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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Folks, Does anybody have an idea what kinds of bubbles/bladders are on my male clown fish? What should I do to be removed? Is it He eats well and I can't see any other problems with him except these somethings on his skin/scales... Thanks, Jani
  2. Just thought I would share this is one of [MENTION=3737]kasman[/MENTION] bubs from the girl I now have it's name is bubbles for to reason it loves bubbles in the tank and it a unisex name I have just seperated it from the other couple now so I thought I would share I will put lots of new pics up excuse the bad phone pics it doesn't do the fish justice lol I'm hoping its a boy fingers crossed It's diet is : marine green cube Heart and prawn cube Mysis shrimp Bloodworm Food sticks hikari Hikari carnivore Cichlid bio gold Normal hikari My fish are spoilt hahaha
  3. i have started DIY co2 in my tank and using a bamboo chopstick as a temporary diffuser until i receive my glass one from Ebay. before hand i did some general research on DIY co2 and someone on another forum said that bubbles that float to the surface of the tank are wasted. Is it true that every bubble of co2 that float to the surface of a tank is wasted? if so is there any way to prevent it from happening?
  4. Hello all Everyone know I breed Demasoni before but recently I got rid of my breeding colony and only have some fry left from the the last mouth fully. Through out the years I never came across with one that went nuts everytime the bubbles is on which very funny and weird, he can do this for hours so check it out the video. Cheers:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P3uDQXp0dc PS: Can anyone show me how to do the direct link? Got it!!!!!
  5. Hey guys, just noticed today after a day at work my cycling marine tank wasn't looking right. I noticed clear "glassy" looking bubbles on my live rock and it was also turning brown. It looked like somewhat like an algae. Now an insight into the tank, it's an 80ltr nano reef just on 3 weeks old which started off as live sand and Red Sea synthetic salt water, I monitored it over 2 weeks until I struck a balance with salinity and all tests. Maintained p.h. Of 8.2. At this 2 week mark I added 6-7kilo of live rock and let the tank settle. 3 days ago after levels were somewhat settled I decided to add 3 chromis. Fish are healthy and have been fed and ate 2 blocks of myasis shrimp. This morning turned the light on and all seemed fine, it was just towards the end of the day that I noticed the bubbles and colouring. What would make my tank change like this in such a short time? Should I be concerned or just let it settle again? I am hesitant to retest the water at this stage and would prefer to leave the tests for the morning. I was thinking of just leaving it alone, and leaving the lights turned off for atleast a day or 2. I can get pics by tomorrow afternoon, the pictures really tell the story. What would I generally be looking at here? Algae bloom? Nitrifying cycle? Any number of other things? Any help/comments/questions are very welcome and most appreciated... Cheers, Matt
  6. Has anyone ever had ever had clear looking bubbles on a pleco before? There small and look like pimples. We were given one @ 30cm to try and heal so seeing if anyone has seen that before. cheers
  7. noticed some rather large bubbles in my tank seam, pretty concerned about them just wondering what you all think thanks.
  8. Hey, I have an AquaOne 1200 and every now and again the filter makes a noise and small bubbles come out the duckbill. I have checked that the canister is closed properly, not sure where the air is coming from Anyone have any ideas ? Cheers Josh
  9. Hi all I have put a plain blue background to the back of my tank with some water. However, after a couple of days bubbles started to appear every where. Have you experienced anything like this before? if you had how would go about fixing this problem. Your help would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  10. Im not sure what has happened here and was hoping someone could give me a bit of an idea... the situation wasn't ideal but it was the best option I had at the time. I'd rather know if I did something wrong so it doesnt happen again. I bought 10 peppermint fry Saturday afternoon from the North Brisbane area. When I got them they were in a plastic bag, some were 3cms, others were lucky to be 1.5cm. As I wasnt heading back to Kingaroy till today I emptied the bag into a bucket and put a bit more rain water into the bucket as well. The bucket has only ever been used for fish. I didnt have any air stones or anything in but I changed about 30% of the water this morning with rain water again. This afternoon when I went to leave I found that 8 had died and had bloated guts and what looked to be air bubbles in them. Ive got a photo... I did the same thing with a pair of Orange Spots (breeding size) and they are fine and have settled in really well. They were in different buckets. Any ideas???? Its just a little upsetting as I'd been wanting peppermints for ages and this goes and happens Cheers Amy
  11. hey air bubbles for the filter seem to be sticking to the underside of my M P.Phenocilus not a lot but its certianly noticable up close he also has a couple of white spots on his face, they look bigger than the white spot ive seen on tropicals. water quality should be good, tank is established, frequent water changes, younger cichlids growing very fast, and no other signs of illness. could there be something wrong with his slime coat? he hasent been handled except when i got him 3-4 weeks ago and was never touched with hands. any ideas? cheers mick
  12. hi, just a question about bubbles, recently I noticed alot of them on the surface of my tank, is this something to be concern about? what do you think is causing this. Cheers
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