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Found 8 results

  1. Hey I was wondering what racks would be good to get on a budget. I found this http://www.bunnings.com.au/romak-1500-x-810-x-310mm-4-shelf-unit_p2760442, it states that its able hold 160kg on each shelf. I would like to hear your opinion and any suggestions you may have.
  2. Need some frozen food for your fishy friends? We have 100g blister packs of Krill Pacifica, Cyclops, Daphnia or Brine Shrimp for ONLY $1.45!!! There are 24 tabs in each packet. Come into our shop and stock up!! Frozen items are in-store pick up only. QLDAF discount still applies.
  3. I'm looking to replace the lighting on one of my display tanks. I'm changing it from a Tanganyikan community to a planted tank and I don't think the current twin T8 fixture will be enough. Tank dimensions are 100cm long, 47cm wide and 50cm deep. I'm not looking to grow anything co2 dependent.* I'm after suggestions for a budget friendly fixture (preferably from one of the online stores) that will fit into the hood. So something from 80-90cm would be preferred. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be greatful. TIA
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Really looking into a nice(as nice as can be for the budget ) marine tank and so thought I would test the ideas of others with their experiences and knowledge If you could go any way you want with a marine set up but were looking at doing it with a price bracket of say $750-$1250.....what way would you go?....the bigger the better...but also aware the bigger the tank..the more of a set up you'll need with the filtration etc...love to hear ideas as I know some will favour a smaller tank with heavier filtration....and others a larger tank with basic required filtration....maybe I will find something in the middle....was looking at a live rock..fish set up mainly...hopefully lionfish or a nice mixed group......fire away marines...
  6. often enough the question is raised how much is my filter...my heater...my lights costing me to run. discovered a nifty device on ebay which is very much like a timer in that you plug it into your 240v outlet and then plug in your device for testing. generally the specs are- Product Description - For measuring the real-time voltage of the power supply (160-240V AC), real-time current (0-15A), power factor (0-100%), and running power of appliances (1-3000W) - Show power consumption (0.001-999.9kWh) on the easy-to-read screen, calculate electronic fees. - Electricity cost calculator based on the customizable preset energy price (0-$9999) - LED Operation condition monitor: - Display the running time of appliances (0-60 minutes to 24 hours to 999days) - Adaptable voltage: 160-240V - Peak load: 15A - Operating temperature: -10-60℃ - Humidity range: 10-95% RH they seem to sell around the $15 to $23 mark with free P&H which is excellent. link to one is - 240v AU Plug WATT Power Energy Voltage Meter Monitor eo | eBay naturally try and choose one that has the AU australian plug to avoid using an adaptor. cheers alan
  7. Hey guys, Im new to planted and SA tanks so need advice, sorry for long winded post :B In a couple of days i will be picking up my 2ft tank and cabinet, and would like some ideas on how i should set it up. The complete setup will be a fair while down the track, because i dont have the money now to do it. i would probably dedicate...$350 to this setup, including everything needed to add on to the tank and cabinet. ive already bought the tank! 1) Filtration and lighting: What filter should i use?? the tank, as i recall is about 68 litres. the stocking is going to be medium to minimal, plus lots of plants. I was thinking a small canister, but for a good one of those=$$$ so im open to any suggestions. Lighting, i have a wall mounted 20 LED reading light above where i want the tank (it was a desk area) but obviously i will need more. i was thinking a 1.5- 2 ft t8 single bulb light. Apistos dont like as much light, but plants do so need your opinions and suggestions. 2) Plants and decor: I have a nice-ish piece of wood, that I wanted to drill holes in and plant java fern in. wanted lots of java fern, anubias, amazon swords and a type of grass thing for part of the floor, maybe some vals for the back/corners. Can you suggest some plants for this? Also im not sure about substrate, i need a substrate thats good for plants but looks good with apistos too. the choice substrate for apistos is sand right? so what substrate can you suggest?? and depth? I was thinking about some indian almond leaves too, but im not sure if it would look good with lots of plants. Also im not sure about Co2, plants that dont need Co2 would be good. 3) Stocking: So Apsitogramma cacautoides was what i wanted and are available. they are labelled as Blood red, and the pic is cool. this is off Livefish.com. thats where i would get my plants as well. anyway i was thinking 4-6 Juvie apistos (wouldnt mind breeding them) with BNs as well as a type of dither, not sure on that, have to see what i like and whats available. Would these work?? Food? oh and i want to try cherry shrimp too 4) Water: I have slightly acidic rain water available to me, but not in the biggest supply. my main tap water is out of a concrete tank, so its buffered to like 8.0, which is great for tangs, not so great for apistos. How do you get the water down to the right values? what values would you reccomend for these fish and plants? i also decided on cacautoides because they are suposed to be an easier apisto, great for beginners like me! If i remember anything else i want to know i will post again!! Thanks for any help, its all appreciated!!
  8. so if your sick of your current scape and wanna acheive something different. how i rescaped my 5x2x2 on a budget 2 x 20litre buckets full of 100-150mm river rocks from your local rock joint. (about $1.50 a bucket) i like the red ones do just went and picked some nice ones out. 2 x broken pots from bunnings ($0.60) were cracked bargain!!!! so i broke them more. and plants i had lying around im sure most people would. also in there is 2 drilled cave rocks they cost me about $20 but lets not include that realisticly thoughyou are looking at from $5-$20 depending on the size tanks but this is ideal for africans just like to share. so post any cheap rescapes or ideas you guys have stumbled upon.
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