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Found 16 results

  1. I see that Seachem has been added to the new site which is nice, however the old fave Aquasonic buffers seem to have disappeared. Are you no longer stocking this brand? EDIT: My bad, I just couldn't find it on the new website
  2. hey guys! So today I went out and bought a gh and kh test kit..went home and did the test and as expected my readings were pretty low, my gh was 6 and my kh was 4. So hopefully next week im going to go out and buy the buffer from the store as I don't wanna make my own yet until I get a hang of it all. So my question is do I have to use buckets to do my water changes now or can I use the hose as normal and add the buffer in afterwards. How do u guys do it and how would you recommend I do it, obviously I want to do it the safest way possible, My tank is 300litres. I know this has probably been asked 10,000 times but I wanna get a good understanding of the process. Thanks guys.
  3. Hi guys i saw some where that there is a homemade african cichlid buffer. Does anyone know what is in it and how much is needed? Cheers Will
  4. whats the best way to deal with buffer that sets ? with humidity in the 90,s in cairns this time of year its impossible to keep it in powder form making it really hard to work with. cheers mark
  5. Ok be gentle, my brains seem to be on holiday today. Does the Seachem reef buffer add calcium? My salinity is a up a bit so added top up freshwater. My ph is just a tad low at about 8.1 and my calcium could be a little higher at barely 400. Apart from that my phosphates with the HANNA checker this time are a sweet 0.01. I just added a little bit of the reef buffer dissolved. Will that raise both the ph and the calcium?
  6. hey guys what's the general consensus re adding discus buffers and trace elements to your discus tanks? Currently I don't bother - just keeping up with regular water changes. I did a test on the tap water last night though and noticed it was pretty high (around 7.6). Would adding a product like seachem discus buffer during water changes help me and my fish out re ph stability? Cheers Gemma
  7. I am keeping a couple of Tangs and I'm struggling to increase general hardness. I have been using Seachem Tanganyika Buffer and it has increased my carbonate hardness and ph to the desired level, but my general hardness never seems to rise. I am following to instructions on the lable and my ph is arround 8.8, KH 180 and GH is 0. I was wondering if someone could help me? Should I buy a different buffer? If so what brand? Is there something I'm doing wrong with my current buffer? Or should I make my own? Any help would be great, Harrison
  8. Hi, Do you guys have any ideas for good brands/products to keep Americans happy / healty & "in the mood"? much appreciated! cheers
  9. i just wanted to know if anyone uses oyster shells and if its any good?
  10. any body who keeps americans do you use this or any other buffer additive for americans? I have started using this on my f1 oscars after they were having a flip outs most nights and now they have calmd down and havnt tryd smashing the lids or smashing anything for that matter. Any other stories good or bad Keen 2 see if it really helpd or they just settled down.
  11. Who in Brisbane area sells this , need some to day & AOA closed. Baz
  12. I am now considering switching from calcium carb to sand a tank. I was thinking maybe I should run some calcium carb in the canister filter for buffering, but I don't know how much to use? I don't want to use too much, nor do I want to use too little. The tank is about 250 liters. Any advice would be appreciated
  13. I got some of the Tanganyikan buffer today to try and get my pH and GH up. I mixed it up as per directions and added it to my tank and was instantly greeted with my water turning into a nasty white cloud which hasn't cleared and its nearly 9 hours later. :hothead: Literally, if I look in the end I can't see the other side (5ft). Has anyone else had this problem? I don't think there is anything to worry about but it still shits me. :irked:
  14. couple of months ago i questioned the use of epsom salts at part of a water change. I was informed about DIY buffer recipes. I checked a few out but they are for harder more alkaline water & i keep tropicals with prefer a softer more acidic water. Anyone know of a buffer recipe to suit tropicals? im trying to keep my water neutral or slightly acidic & my tap water comes out fairly alkaline. Dont want to use pH down all the time... tried google but didnt come up with much....
  15. should a buffer like seachem be used every water change even if your water if fairly hard and has a high ph anyway
  16. has any one used these products and if so what are your thoughts
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