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  1. Hey everybody Chris here once again, just after some advice on worming my Frontosa's, Electric Yellows and Bristlenose (the bristlenose have fry in the tank and makes sitting on more eggs can I still worm this tank?) What products do you's recommend and where's the best place to get it from.. I'm just down the road from AOA so if it's something they have in stock that'd be great (usually go down their atleast once a week even if I don't need anything lol). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. cheers once again Chris,
  2. Hello guys, I am liking the forums here so decided I'll get involved so here it is my first post! I am currently cycling a 120cm x 45cm x 35cm what I plan to be moderately planted tank. It has a eheim 2217 filter as well. My stock I plan on keeping is so far: 2 Pearl Gourami (Most likely) 6-10 Sterbai Corydoras (Definitely) 2 or 4 Common Bristlenose and/or Peppermint Bristlenose (Definitely) 6 Praecox Rainbows (Unsure) 8-10 Cherry Barbs (Most likely) 2 German Blue Rams (Unsure) 8-10 Some larger schooling fish like black skirt tetra (no idea) If any of you could comment on this stock for my 200 liter tank I would greatly appreciate it! My main issue is this: I really like the bristlenose catfish and personally I quite like the look of the peppermint bristlenose over the common bristlenose. Is my 4ft tank which will be loaded with rocks, driftwood and caves adequate to house 4 of these catfish? ie either 4 common bristlenose or a combination of 2 common and 2 peppermint. Does the combination (2 common 2 pepp) even work? If I raise them up will they comfortably be able to breed in there without fighting and then move the young into a separate tank? What size do each grow in australia (I have read heaps of conflicting information on this so far)? What are the behavioural differences between the two species? Cheers guys, really appreciate it as I don't want to unknowingly cause disruptions when I get the tank stocked.
  3. Anyone have knowledge/experience with repashy fish food? Looking to try some for my bn breeders and fry. Suggestions on which one to get, where to buy? sent from sony xperia via tapatalk
  4. Ok so ive kept all types of plecos over the years and after going from freshwater to reef then back to freshwater. Ive decided to do a small side project of my 1st time breeding peppermint bristlenose and possibly others. Going to post my ideas and progress on this thread so i can keep track and see the great ideaa from all you plecoheads!! At this point in time i have convinced the missus to set up a small breeding rack in the study. Was looking at something easy and sturdy found this on masters online store(pic is in attachments). Would take out the middle shelf. That way i could have 4 tanks from 2ft-2.5ft , top 2 would be breeders bottom 2 would be fry grow out. Will paint back and bottom black on all tanks. Going to get a 8 outlet resun air pump and run 2 sponge filters per tanks. Bare bottom. And just wood and caves. Things i want to ask are. 1. Egg tumblers. Where can i buy or how can i make? 2. Ive read they like to chew on soft wood. What woods from lfs would be classifed as soft wood. 3. Should i feed a mixture of fresh zucchini and algae pellets? 4.what tips and tricks should i know about breeding peps and what am i missing for my setup. EDIT: could i keep 1m 2f in a 2-2.5ft? Any help will be appreciated. Cheers sean.
  5. Moved my 2 bristlenose to a new tank about 4 days ago and I have noticed my female has got rather fat in the last 2 days. Nothing has changed in terms of how much they have been fed aside from not feeding them the day i transfered them. Have noticed the food is still coming out the other end as normal. I have also noticed she keeps hanging around and going inside one of the caves i put in the tank however I'm not sure if the male has found it yet. Could she be full of eggs and looking to spawn? Only food source i can think of that could have filled her up is a new piece of driftwood which they have both been rasping on but the male has not gained any weight. Should note they have spawned twice before in their old tank however i never really paid attention to any changes in the female during those spawns. I have attached a photo of her (i think)
  6. Can anyone tell me if our bristlenose has eggs or is unwell? She normally hides a lot but is sitting on the aquarium floor. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  7. I have a 6x2x1.5 African display tank (mainly haps, peacocks and some mbuna). I have had 4 bristlenose in there with them for the last 12 months. Over the last 48 hrs, all of the bristlenose have died and not really sure what is going on. The other fish seem fine and the water parameters are as follows (before water change): PH: 7.9 Ammonia: Looks like 0.0 on the colour chart, although possibly between 0.0 and 0.25). This may have been due to dead bristlenose. Nitrite: 0.0 Nitrate: between 40 and 80ppm I think some were dead for around 24hrs.....any ideas what could be going on? I have just done a 40% water change and will monitor what is going on, but it is strange that they have all died with 48hrs. I have a cuckoo in there as well which seems fine.
  8. G'day, New member here. I am upgrading from a 2' tank to a 4'×16"×20" in the next week. Currently have a breeding pair of common bristlenose in the established 2'. Once established, i would like to add a peppermint bristlenose (probably female to not risk agression between males) to the new tank. I am just wondering if it would get along with the existing 2 common bn? Also would a peppermint female breed with the common male or is it not possible for the 2 varieties to spawn? No real intention of crossbreeding them but just curious about what may happen if i decide to add the peppermint bn. Hoping someone with more experience in the species can share some knowledge
  9. Hi guys i have seen it before. Bamboo breeding logs for bn and plecos. So i have decided to chop some bamboo and try make them. I thought i would come here to see if i am doing everything right. First problem is they are green... I am gling to boil them but i am not sure how it would go if i bake them to suck the moisture out? Ill post some pics but does anyone know if green bamboo has bad toxins that can hurt my fish? Ty!
  10. Hey guys just want to do a little thread on these Albino BN eggs that were abandoned by their father. The father decided after a day of car the eggs were too boring to care for or something and left them and is now on the other side of the tank on more eggs. So I decided I could try hatch them myself. So I put them in a little 25l tank still In the cave cause the buggers were not going to budge (annoyingly) and put an aerator in the cave to oxygenate the water it is now day three of the eggs under my care with more updates to come. PS I know hatching these eggs is easy but I just thought I'd share. Cheers TheAquaHolic001
  11. Just noticed some black dots on one of my female albino BN. It looks healthy but I just want to make sure it's not a disease or deformity e.t.c. As she's in my large breeding colony. There is one spot just behind the eyes, one 1 on the left fin ( hard to see on black gravel ), and there are 2 smaller dots on the end of her tail. PS sorry for the awful photos my camera broke so I had to take them on my ipod. Cheers,
  12. Need a culling machine? (in response to the 'giving away culls' thread) Recently hooked a few dovii from the lagoons
  13. The Tech Den Xmas Special Number 6!- Bristlenose Logs! Small Bristlenose and Pleco Breeding Logs WAS $9.50 - NOW $5.95!!! That's aver 30% Off!!! Today and tomorrow only....
  14. my bristle nose was laying on his back not moving but still breathing moved him into a spair tank and added salt is it just a waiting game now or anything else i can do to save him
  15. I was just curious on how these particular fish were bread. From what I have researched they come from calicos or albinos but I can not find a definite answer. I know some people here in Aus are trying to breed them I was just wondering how.
  16. Hi just want to know if Orange Spot Bristlenose will breed with a common or are they like Peps
  17. I'm looking for two different types of wafers/pellets for my plecos. Need one that is very high in wood and vegetable matter and another that is fish meal based. Any recommendations appreciated. Cheers
  18. Hi Guys, Just after some advice...again. I have a couple of things going on. Water parameters PH- 6.8 (ish) Temp 26 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrate about 10- 20 ppm (i know that's a bit high, water changes last night and tonight again if needed) 4ft 200ltr tank (25% water change weekly) Stock, 3 x BN, 10 Neons, 8 Danios, 1 guppy, 3 Mollies, 1 x Sailfin Pleco, 1 Angelfish Firstly i have lost 3 angel fish in the last week, a few weeks ago i had Angelfish eggs, then about a week after the female i found dead, i thought the male may have beaten it up, last Sunday the second Angelfish dead (that's the two females gone), and this morning a third swimming very slowly on its side and then would just fall to the bottom of the tank( i am sure it will be dead by the time i get home) , all were somewhat smaller than the dominant male that is left, although all started out the same size when i got them, i had put this down to bullying but i am not sure. During the same period (over a couple of weeks) i had three mollies die, might sound strange but i had 3 black and three white, only the black mollies have died. I make the point that there were no signs of disease on any of the fish, but the angel fish did have their fins quite chewed up bu the looks of things except for the one i found this morning. And last night i had my male BN who also has breed in the last couple of weeks (although it seems the babies all bare one have been eaten , or something) and once again i had put it down to the male angelfish probably having snacks when the babies came out of the BN cave, anyway the male BN has this strange excretion from it that doesn't look right. So now i am thinking that i may have a bigger problem, i have only been back in the hobby for a few months now and just cant seem to take a trick. Any help is appreciated.
  19. Hi All. This is one that I am completely stumped on, I have spoken to a mate and he has the same problem by the sounds of it but we both don't think it is normal. I have 3 pairs of bn and they have fry every months basically. I separate the father and the log into a fry tank when i find that the male is on eggs in his logs. What i am stumped with is how do i keep the fry alive, Basically Bn are the only things i cant seem to raise, Every batch there is tonnes of baby's and they all only last a few days after coming out of the logs. From every batch i am lucky to get 10% that would survive after the 2 cm mark and the rest seem to drop off before then. They are on a sumped rack so when i put the log into the new tank they are never exposed to no water or water changes, there are other fish in the rack that i raise from fry but it seems the only thing I can't get good success with is BN... They are fed and algae wafers, there water conditions are all great and I cant seem to work it out? I would like to know has anyone else had these problems? what is the best way to curve this? What am I doing wrong? Thanks all and sorry for the stupid questions.
  20. Hey all.. I have 1 big male bristlenose catfish and 2 female bristlenose catfish.. I want to keep the females in seperate tanks and keep changing the male once he breeds with the female and hatches the babies.. I this something i should do i thought it would give the female a few weeks or so to relax away from the male ?? Or would you keep the male and 2 females in the same tank.. My tanks are 4x2x2 and 2x1.5x1.5 ....
  21. okay so in my bristlenose tank i woke up and found one of the fems i brought not to long ago had died. just wondering why it could have died for? specs of tank is: Water Temp: 27, PH is 7.6ppm, Ammonia is between 0 and 0.25, and Nitrite and Nitrate is both 0. both. fed on zucchini and cucumber. no other tank mates besides 1 male and one female bn. In tank its gravel, rock, driftwood and a pvc pipe also a clay looking cave i got from pet shop. latest water change was done yesturday about 20-30% and i normally do them every 2-3 day thanks
  22. so my question is and i think i already know the answer but just making sure, can i house my bristlenose catfish with my peacock bass or will my bass eat them?
  23. Hi Guys, New to the forum. I bought some peppermint Bristlenose about 8 months ago 5 in total for my tank. Four of the Peppermints are jet black but one is permanently discoloured. They were all black when i bought them but one has progressively lost his colour! I have read that they become "washed out" when stressed but I don't believe this to be the issue as they all seem to get along great and with no fights. He feeds really well on a varied diet and looks healthy. Just after some advice as to why he is like this? Is he some type of hybrid or inbred? He has white lips white around his fins. He is almost grey! Thanks Pepper.
  24. Hey guys i've got a colony of 2 males and 5 females with all of them being around the 10-13cm mark and I was wondering what they would be worth. Cheers
  25. I have to bristlenose and want to know the sex im positive one is male just unsure on the second
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