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Found 8 results

  1. I have a borleyi (Kadango) that I picked up a few months ago, he is currently located in my display tank. He is packing on the weight at 3", and eating nearly triple the amount of food as my 6" monster tangerine peacock. Anyone else experienced the hunger of these bottomless bellied fish?
  2. Hey all. About a week ago my Fluval Fx5 has started screwing up. It is pumping water but it is pulsing, high flow, stop, high flow, stop. This makes the hose shake. Every now and then it will just shut down completely for a minute or two. Then it will start up again doing the same thing. Today I took it out and cleaned it, pumping water the reverse way through the pump section in case something had got stuck. When I went to go plug it in, it did the exact same thing. Has anyone else had this problem with the Fluval or another canister filter? Thanks guys .
  3. Can anyone babysit my dovii??? My 6foot tank broke today and my poor fish is in a bucket :/ I love at wynnum west and don't know what to do with my poor fish.... Anyone have any suggestions????
  4. Just need to vent...someone broke into my house about 2 hours ago and stole petty stuff and on the way out tipped my 5ft tank over, luckily my neighbours heard they saved majority of fish minus 3 venustas but my shark and oscar have been cut ( my two biggest fish) They put them in my other tank luckily and phoned me, only been out for an hour!
  5. Hi everyone. i was being impatient today and decided to move my tank buy myself. it was sitting on the floor. And a bit of glass has broken off the side of my tank. the break itself doesnt really bother me. that side of the tank can be up against the wall. what im concerned about it the integrity of the tank now. It hasn't broken all the way through. Can i repair it or should i just replace the side? Does anyone have some 10mm glass? 610mm x 585mm x 10mm is the size
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Ok, any ideas what to do here: I broke the ceramic impellor shaft while cleaning the pump head housing on my Jebo 900 external canister. It's been a good ol' unit the Jebo, had is about 5 years from second hand and has been absolutely no drama at all. I broke the shaft basically one third along, so after some cursing I put it back together with the 2/3 bit back into the impellor, and it's working just fine at the moment, pumping as it did before. It doesn't even rattle. However, intuition tells me it ain't gonna keep going like that for too long - or will it??? As this filter runs as the sole filtration on my 3 ft Elec Yellow breeding tank - something I really don't want to lose - should I not take the risk of it failing? (and stopping for a few hours while I'm away from home) I have a spare 1000L/Hr powerhead pump with 1.8m head height, and I've heard of people using that to run a dead external canister with impellor removed from the external - anyone have any ideas/experience with that? How would you prime it? Or should I just leave it?
  8. since chrissy day I have been working on the fish room some more (surprise surprise). This week alone set up 15 more tanks when I did my final count today I have 48 set up in the breeding room, and 64 in the growout hothouse. I have broken the 100 tank mark I still have room for another stand of 7 tanks in the breeding room and growout another 65 tanks so once I'm finished will be well worth the effort. So currently have 112 set upo by time I'm finished should be pushin about 180 tanks. I know one thing though I took a week off work and I feel I have acheived more working with my fish tahn I have in a whole year of working at my job. The best part is no boss anggin me and no stress of driving 12 hours a day.
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