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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have just found a batch of about 20 fry from my common bristlenose and i was wondering if there was anything i needed to do, like how often should i do water changes and things like that. Also i saw an albino fry, is this common for this to happen?
  2. I have placed my breeders and smaller ones in there new furnished home that I have made up for them. Tank is 3x15x18, I'm running just a sponge filter as I don't want fry sucked up with a powerhead filter, using some almond leaves for water chemistry ph sits around 5.8 to 6 range and temp is about 24 deg at the moment and yes that is one plant LOL my question is do you guys have more success with just a pair/trio of peps or colony bred with multiple fish there are some fry with them at the moment. here are somne pics and just fun I have placed a photo of all to see who guess how many females and males their are.
  3. 4 to 5 cm ....$3.50.... 3 to 4 cm....$2.50... 2 to 3 cm ....$1.50... Phone:0487319168
  4. Hey guys, I thought I might share some boring information with you all. There isn't much point to this other than to satisfy my curiosity. The statistics below are from two spawns which I have kept isolated for this very purpose. I plan to do this again in the future to see if there is a continuation of these results. The spawns are from two different common longfin bristlenose groups which both happen to carry albino genes. Due to the number of fry I assume the first spawn was laid by two females at the same time. I'll just present the statistics and leave it up to you to decide how much spare time I must have. The basics: Spawn 1 - 124 fish total 48% common longfin (59) 24% common shortfin (30) 15% albino longfin (18) 14% albino shortfin (17) Spawn 2 - 48 fish total 46% common longfin (22) 29% common shortfin (14) 13% albino longfin (6) 13% albino shortfin (6) Spawn 1 & 2 combined - 172 fish total 47% common longfin (81) 26% common shortfin (44) 14% albino longfin (24) 13% albino shortfin (23) Some more statistics: Spawn 1 62% overall are longfin 38% overall are shortfin 72% overall are common 28% overall are albino 66% of commons are longfin 34% of commons are shortfin 51% of albinos are longfin 49% of albinos are shortfin 77% of longfins are common 23% of longfins are albino 64% of shortfins are common 36% of shortfins are albino Spawn 2 58% overall are longfin 42% overall are shortfin 75% overall are common 25% overall are albino 61% of commons are longfin 39% of commons are shortfin 50% of albinos are longfin 50% of albinos are shortfin 79% of longfins are common 21% of longfins are albino 70% of shortfins are common 30% of shortfins are albino Spawn 1 & 2 combined 61% overall are longfin 39% overall are shortfin 73% overall are common 27% overall are albino 65% of commons are longfin 35% of commons are shortfin 51% of albinos are longfin 49% of albinos are shortfin 77% of longfins are common 23% of longfins are albino 66% of shortfins are common 34% of shortfins are albino
  5. hey all just wondering about how many actual natural strains of bn are around and what they are... like are calico natural or crossbreds?
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