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Found 27 results

  1. Hello all, I need some advice. I have looked at a breeding pair of red discus (don't have any other description than that but have orange faces) The female is beautiful but the male has these brown patches on its face. The guy selling them said it won't go away but they are good breeders and all red males have these brown marks. I must admit, I've only seen photos of other reds but I've never seen any with brown marks...can anyone tell me what they are and will they go with breeding?:help:
  2. Started a tank around 3-4weeks ago and have this brown algae taking over. I assume it probably came with plants or driftwood i collected. Is this likely to subside as the tank ages and plants grow or will this need some other course of action? It looks ugly and is growing on my mosses, making them look like crap.
  3. Hello all, I have. 4ft 125 gal tank. I'm having an issue were my water after 4,5 days after a WC goes a yellow brownie colour. I have just put a brand new eheim 2075 on the tank and currently seeding it for about 4 days from a Aqua nova cf-1200. Tank has a fully grown Oscar, 3 silver dollars, nimbochromis venustus, 3 peacocks, adult synodontis, adult loach, 2 bristlenose, black convict. Pretty heavily stocked but I figured my filters could handle it. So my question is could it be just my eheim doesn't have enough bacteria to handle the bioload yet and my other filter is struggling a bit to handle it all. Or I'm too overstocked and should remove some fish? My parameters are good, Ph: 7.0 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5ppm Kh: 5 Any info would be helpful thank you, I also have a small piece of golden vine but I have had that in there for 4 months and it never stained the water previously. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Had tank set up for 3weeks (has cycled) now brownish algae has started to form on glass have led light on for about 10 hours day,5 discus and 10 panda corys in tank mostly fed blood worms, sand, plants and driftwood, 1200canister and 750 internal filters. Any Suggestions to stop algae appreciated peter m
  5. Hey everyone. We've had our 4ft running with co2 for a good 4 or so months now and we have had an issue with this brown fluffy/hairy/dirty algae looking stuff. In the first pic that hair grass has been like that most of the time. We have just recently upgraded lighting that should be much better so hopefully they start growing . Even with the new lighting, this brown stuff grows. It is also leaving some brown *crumbs* so to say, on the top of the water. There is a bunch of flame moss in the tank too that hasn't gone a nice green but grows steadily, also has a heap of brown stuff on it. We have a stem plant that is growing nicely so it's unusual why this is only happening to the few mosses and hair grass. Any ideas? Water parameters seem fine. Fish arnt sick either.
  6. Any ideas on easy ways to remove brown fuzzy algae from my plants? Type of fish or particular chems??!
  7. Has anyone had their java moss start going brown? There's not heap of water flow but 10hr per day of a plant specific light (up aqua pro z) It was clumped quite thickly but at lfs they have it thick and it's all healthy, i've thinned it out now so light can reach it all
  8. Hey, I have what I believe is a Chain Sword in my nano tank of which lately the leaves have been turning Yellow and then Brown then finally have holes in them and some are going transparent I read this is a deficiency in iron, however I am trying to work out best way to remedy this. I have also seen this can happen with new plants as parts of the plant may not have been submerged. I fertilise once a week with my water changes. In a 25L tank should I be fertilising more often? I have no CO2 injection My filter has Carbon in it (aquaclear 20) could this be taking the fertiliser out of the tank? Any are there any consequences to the fish (Lampeyes and Mystery Snail) if i were to add more Iron? Should i also be cutting this plant back and removing all of the leaves with the brown tips/yellow leaves etc? Light is a 3.5W 6500K LED from Aquatopia, left on for 8 Hours a day. My other plants, Val and the likes appear to be going alright, but I would say arent 100% healthy. Any ideas would be great! Thanks
  9. Hey guys, just noticed today after a day at work my cycling marine tank wasn't looking right. I noticed clear "glassy" looking bubbles on my live rock and it was also turning brown. It looked like somewhat like an algae. Now an insight into the tank, it's an 80ltr nano reef just on 3 weeks old which started off as live sand and Red Sea synthetic salt water, I monitored it over 2 weeks until I struck a balance with salinity and all tests. Maintained p.h. Of 8.2. At this 2 week mark I added 6-7kilo of live rock and let the tank settle. 3 days ago after levels were somewhat settled I decided to add 3 chromis. Fish are healthy and have been fed and ate 2 blocks of myasis shrimp. This morning turned the light on and all seemed fine, it was just towards the end of the day that I noticed the bubbles and colouring. What would make my tank change like this in such a short time? Should I be concerned or just let it settle again? I am hesitant to retest the water at this stage and would prefer to leave the tests for the morning. I was thinking of just leaving it alone, and leaving the lights turned off for atleast a day or 2. I can get pics by tomorrow afternoon, the pictures really tell the story. What would I generally be looking at here? Algae bloom? Nitrifying cycle? Any number of other things? Any help/comments/questions are very welcome and most appreciated... Cheers, Matt
  10. Hi guys, I am after some advice please. Both my tropheus tanks are getting very quickly overrun by brown algae, I have led lights, use buffers and salts, prime and both tanks are fairly heavily stocked. I have tried 6 peps in one of the tanks but they don't seam to be helping. Any advice would be great, thanks
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hi Guys, I have had my african cichlid tank set up now for approx 2 months and i have noticed brown alge growing on my 3d background and some on the lava rock and alittle on the glass??? All my amonia levels and ph and water quality is great so why is this happening?? Natural process i thought, but i would like to know how do i get rid of it?? Im running a otto internal filer and an Ehiem external filter in a 4ft tank. :-) Cheers!!
  13. Just wondering if any members on here keep them, or looking for one? my mate has a spare he would love to find a mate for. Super hardy too btw
  14. Hey! I've been keeping crystal shrimp for a while now (reds and blacks). But now I've found I have a few - 8 - brownish ones (some people call them light black ). I'm not sure if it's from the reds breeding with the blacks, but anyway - is it wrong to try sell the brown/light black ones? Would anyone even want them? or should I use them as feeders? I'm thinking about just keeping reds from now on anyway as I've only got a couple blacks left (have a lot more reds). All my shrimp would be A to S grade. Interested to hear your thoughts?
  15. Can someone please help me. Ive come home to fine on of my catfish with a large brown sore on its face need to know ASAP as I have just put l no. With them and I don't want them to catch it if it is contagious
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  17. Keep finding red/brown "drip stains" on my tanks. Are these cockie squirts or from geckos? I've got cockie bait down but it's getting more prevalent of late? I couldn't open the CD drawer on my sound system in the fish room and when I did, the CD drawer was covered in the crap? It's a bugger to get off as well. kev
  18. Hi after some Brown River Sand ,Aquariums Alive didnt have enough today when i went there,after about 30kg for geos.... Can you let me know if you know of anywhere in Brisbane that i would possibly be open Sunday... Thanks....
  19. I have a 5ft cichlid tank which is 5 weeks old. The substrate is a mixture of bunnings play sand and crushed marble. Just recently the texas holey rocks started to get brown algae 1st all over and the other rocks are now getting it also. How do i get rid of it? Its so ugly. I do 20% water changes weekly and the nitrates are between 10 and 20 ppm.Nitrites and ammonia zero.Ph 7.8. Richard
  20. What Causes it? and How do I get rid of it?
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. Hi I seem to have 'brown mould' growing on all my tropical aquarium plants; one day the plants look lush and green, and very soon afterwards they are dull and furry looking. The fish don't appear distressed. What am I doing wrong; or what do I have to do to get rid of it?
  23. i have brown algea growing in my 4x2x2 planted tank, how can stop it growing or what fish(s) should i put in other than b/n??? the tank is just been set up for 1 month, light on from 6pm to 11pm with 2 diy 1.25L bottles. fishes are just 5 flying fox, 30 neon tetras and 6 angels. cheers manho
  24. dose any one know of a good product to get rid of brown algie .....its driving me nuts
  25. Have 2 neon tetra and 2 catfish (one albino and one mottled). Within the last week, have noticed quite a number of brown specks in tank. Started in water surface and large number have moved in pebble in base of tank. They are moving/swimming around the tank and amongst the rocks but don't resemble fish(with naked eye) and haven't got any bigger. Have moved tank approx 3 wks ago to a darker spot. Are these eggs and if so what sort. Do you recommend any reading material on breeding cycles for both neon tetra and catfish. Really new to keeping fish and need your help.
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