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Found 20 results

  1. I have an aquarium similar to this one. Cracked>exploded>made a mess>bought a new one. Now I'm left with a choice of either throwing it out or making something good out of it. This is my idea I made it in Photoshop If anyone has some engineering experience it would be greatly appreciated. My thoughts are that if I silicone one divider where the crack is and leave that empty or put a plant in it or something. Then put a second divider in so that the water pressure is displaced between two bays instead of one. I would still like to filter both bays with one pump so I was thinking an overflow into one then maybe a siphon back to the other. I really don't want to have another flooded mess in my house so please let me know your thoughts if this would work or if I am wasting my time and $$ I think it will cost about $80 for the acrylic then some silicone. Here is the actual tank Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Brutal. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/04/20/asia/great-barrier-reef-coral-bleaching/index.html
  3. .alright new hobby for me and all, lol.. so i decide to grow a barra.. got everything ready and great to go... they are live and kicking, consider it my first time.. have 4 of them in a 8ft tank, there surround with about 10 clawfish and 200 guppies.... alot of room to hide... however the barra ARE SLUGGISH, there about 5-8cm.. they chase it for like 2sec and give up... is it becuz the way i made it or they just that lazy in general? i have a feeling they stave to death the rate they try to feed at... should i be worried?
  4. Got a eheim 200w and if you look at pic looks like moisture inside the glass, is this bad? It doesn't seem to be accurate my new digital thermometer says 27 but I can't get it to correspond with the jager (the little red arrow can't turn anymore to line it up with 27) hope that last part made sense
  5. I've got an Aqua One 1200 canister filter. On the weekend my husband helped me clean it (I usually do it myself) and after we primed it and got it going again it was making a horrible noise. So I pulled it apart, greased the impeller and checked all the pipes and joins. And now I just can't get it to work again. I prime it, then lift the outlet tube up and reconnect it to the spray bar, but when I turn the filter on it won't start working. It sounds like it's working but there just isn't enough pressure in the filter to get it flowing again. Is my filter broken or am I doing something wrong? The filter would be at least 5 years old.
  6. Woke up this morning to find that one of our discus must have been swimming around and bumped into driftwood as he has a bit of branch broken off and stuck in his head. Not sure what the best treatment would be, try and pull it out? or leave it and see if will come out by itself? Any suggestions?
  7. I have come to my conclusion that my FH is broken. Wont eat feeders anymore and is dam picky when it comes to food types and brands. This has only happened when i upgraded him to a 4x2x2 and since then he has lost his marbles. Use to hate BN with a passion and now lets them in his marble tile house/cave. I WANT MY SAVAGE FISH BACK. Not a big sissy of a fish....... Is it time to move him on or what. My bloody tetras are more savage for F-sake lol. As a young fella he was nuts.. He killed a jack of thr same size back then(15cm) but yeah, not no more!!! Anyone else ever had this happen? Its not a problem but loved watching him smash feeders and anything else...
  8. Problem: This Reticulate Loach has been acting odd today and moving very very little. Ph: 7.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrate: ~10 Nitrite: 0 Gh:- Kh:- Size of tank: 300L, 3x2x2 Temperature °C: 25.2 (ranges between 25-26) Been running for: 7 months Filtration: Canister Aqua One Aquis 1250, Sponges, Filter Floss, and Loads of Ceramic Media Fish in tank: 1x Dwarf Gourami, 5x Glass Catfish, 8x Black Phantom Tetra, 1x Bristle Nose (7cm), 1x Female Betta, 2x Reticulate (YoYo Loaches) Plants in Tank: Swords, Cryps, Ech, Java Fern, Java Moss, Fontanalis, Lillaeopsis, Hygophilia, Anubus Nana, Anbus Nana Petite, Wisteria Feeding: Sinking Granules, Sinking Algae Wafers, Sinking Loach Wafers, Recent Medication Treatments: Small ammounts of IAL, not within the last two weeks Last water change: 31/08/13 - Last Saturday Water change every Weekly About 40L Photos of Fish:
  9. Hello all I just managed to smash my UV bulb in my external filterv 1st were can i get a replacement bulb for a BioPro EF-2200 2nd can i still run my fitler with out the bulb till i can get a light and with out hurting my fish Thanks Michael
  10. My oscars are AT LAST getting along ( whitch is good as ive still not found another tank) but i think my albino oscar has broken or maybe dislocated my newest tiger oscars jaw. I was going to house these two together when i get another tank.. They have locked jaws but i didnt think much of it, and in the last week the albino has finally been excepted and not hiding. I only just noticed today the jaw is off centre and it def was not like that last time i checked. Is this common and should i be worried? Ive not seen any more jaw locking, so assume a pecking order has been established. Will the jaw just heal? Hes eating normally.
  11. hey all ive got a 4x18x18 tank with a badly cracked bottom,is it a hard job to diy. or should i leave it to someone that does it all the time cheers marty
  12. just put my finger in one of my tanks to see if the heater was working and got zapped big time,it shocked the sh@t out off me.lol. my heater was broken,dont know how but it was,and the water was alive:shock:. how is it that the fish are ok,didnt seem to bother them,is it because they are not earthed,can someone explain??? half an hour later and i can still feel it bolting up my finger:( cheers marty
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Can a fish survive with a broken pectrol fin, broken at base near body :/. Its a freshwater Angelfish...
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Hi people, It seems after 2 years my 1 of my oscars have decide they no longer like the look of the thermometer, and i came home to it at the bottom of the tank with no top! This has never happend to me before and im wondering if this it at all harmfull, and are my pets in any trouble???? Any advice will be much appreciated (sooner the better) CHEERS!
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. Yes... I accidentally dropped my 4ft dalbarb (Single 122 cm (4ft)) about 1 metre off the floor while I was removing the hood (with the light) from the tank. The switch that turns the light on, popped inside, so just wondering if I can just take the whole thing apart and try to fix it. Or do I have to replace a certain piece that holds the switch with the outer cover of the light? Also the 2 parts where the bulb is connected to came loose after the fall. Any way of getting it back to normal again? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Steve
  19. Hey guys, Picked up a couple of Salmon Tails this afternoon and they must have damaged themselves in transit. Will their damaged whiskers heal? One looks quite bad (90 degree bend). Cheers, Wellsey.
  20. One of the tie bars is cracked in my 6x2.........there's 2 spaced 2 foot apart. There is a small gap between the crack so perhaps the tank must have bowed slightly. Would you empty the tank and replace the tie bar or glaze another piece over it as is? Lesson to learn is if you light your tank (temporarily) with (hot) halogen lamps for photography........don't leave 'em on when you leave the room for 5 minutes kev
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