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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guy's, just wondering which algae eaters you guys think would work best in my tank/ which are the most efficient at keeping algae under control. My tank is 4x3x18 and the back glass is a bit hard to reach in places. So I thought I might invest in a couple more cat fish types. There's currently a gold spot around 5 inches long a common bristle nose around 4 inches and an l333 around 2 inches. There's plenty of rock work for them to take shelter from the rest of the tank inhabitants and they seem pretty happy. Types that max out around six inches would be ideal as I'm not to keen on a tank full of dinosaurs in a couple of years. Any suggestions? Cheers Haydn
  2. .Hey Fish mates.. Just wondering what types of fish to keep with guppies.. I have a 5ft tank and its got 7 Guppies and 3 Bristlenose catfish.. What other fish can i put in there with them ?? Also chasing some more albino bristlenose.. Any help would be amazing please..
  3. ..Hi All I am after some help on what to do next. I have a 235lt tank (130cmx60cmx30cm) with African cichlids and bristle nose pelcos in it. I have 26x 2-3cm demasoni and 5 electric yellows ranging from 3-8cm. I have 5x bristle nose pelcos. 2 males, 2 females and one unknown. The larger BN male had bread once with both females producing 130 fry. They are in a 40-50lt grow out tank. Both females laid eggs in the males cave on the same day but both batches of eggs came out of the cave due to it being to smooth for the eggs to stick. I put them in an egg tumbler in the main tank and 8 days later I had 130 fry. Now 23 days later with new caves both males are fanning eggs in there cave. The thing I want to know is what to do next. Do I move them cave and all into the grow out tank with the 1cm fry and if so do I do it now or when they hatch. If I move the dads in with the last lot of fry will they eat them or will the fry interfere with the fanning. Or do I get all the eggs into a tumbler and leave the males in the main tank so they are ready to go again when the females are ready. Or is there a better way I have not thought of. Any ideas or info will be great. Thanks
  4. Bristlenose 3-4cm $4.50 4-5cm $10 5-6cm $15 6-8cm $20 8-10cm $25 Ph 0403 675 234
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