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Found 8 results

  1. HI Everyone Im Looking For Bristlenoses Peppermints Location Nerang Or Robina is there any breeders
  2. Chucked this skull in my 6ft yesterday. it was covered in so much algae it was black then as if a miracle over night just 2 BN almost brought it back to its former glory
  3. Would like a pair of common Bristlenoses in my Goldfish tank as a cleanup crew and to keep algae in check. what would be the minimum temperature they could tolerate? - 19C ? what would be their optimal temperature? - 21C ?
  4. hi ihave recently found that my african cichlid babies had 1 baby common bristlenose fro lunch so than i look more carefully and found one more which i saed it was the first time they bred for me i have 2 females 7 and 9 cm long and male 7.5cm long i want to help how to make big survival rate they are in 2 foot taNK TOGETHER WITH 10 3 cm long african babies filter breeding caves gravel java moss and heater just want tro help how to save all babies from my africans pls help me so in future i can breed them properly i feed parents with fresh cucumber and sometimes zuccini i gave piece zuccini to my baby as well it is now seperated by its own in little container with driftwood java moss and air flow
  5. Hi I've just found two albino females dead this morning I believe they have just laid eggs, can anyone tell me whats happened they were healthy as lastnight and the males are fine.im thinking theyve had complications? Thanks in advance for any info
  6. Is htis a good mix, as i bought some 002's about 5cm, and i added em to my tank with some peppermint juvies no bigger than 4cm. Since then i have found most of hte pepps have damaged fins, can anyone think of a solution to this ? Other than the obvious one of taking them out, i thought it may have been them trying to see who is dominant in the tank. But im very unsure. Thanks Trent
  7. hey guys, i have a pair of large bristlenoses, and they have bred before. and i decided i wanted some albinos, so i got some younger ones and threw them in. one of the albinos is a male and keeps on going to the cave which my big male is in, so my big male keeps changing logs. my albino seems to want wat ever cave he is in. Do u think that if my big male keeps swapping that this will stop my female from wanting to breed? Cheers, Sidd
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