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  1. Where is the best aquarium store in Brisbane? I have been doing most of my purchases from Exotic Connections Rocklea near the Brisbane Markets. But I find that store to be small and does not have any variety. Its stock is alright, but the variety is limited to the basic freshwater fish, and even lacks some of those. I live in the south west suburbs (Indooroopilly, Toowong) etc. I don't want to travel to the outer rural regions. Whilst on a holiday to melbourne, I visited the LFS, it was 80m long, underground store with so many tanks, so many varieties of fish, aswell as supplies etc. They even sold rare bettas for $25. The type you get imported for $40+. And it made me sad because I have never seen any shops like those in brisbane that I know of. Also would like some cherry shrimp... any sellers close to those suburbs mentioned? reply below
  2. Hi, Curious to know if anyone has any spots in brisbane anywhere as BETTABETTAB and myself will be going collecting tomorrow and after a few spots of interest. Anything from shrimp, blue eyes, driftwood, plants or mosses, rainbows etc. Thank you in advance. Wanting to know ASAP Thanks, Adam
  3. Who is best to contact about getting cabinetry for tank stand made up these days? Brisbane. Thanks.
  4. Sup guys Im travelling from oxley to woodford to collect some fish today at 11:30 am and expecting to arrive around 1pm. Just a thort , if any one is in need of some fish of either destinations leme no and the items can hitch a ride to or from with me. Loading up point would be "the ox" oxley pub and collection point up woodford would be opposite the cop shop. Just an idea for those who arent able to travel so far for a few spicimen that near each direction. P.m if ur keen. Of course u have to supply ur own buckets and pumps Cheers yo
  5. Good evening ladies and gents, After years of not having a fish tank, I have finally decided to get back into it (my wife bought me one for my birthday ). I am looking for some inspiration on which way to go with my new fish tank, as I am second guessing if I want to go down the African Cichlid road again (I used to have Malawi colonies), as I would like to cultivate a more plant orientated aquarium. My wife and myself were looking at the African Cichlids, as my wife loves their colors, but I am still hoping to find a fish combination that will allow me to have a planted tank. I would love to take her to a show / display of various aquarium set ups and I am wondering if the upcoming Ekka will have a good variety of different types of aquariums setups for inspiration. Otherwise are there any other upcoming Aquarium displays / competitions in the Brisbane area that would be worth while going to? Otherwise feel free to post your planted aquarium set ups and fish combinations By the way my new aquarium is a 180l Octagon fish tank with 60cm height (small foot print for ground dwelling plants) and would need fish combination that would occupy all levels. Thank you everyone!
  6. Im visiting brisbane briefly next week and would like to check out some lfs with decent marine sections. Can anyone recommend some for me? Can possibly have a look in sunshine coast area as well. Cheers Gary
  7. Hi all, I'm Carmelo. I've been keeping aquariums since I was a kid (started in 1987) in Italy and through the years I've had both freshwater and marine/coral systems. Later on, I started doing research on fish for my PhD in Italy and then for my first postdoc in Germany. Moved down under in September 2015 and now I'm eager to start fish/reef-keeping once again as I've never spent more than a few months without an aquarium since when I started! I will probably still need some time to get myself settled aquarium-wise but I'm also interested in exploring the local marine and freshwater wildlife. Indeed, I've already started going to some creeks close to home (public transport only for the moment) and dumping a minnow trap, just to see what I get...I'm sure my time in Australia will be a very interesting one! Best, Carmelo
  8. Can anyone recommend any plumbing stores in BNE that carry a decent range? I'm heading down that way tomorrow and desperately need a handful of 50/25mm reducing tees. All of the places I have tried locally don't have much of a range (yet I bet would gladly whinge about how slow business is.) I know I can get them online but if I could find some tomorrow I will be able to complete another rack over the weekend instead of waiting another week. Thanks in advance, Matt
  9. Hi all, Happy new year guys! I am not a robot. My partner and I have decided to keep some fish here in brisbane. I have kept aquatic animals (fish/amphibians) for awhile back in another tropical country so I am quite familiar with the basics of this hobby. However I need some help picking out a fish (or a few) that is extremely hardy and low maintenance. We are committed to caring for the fishes but would like to avoid extra steps that we may stuff up along the way (partner will be very upset if they die). We are not partial to the looks but it would be an added bonus if they were colorful/cute/not-too-small-or-large. We intend to be getting a small tank so any fish that are happy in groups of <5 would be fine. If there are a few choices among the recommendations we do not mind getting a couple species. Thanks in advance for any advice offered! Looking forward to more interaction on this forum in the future.
  10. Hi, i am interested in locating rainbow fish breeders in the Brisbane region. I am having trouble locating some species for sale such as turquoise rainbow fish. thanks.
  11. Hi, what are the best places in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area to buy aquarium setups? I am interested in starting up a medium sized discus aquarium (approx 300 litres).
  12. Hi, could anyone recommend a high quality discus breeder in the Brisbane / Gold Coast are?
  13. So a couple of years back I was big into Dwarf Cichlids and planted tanks, and I'm thinking of getting into it again; I always used to go to Fishchick Aquatics in Annerley, since it was a great little place for that kind of stuff, but looking around there these days its very sparse in the dwarf department, plant selection is pretty thin too compared to what I remember. Is there anywhere worth going to these days specifically for these sorts of things?
  14. Sadly our pet freshwater black shark passed away yesterday morning, She was such a beautiful fish and Dan has owned her for about 8 years since she was 2cm big, she was almost 2 foot before she passed! We are going to miss her so much and Im trying to find Dan a taxidermy place in the Brisbane area that would actually do a good job with fish (seen a few bad ones) and Im also trying to find one that will have a bit of respect for our pet as a lot of them are for sport fishing and hunting if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated! also am looking for someone to do a life like replica of her that would be weighted accurately for educational purposes thanks, jess and dan.
  15. I am looking for anyone thta has some Hikari frozen blood worm in stock and does bulk buys. Ive cehceked most web sites and there seems to be a under supply at the moment. Location and indicative prices if you could thanks David
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Hi all, From Brisbane, and have kept fish on and off over the years. Currently have a betta in a planted tank, but am considering something bigger, maybe going natives. And maybe a shrimp tank too.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. Considering getting a custom built 80x80x80cm (height maybe 60 or 70 depending on price) big cube. Would be a planted tank that can be viewed from all sides. I have never had any experience with custom tank builds, any ideas on what something like this would cost?
  21. Hi just looking for advice on where is the best place to buy lighting in Brisbane or am I going to find a bargain online . I have a 6x2x2 African tank I'm looking to light and I'm trying to keep costs down i would like led but t5 are okay as well. I was also wondering is it cheaper to buy 2 3ft lights rather than a 6ft one any help would be appreciated thanks.
  22. Was thinking of having a look at creeks between caboolture and caloundra tomorrow(Monday), looking for rainbows, rhads, blue-eyes etc Anyone want to come?
  23. Hey guys, Nate here, I've finally got my license back, so keen as mustard to go out looking for some native shrimp for a nano I've got I'm most after glass or riffles. I live in the Logan area, but keen to go for a little drive, set up 2-3 traps, then come back in the morning to check on them I'll be using just the normal rectangular bait traps with probably a can of cat food or tuna in each with a few hours poked in Regards, Nathan Aka BarryToucher
  24. Hey guys flowerhorn is crook as **** was wondering if anyone had any metro or where i could buy some. Cheers,
  25. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and looking for some good quality wakin and Ryukin in Brisbane for sale. I have been to few aquariums but no luck. It will be great if some can let me know where I can purchase some good quality fish in Brisbane/Ipswich?
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