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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all i recently bought a male and female betta and they are in a breeding tank at the noment seperated. The males bubble nest is on its way to completion, just needs to be a little better. But the female is startingto blow bubbles and it looks like a nest. She is a proven female as the guy showed me him and her in his breeder tank and the dad had fry. Is it normal for a female to try and make a nest as well it is no where near the size of the males.
  2. I have a ista c02 pro with dual guage regulator, solenoid and bubble counter running into a ista reactor. Everything seems to be working Ok except the water in the bubble counter is evaporating. Is this normal, I have refilled twice in two weeks. Drops were 1bps. It is on a timer, and I noticed there is water in the c02 line when it shuts off, so I'm not sure if that is normal either. Help or suggestions welcome Mick
  3. Has anybody ever encounter this before. I lost a fish on the weekend possibly had syntoms of GBD. I have done some reading on this but it all seems so confusing. So just wondering if anyone could explain it simply for me or point me in the right direction for a site that explains it easy. Thankss JP
  4. .Just wondering where would be the best place to place the bubble trap if I was to build a sump like the one in this picture I was thinking between the first and second chambers
  5. <BR><BR>Hi guys, My male betta keeps deciding that he will build a bubble nest directly over the flow of bubbles from my CO2 defuser which flow directly into his nest. He decided to get frisky with his sister and now has a batch of eggs within the nest. The question I have is should I keep my CO2 regime as is, or leave it off for the duration of the spawn (Will CO2 bubbles disturb his nest/mess with the eggs)? Cheers in advance for the input. Cudders
  6. Hi all I have 2 fx5 filters that have had issues with micro bubbles After exhaustive tests I found air leaking into the filter from the top taps where they slide onto the lid. The rubber rings fail to seal air 100% when they're dry so I lubed the orings with a smear of ky jelly and reattached the taps and no bubbles! Media wasn't the problem, just dry (6 months old filter) orings I know others have had similar issues so I thought I'd pass this on in case it helps
  7. Just wondering how often should I feed my bubble tip ??? At the moment just giving it brine shrimp
  8. Help I got some new polleni's on Saturday. They are only about 3-5cm long and i just noticed one that looks quite a bit darker then the rest hiding in the plants not moving. I thought it was dead so i went to scoop it out and it was still alive, but there seems to be a clear bubble pocket dome shape thing of some sort over one of its eyes even though the eye itself looks fine, it is not moving around much and shows no interest in food. WTF would cause that.... and how do i fix it. Cheers Nicole
  9. Even in deepish water these creatures display wonderful colours.
  10. Hello all. Do male bettas make bubble nests when there's no females around? I bought two bettas last weekend and they're next to each other in a twin tank. This morning when I turned their light on I saw this big clump of bubbles in the corner. Thoughts?
  11. i got oscar that sick for like 2-3 week now he in hospital tank he breathing really heavy and not sure whats wrong no one seem to know all the perimeters are good amo 0 nitrites 0 and nitrate 80 .. today my missus found a big ass bubble in his gill any one know whats wrong with him ?
  12. My molly has a bubble over one of its eyes. It is not cloudy just clear what could this be. I do no want to go buy any medication unless it is contagious to my pindanis. For now I put in a very light dose of methalane blue and malchnite green. Matt
  13. So my male african cichlid has been hammering his mate for the past couple days wanting to breed and I dont think she wants to. I had her seperated into one of those mesh cages but the damn mesh has slipped and but when I got home from work today I have noticed that she has a small red bubble on her like she has blown her a$$ out. Will this right itself or is it time for a humane euthenasia. I have tried to get a piccy but everytime I get close she darts away.
  14. ey just went down to the tank and one of my big females was on the glass and i noticed it had a HUGE gut and this sort of bubble out its but. it was see through but had little black dots on it. here is a pic but it aint to good you can kinda see the size of the bubble, please help!!!!
  15. hey guys i got a green bubble tip anemone 10 days ago, i placed it on a level brightly lit spot in the tank, but it moved to a live rock cave and has stayed there since. Any idea when it should come out of the cave, it is eating and looks ok. but im a bit worried it wont get enough light and die.
  16. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has any tips/ideas. My male & female pearl guaramis are in a separate tank to breed, ( almost no water disturbance.) He's turned bright red and she has a fat belly & he's often 'dancing' for her, but hasn't built a BUBBLE NEST! Any ideas how I can prompt him to build one? Thanks heaps!
  17. Hey guys, I woke up this morning and all the fish looked fine, but i was just doing a closer inspection and spike (the yellow tang) has a bubble on his eye and its got a slightly blue cloud. He is still swimming as normal and his eating etc but what would of caused this and how do i fix it? Thanks Jade (also in the salt water section)
  18. Hey guys, I woke up this morning and all the fish looked fine, but i was just doing a closer inspection and spike (the yellow tang) has a bubble on his eye and its got a slightly blue cloud. He is still swimming as normal and his eating etc but what would of caused this and how do i fix it? Thanks Jade
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