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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Everyone i have been searching for awhile now and have not been able to find either of these synos anywhere is aus. (well i lie i have been told of 6 flavs but they are all the same sex and owned but the one person). anyway my question is has anyone see any in the last few years? or would it be safer to say that the few that were here have most likely died off. (would have to be atleast 10 years old.) even tho i synos can live for along time and i have one that is estimated to be 20 years old accidents happen. i really am thinking that if not already then within the next few years will sadly be able to say we can no longer own these beautiful fish in australia. i guess the main point of my post is that i want someone to prove me wrong
  2. will standard brichardi x-breed with daffodil's
  3. Okay so i just noticed about 20-30 brichardi babies and i dont know what to do! heres the situation... today i setup a 2 foot tank because the entire week the brichardi were being really agressive towards the other fish in the tank so i was going to separate them from the rest using sponges from my established tank i was going to transfer them but i noticed the fry and i dont know if i should leave them with the fry, or somehow take them out if i were to take them out, how would i take the fry as well? i have to take out all the rocks as well if i were to do this tank is slightly smaller than 200cm x 50cm x 60cm between 6 and 7 foot pretty much has the following 4 brichardi 11 tropheus 3 cuckoo catfish 6 common bristlenoses 6 black calvus 7 cyprichromis leptosoma 2 julidochromis 2 humphead (lionhead) cichlids ALL the other fish are on one side of the tank while the brichardi are defending their side so the question is should i move the brichardi and fry to a new tank or leave them? if i am going to move them, how should i go about it? sorry if theres any spelling or grammer mistakes since im typing really fast and need answers quick thankss!!!
  4. I have 5 Brichardi juvies around 2cm. How much longer do you think they will be before they pair off into a mating pair? What sort of breeding caves do they need? Caves could vary like open ended both ends, only one opening, a hole cave where eggs are laid in the bottom, or a flat internal roofed cave for eggs. Anyone got a photo of a preferred cave for spawning brichardi?
  5. going nut all the times! -- Petrochromis Trewavasae keep the kipili in check --> well sometimes love the blue eyes more breeding photos this week! cheers michael
  6. I have a pair of birchardi that have started breeding but I want to move them to a bigger tank and hopefully add some other fish. Any suggestions on what I could add that wont affect them breeding? The new tank will most likely have sand substrate and plenty of rocks and shells. Thanks Jenny PS: another question: Can I put the pair with other birchardi and still have them breed or am I better off leaving them in their own tank? From what I have read online, I think I can but just checking.
  7. Ok stupid question time My son wanted fish of his own so he picked out a couple of little brichardi. Now i know that malawi's are mostly vege eaters but are tangs too. They have been getting just NLS pellets at the moment. What is the best diet for brichardi's? Is it ok to feed them bloodworm or are the a vege eater? Thanks Jenny I looked on a couple of sites but they just say they will eat almost anything, that doesn't mean it's good for them
  8. Juss a couple of Brichardi i got off Kasangagirl (Thanx Petrina) lovely little fish, bought 5, 4 have set up together and are making happy families, the blue in their face is amazing. thank ya thank ya
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