them to establis a pair. cheers ben
  6. Hi all, I think my brevis kavala is breeding as few of them look a bit different (showing the bars) and hiding in the shells. What shall I do if they breed? 1) Shall I remove the fry when they are abt to left the shells? 2) Shall I move the female together with the shell? 3) Can I use a floating fry saver or should I use another tank as fry tank? 4) Can I put more than 1 female in the fry saver/fry tank if few females are breeding at the same time? Thanks in advance. Thomas
  7. G'day, I'm upgrading my brevis pair and fry to a 3'x20"x15" soon and want to put a small school of lepto's in with them but i'm worried the brevis fry will get eaten... everything i've read says lepto's are mid-water micro plankton feeders so i thought the brevis might be ok hiding in the shells/rocks on the bottom. But i also know that most africans will snack on fry given the chance Anyone kept lepto's with another species' fry? Thanks Damo
  8. Hi folks, I've got a pair of Brevis in a 2ft (60L) tank and want to put something else in with them. Would I be able to put a pair of peppermint bristlenose or would they eat the Brevis eggs/fry? And could they handle the higher pH required by tangs? I've currently got 5 neons but want to get rid of them... Any suggestions? Whats worked for others? Cheers Damo
  9. Took a few pics of my Brevis pair last night... very cool little fish these guys. The male and female will share a shell quite happily if there is only one available and at any sign of danger the female retreats then if the male can't fend off the intruder he goes in after to shield her!! The male attacks my hand if i go anywhere near their shells! They've been showing breeding behaviour but so far no fry unfortunately. Male Female The happy couple Their home Cheers Damo
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