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Found 3 results

  1. So I've finally started my new scape using the black basalt rocks i got ages ago. Im using Ista Shrimp Soil ( from the always friendly and helpful "the age of aquariums") and some smaller "drift wood" sections i collected yonks ago (There roots from some hard wood tree that a flood pulled up) I've cleaned and soaked the roots and pressure cleaned the rock. so fare I've just hard scaped and put a little water in to get it most for when i get around to dry starting moss. Im not 100% sure what's going to be in it or what plants/ moss ill use atm the only defiants are peacock and sydney fiss along with my 19 yellow males and the lone female lol ( its doing my head in what are the odds of 19/1 m/f) so fare ive used 28L of substrate, ive used sponge to elevate the scape and save money on soil. How it sits atm a few different angles I've got a sponge filter ill be raping in peacock for the top back left thats about he only thing not in the tank in the pics that is there now. Im using the same lights from my 2.5ft atm but ill be aiming to put a leds over it (when im aloud to spend again )
  2. scored these guys today from capalaba was cheerin
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