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Found 41 results

  1. Ok...... so i have bred fish for approx 25 years and been successfully hatching brine shrimp for some 20 years odd. I have purchased a new can of ocean nutrition brine shrimp 90% hatch. I have tried 4 batches since wednesday with little to no success Anyone have any info on a bad batch ? The eggs do not seem to rehydrate and remain floating after 48 hours. Im not looking on how to hatch them.......just wondering if anyone has had a sh1t can off them Used by date august 2019
  2. Anyone using the Ocean Free Brine Shrimp in a can for there new fry
  3. Yep - $1.30 a pack including your QLDAF discount - no typo error. This is a in store pick up!! Please make sure you mention QLDAF when picking them up as they are $1.45 - less your discount - $1.30 Bargain Frozen Foods - Pickup Only
  4. Ok so im new to brine shrimp..tried them years ago but basically was a fail! Had a hatching box (small black box you filled with water an added the egg an salt mix then put lid on an filled a little cylinder with water an a lid with a pin hole that you put on the black box up side down an apparently the baby brine would swim up in to the freshwater cylinder to the light) i would get about 10-20 per sachet of 10000s eggs. Even if i added extra dry eggs so! How do you hatch a good steady amount? I want to know set up (with pics if can) and what eggs you use? And where you get them? Are they eggs an you add salt? Etc the more details i have then i may be able to actually hatch them for next spawns. Please an thank you!!
  5. do they have a best b4 or use by date I have a bag now for about a year now
  6. .Frozen Brine Shrimp, Cyclops, Daphnia and Krill $2.00 less your QLDAF discount is just $1.80 for a 24 tab 100g pack.......... Frozen Bloodworm 500g slab $7.95 less QLDAF discount $7.16 Frozen Bloodworm 1kg slab $13.95 less QLDAF discount $12.68 Frozen Krill 500g slab $8.95 less QLDAF discount $8.14 You will want to jump on these prices...........Pick up in store only!!! Bargain Frozen Foods - Pickup Only Now that is cheap!!
  7. Hi I was talking to a bloke who studied a bit of aquaculture. He recommended I add paprika to newly hatched brine as a colour enhancer.. Anyone heard or do something like this? Thought id get some feedback before trying. Thanks Ryan
  8. So last year I saw a few guys growing there b/s to full adults ,and with the wether warming up I thort I'd get a head start this year and try it my self . From what utube has shown me all you need is ... Drum salt Water And air to keep water moving I used a 200l blue drum (clean) and started to fill it with used fish tank water After it was almost full I needed to add salt and enough to get the salinity right ,trying to match what I hatch my b/s in , after putting all that salt in I tested it lol. Not even close hahaha Ok more salt I used x4 the green jug and got it close Got it !!! Now just add the new hatched shrimp tomorrow ........( if your wondering why there are chicken eggs next to my b/s hatchery that because a chook has taken a liking to laying her eggs on my work bench ) as this is my first time doing this any tips or input would be great Steve
  9. Ok a few weeks ago I went to the Feburary ANGFA meeting and heard a superb presentation by Peter Johnson and Leo O'Reilly about culturing live food. Both talks were great and I learned an enormous amount. Taking nothing away from Pete's excellent talk, it was Leo's talk really caught my imagination, it was on culturing your own brine shrimp as live food. Seeing as you can't buy adults anymore, I thought I would give it a go. I started with a 120 litre black bin from bunnings, to which I filled with water and added 10 kg of pool salt to, some epsom salts, a half a bag of coral rubble and some rooster booster. And left to mature for a month. Now I have been feeding my Salvini fry on BBS all last week and tipping the tailings and unhatched eggs into the tub, which is now aerated with a sponge filter and feeding the shrimp on Spirulina powder and yeast. I have glass covering the tub and all is going well. I cannot get over the growth rate of these guys in just over a week. They reckon it will take three weeks to get some adults. I have tried raising Daphnia in the past and always seem to have issues, they crash in the high temperatures of summer and you have to contend with Mozzie larvae which sends the wife spare and threatening to baygon the tub. I don't have this hassle now with BBS. Give it a go. ps I haven't told about saltwater mosquitos, but I doubt we get them in Forest Lake. Photos to follow this afternoon.
  10. As the title states Is anyone using Ocean Nutrition Instant Brine Shrimp and is it any good or is it better to cultivate my own
  11. Hi All, I want to grow Brine Shrimp to adulthood and preferably have them breed as well. To filter the water, I thought of; 1. getting a small air filter .... it looked like the baby brine shrimp where getting "stuck" to the filter (I don't think they could have actually got through the filter material) 2. Wrapping a polyester felt around the filter - once again it appears they seem to stick or get sucked onto the felt. I am not sure if it is my paranoid imagination or not - could they just be resting on the filter as there is nothing else in the tank? I am just wondering if anyone else has a filtering solution for brine shrimp? Thanks
  12. Just seeing what brand and experiences other members have had with brine shrimp eggs? I've just run out and am looking at buying a big tin. The last lot I bought were the ocean nutrition but I was a little disappointed with their hatch times and rate to be honest. Years ago I used to use some other far cheaper brand for much better results but I cannot for the life of me remember where I got it from. I think it was from some aquaculture supplier. Any info would be greatly appreciated before I go spending my money. I don't think I matters but it's for feeding Jags, devils, JDs, fenes, angels and endler fry.
  13. Hey Guys, Has anyone tried these BBS available on eBay from lowkano? They seem to be much cheaper than Kappooww. Would be interested to hear feedback before I make a purchase. Cheers, Shane
  14. Hi Guys, Just wanted to share an image of my first BBS hatchery. Now just wait for 40 hrs for BBS! Any feedback appreciated. Thanks Hanho for the eggs! Cheers, Shane
  15. I probably get asked more about these, than any other DIY project. So thinking a thread on them is likely a good idea. To start with here is a link that basically shows how I hatch and harvest. not my link but ya, tis how I do it too Melev's Reef - Hatch & Harvest Baby Brine Shrimp Although now we got magnetic eggs...... its gonna likely change things!
  16. Hi All, Im trying to find somewhere to purchase bulk frozen Brine shrimp and blood worms for a decent price. PM me if you know anywhere. Thanks all.
  17. About 1 in 3 batches I do ends up with cloudy water and no eggs hatching. 500ml dechlored water 2 tea spoons salt 1/4 teaspoon of eggs 24-28 temp doesnt seem to matter. heaps of air, 24/36hrs later some batches will end up like this? whats the go? Iv read if you try and hatch too many eggs in a small volume of water this can happen, but 1/4 teaspoon is under the amount the manufacturer recomends. Can anyone help?
  18. done the google thing want to grow em out as tucker for larger fry any ideas ?
  19. Hey what type of salt do you add to water for hatching bs Cheers Marty
  20. hey all whats the best way to keep them,as it get pretty warm up here,in a cool place as in fridge or freezer or???? cheers marty
  21. I'm waiting on my bbs eggs to hatch and haven't done it before. Apparently I should rinse the bbs first under tap water in a bbs net or coffee filter? But I don't have either of these things and was wondering if a stocking would work? Thanks
  22. So iv seen a few guys throw the left over brine shrimp in to a large drum out side in summer and let them grow out . Has anyone done this and how?
  23. This is soooooo crucial to raising top notch,healthy babies. The great brine shrimp hatchery.Thought I would get this thread going for some of the newbies too who might want some tips on raising your own brine shrimp and giving those brand new babies a great first feed.NOTHING compares to live food for fry.Hatching your own brine shrimp supplies a great food source to promote growth in your youngstas. Love to see some different brine shrimp hatcheries/ideas and also hear any experiences/tips/pointers people have for the "ultimate" hatchery. Ive included a simple DIY Brine shrimp hatchery to get the ball rolling....
  24. Heyy, how do u breed baby brine shrimp????? Cheers
  25. Hey, Just wondering if any one on here has brought them from the usa? i got a feeling customs wouldnt allow then i also have a feeling how do the shops that sell em here buy em in. please anyone that can help with this let me no?
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