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Found 110 results

  1. Last week I started construction of a plywood fish tank the same as "greenterra" aka brent smith. Firstly I would like to thank him for putting up the plans and for such a detailed post on his build. I followed his plans to the mm and all the pieces worked perfectly so far I have worked on it for one day on the weekend and 2 hours every day after work and I should be ready to start the fibreglassing early next week. I will post up some photos as I go. The measurements for this tank are 2.7m x 1.2m x1.0m high or 9ft x 4ft x 3.5ft.
  2. So my wants finally got the better of me and i decided that i needed to build myself a Fish Room and to do it properly to avoid disappointment in the future. First of all i have limited time for my hobby and while i love my fish, i wanted to ensurer that i kept things manageable. Six tanks + fry grow-out is the initial aim with the ability to add another two tanks (and only two tanks) in the future. The room is to be heavily automated to minimise maintenance and maximise viewing pleasure. Stock I'm Tropheus mad so that room will be designed for 5x2x2 tanks which i have come to believe is the perfect size for a colony of around 20 T's. Heating & Cooling Living in the western suburbs of Brisbane means that both heating and cooling are a necessary part of keeping African Cichlids. Knowing that the room will be heavily insulated once complete the obvious choice is a highly efficient reverse cycle inverter A/C. After much research i settled on the Daikin Ururu Sarara - One of the only 7 star energy efficient split systems on the market and with WiFi control to boot. Insulation I really didn't want to skimp in the insulation department so i ensured i had lots of wall depth and ceiling room and went with Bradford R5 batts (240mm thick) in the ceiling and EarthWool R3.5 batts (140mm thick) in the walls. There's a bit of capital cost involved in decent insulation, however i truly believe it pays for itself in both energy bills and room comfort. Internal Cladding Being a fish room i wanted to sheet the walls with something a little more moisture resistant than plasterboard, so went with Villaboard (fibro cement) on all four walls with plasterboard only on the ceiling. For paint i went with Dulux Wash and Wear Kitchen and Bathroom for it's anti-mould and anti-bacterial properties. Automation I'm hoping to completely automate water changes using a Neptune Apex and a few solonoid valves which i recently purchased from one of the brilliant sponsors here of QLDAF. I also purchased a 1,000L tank to stand in the corner of the room for pre-mixing water to ensure adequate hardness and temperature prior to water changes. Power I ensured that i had a least two GPO's on each wall with data wired through to where the Apex will be positioned. I also had an Isolator switch wired up outside to allow easy installation of the air-con when it comes time. So things are progressing fairly well, however as always there is still lots to do. A few progress photos below: Wall Insulation in and villaboard being installed with a little help from the father-in-law More sheeting installed Top-hat going up to fix the ceiling: R5 Bradford batts going in: The all-important power and data: Isolation switch for Air-Con: The AC unit that i am eagerly wanting to install ASAP: Water tank to go in corner of room: Paint - for when the time comes: I'll try to post some updates once the ceiling is in and the plastering complete. Then it's paint time and i can start moving in the tanks :-)
  3. Hi. Anyone have experience with building acrylic aquariums? I have used some calculators online and get different results. Forums are full of stories about bowing of sides. My plan is to build a tank that measures 2400mm (8ft) long x 600mm (2ft) wide x 500mm (20in) high. I was going to run a 100mm wide brace along the length at the top of front and back, both sides and two more evenly spaced through the middle. All done with 10mm thick cell cast acrylic. Question i have, will 10mm be thick enough with the bracing to stop bowing? Or should i either reduce height or go for a thicker acrylic? Thanks in advance for any information/experience shared sent from sony xperia via tapatalk
  4. Could anyone tell me a rough price for a 6x3x2.5 is to get built?
  5. So I thought I would throw this up now for some pointers and a place to ask questions along the way. It has a 6x18x18 on top, with a 4x14x18 and 2 ft sump underneath. Planning on finding a few more frontosas and a small group of blue dolphins for the top. And thinking of having multis in the 4 ft with some small tangs, maybe leptos? But that's later. Previously, the stand was ridiculously low (couldnt fit the sump underneath) so over the weekend I decided to lift it up and may as well make it high enough to fit another tank in there. Just cut some new styrofoam to suit. The main thing I'm concerned about is my filtration. The sump handled a full african display perfectly, coarse matting on top, wet/dry style with bio cubes and coral pieces in half and return chamber with heaters in the other. Ive been toying around with the idea of moving the partition and turning it into a fluidized filter with k1 or adding a media reactor or two with coral sand. Any advice would be awesome. Anyway, here's some pics. Hopefully I'll have it in place with tanks in tomorrow afternoon.
  6. Hi all, I have been planing a monster tank build for a while now, over last 6 mths i've collected most things to run the tank. Now I'm looking at starting to build the tank, side's base back and stand are all planned, just working on front glass design. So to my question, as an example, 5x5x2ft tank is recomended to be 10mm glass (2ft is height), according to glass calculator i got off here. This is same as a 5x2x2. If I build brace's to handle the loads (up the front of the tank) is a 15x5x2 going to need any thicker glass with 2 braces and 3 panes of 10mm glass at 5x2? I'm pretty sure i've worked out that the loads against the glass wont be increased by going wider-longer, aslong as height not increased.
  7. Hi Guys, just thought i'd share my latest project. I'm building a 8x3x2.5 display tank. The tank is being built by the famous Dennison, he has done the crazy small silicone joins and polished the front corners... No strips ..... The stand is going to be steel, built from 50x50x2.5 and built in a full frame... I'm building the stand of course , once tge stand is complete it will be going to the powder coaters to get powder coated black. For the finishing of the stand i will be getting enamel panels cut, applying magbets to the back and sticking them on the frame, this will allow for easy removal and greater access to the sump... Dennison is also knocking up a 4x18x18 sump to power the beast. No further thought has been put into the rest of the build yet as i have been so busy... So busy infact Dennison called the other day and let me know it was all finished and i was like 6 weeks is up already? Haha, i only started the stand this afternoon4 hrs later it is nearly welded. Will finish it off in the morning and deop it to the powder coaters on Monday Morning. sump pump i'm thinking of running the trusty Laguna max flo 7600lph media will be the norm for mechanical and biological will consist of marine pure balls and macropore plumbing will consist of pvc return and delivery lines, the return line will be a 25mm bulk head reduced out to 40mm back to the sump and the. Have a manifold with 3 dump points over the dacron. The return line wil be 25mm and plumb into a manifold with 3 outlets to dispurse water evenly throughout the tank, and create that maximum waterflow lighting will be LED's, exactly what is still undecided... I'm open to idea's. substrate is going to be about a 25mm layer of 5mm pebble, color undecided also atm. inhibitants of the aquarium are 60cm mono peacock bass 42cm peacock bass 45cm jardine saratoga 17cm leo x motoro sting ray few others i'm undecided on atm, open to suggestion heck out the pictures of this afternoons effort's, thanks for looking and sharing your thoughts
  8. My daughter showed me sand waterfall/fountains on Youtube recently so I decided to have a crack at making one. Ingredients: 1 mm sand. [ MUST be 1mm ] I used pool filter sand. 25 mm pvc pipe. 2 of 25 mm elbows. 1 airstone. Airpump and 4 mm airline. Half a brain. So I drilled a hole for the airline in the rear of the pvc and a hole in the top elbow to allow air bubbles to escape. Now I need to fine tune it to keep the sand falling directly in front of the bottom elbow otherwise there is no sand at the inlet. I will cut the top elbow shorter to hopefully fix this. To be continued.......maybe
  9. thought id share a few pic of my new fish room build. friday befor xmas the slab was poured. thread stared here. ...http://www.qldaf.com/forums/ado_84-breeder-registry-collingwood-park-african-cichlids-frontosa-catfish-162/my-garage-fish-haven-91613/ week or so later [ATTACH=CONFIG]59743[/ATTACH] tanks for 2/3 of the first rack. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59853[/ATTACH
  10. So knocked this up yesterday so should be ready to fill tomorrow or so, 400x400 cube 6mm starfire all sides and 8mm base no bracing or plastic strips tryn for the ADA style very little silly-cone and super clear Ebay spec HOB filter i found thats fully clear. Aquaone cheapo LED with white/blue, white and blue function. 25w marina black heater, which looks out of place being black if anyone has any ideas on a small nano heater thats invisable let me know please. Yeah so thats as far as i am at the moment glass needs a clean and tidy but had to take a few pics anyway Next is substrate and finding a good bit of wood or something for it Stand is going to be a bedside table gumtree spec Ill keep it updated as it get filled Thanks for looking
  11. Ok guys I'm just about to start my 12x4x2.5 tank build and it's going to be pretty exciting on my behalf. This tank is going to be a massive upgrade to my 8x2x3 that I currently have (along with a heap of smaller tanks). So far I have pretty much just picked out a lot of things and have stuff in mind like media for sump, type of pump heater etc and just have to piece it all together. I'm gonna guess this process may span over 2-3 months to be complete but I'll be trying to do everything I can to make this a top quality tank. So to start with iv enlisted the skillful work of dennison to build my tanks... This setup will consist of a full 12ft sump running on the back half of the stand and 3 4x2x2 in the front (for growouts, naughty tank etc). So, iv decided to go a bit overkill on my stand as I'm pretty good at making things better then they need to be, just how iv always been, so will be making the stand out of 65x65x4mm steel. Here is my basic plans for my first of many posts to this thread.
  12. 3 ibc`s needed, tops cut off/ or complete. No need no be fish safe. Can be dirty. What have you got?
  13. Hey guys so its been a whole year since ive done a thread or had a fish tank.... a year ago i moved to Moranbah which is 2 1/2 hours west of Mackay so the wife could pursue her teaching career. Its a great small town but the Aquarium hobby here is nearly non existent so finding a tank for sale was very hard. it took some time but i managed to track down a second hand 4 ft tank here, next goal was to get a filter which i had sent up from brissy, i went with a ehiem 2217. Our hardware store here is Mitre 10 and is very limited so i sorta had to work with what they had when it came to building the cabinet and hood. They came out all right but if i was living in Brisbane still it would have looked very different. Im a stainless steel fabricator by trade so timber isn't something im used to and after watching a few DIY videos on you tube i thought id give it ago, the worst that could happen is id break something and have to start again lol Materials here arent exactly cheap so i was determined to get it right the first time! this build has taken a couple of months as ive had to wait for most things to come in the mail from all over Aus, So here are some pics of the build in a few stages, ive decided once the tank has cycled it will be a geophagus tank which ones tho depend on availability in mackay i guess!
  14. Hello, I know that Im new in here so I would like to show you my new project. I have decided to build a 20mm thick Acrylic tank to house my fish Any input from you guys would be very helpfull as I have not done a project this size before.
  15. Hi Guys hopefully will be getting this under way soon. want to build 2 racks 1 with 4x 48x15x18 and 1 2x 60x20x24 fed into 1 sump with sponges aswel. Now where im currently renting is very limited on height under the house where my fish room is so the racks have to be long and short gona be a little quishy but not useless. and hopefully a long shallow sump. if anyone has any ideas on how to get maximum height so i can get in and clean tanks please feel free to give your opinon. not against removing a tank to swap with sump. will be keeping calvus and compressiceps in there at this stage also there is a slight possibility of moving in April so can always wait until then and work off a standard 2400 ceiling height. changing the plans i drew is no prob is a couple secs work Project 0.pdf
  16. .Hey All, Finally got my New Build up and Running. Just filled it today to start the tediuos cycling process as I stripped and cleaned my FX5 once removing it from my old African Tank. Hope you all like it! Details are as below................... Tank - 6x2x2 Built by Dennison with flush finished corners , Opti-Clear Glass and sliding lids. Cabinet and Hood Purchase from a seller on QLDAF Filter - FX5 My old one with a tidy up with new seals/o'rings, rubber hose ends and intake pipe. Substrate - Ballina White sand, Medium and Corse RiverGravel Lighting ( soon to be added once I close down my 4ft tank and can remove them) - 4ft Blue/White LED and 2ft RGBW LED BeamsWork Lights (not pictured - using old 4ft light until swap over) Aeration - Sponge Filter (Best of both worlds) Fish - 14 x Orange Head Tapajo's (2 Separate Bloodlines - one from [MENTION=5428]ozmo[/MENTION] and once from Sydney), 7 Albino Cory's, 9 x Peppermint Bristlenoses (3 Different Bloodlines), 15 x Harlequin Rasboras (More to be added once cycled), 3 x Neon Tetras (More to be added once cycled), 3 x Rummynoses (More to be added once cycled) and 3 x Siamese Flying Foxes. Old 4ft tank which is housing the fish and all the other DW and Mosses that will be transfered over once cycled
  17. With the Easter holidays fast approaching we are pulling down the crappy shelving that the last owner built and putting some some proper shelves. As part of this one section will be for a new breeding setup . We have been looking at the option of using plastic storage tubs for the tanks. Tubs would be between 30-50L each 4 per row and 4-5 rows high depending on the height of tubs/tanks we choose. Does anyone have any advice good/bad or other on using plastic tubs over glass tanks. Or any recommendations on tubs to use or not use. 30-50L seems to be a good size for growing out fry as the breeders will be in the current 100L tanks. This will be for fry only and maybe breeding some small live bearers. Apart from the tubs costing less than similar glass tanks we are looking at this option because 1. easy to drill all the holes (system would be sumped) 2. tubs are light and no real risk of breakage can be picked up and cleaned easy when needed 3. total weigh of all the tubs less than an all glass setup 4. easy to stack away when not needed.
  18. Start to finish - 4.5 minute youtube build
  19. On the back end of building a custom cabinet & hood for my wife's new 3ft marine tank over the past 6 weeks, I've decided it's now high time to utilise the 4ft tank I received for Christmas...which has meant further trips to Bunnings for building materials (such a bummer ), & copious use of power tools. At the end of the process, I'm planning on turning out a 4ft native biotope tank with plants & fish endemic to my local area on the northside of Brisbane. My wife's new marine pride & joy:
  20. Hi all,does anyone have a build thread or anything or can someone send me a link to a thread on a 12 ft tank? I'm setting one up soon and would like a few ideas and pics etc
  21. So i am a long time fish enthusiast but have been away for the hobby for more than 10 years. My girlfriend's sister recently set up a 3ft Malawi display and upon each subsequent visit i got more and more jealous. The time has now come to re-enter the world of fish keeping and get an 8ft display tank up and running in the living room. I started on the cabinet a few weeks ago. Some progress pics below: The beginning... The frame starts to come together Hanging the doors Starting look like a piece of furniture The staining test The painting begins So another weekend or two and the cabinet should be complete :-) I have ordered the tank and sump (G&J Maher) and now it's time to sort out pumps, media, aquascaping, substrate, etc etc. Being that i have been away from the hobby for quite some time i will no doubt have some questions for all you knowledgeable folk out there so watch this space...
  22. .Hey guys, thought i might start a thread for my current project. Its a 3x2x2 G&J Maher tank, cabinet and hood purchased 2nd hand from a workmate with a custom racetrack sump to fit the cabinet. I decided to buy this setup from my mate to move the inhabitants of my 4x15x18 running off an aquaone marisys for the past 2 years to get a little more high tech and have a crack at some sps corals again. strike up date: 12/10/2014 water: RODI/salt mix lighting: 160w dim-able full spectrum bridgelux led fitting (china ebay) on 12hr timer circulation: tunze nanostream 6020 and hydor koralia nano 1200 (soon to be either jebao rw4 x2 or a maxspect gyre) skimmer: reef octopus DNW-110 (soon to be marine sources RDC-850 monster skimmer) sump: 3 chamber racetrack, 1st chamber filter sock, marine pure bio-spheres and skimmer, 2nd chamber DSB, refugium with chaeto and caulerpa, 3rd chamber chemipure blue, 300w heater and 3000lph return pump fuge lighting: 14w full spectrum led on opposite schedule to display tank top up: manual RO (soon to be smart ATO) dosing: manually dosing Aqua Vitro calcium, magnesium, iodide, trace elements and 8.4 ph buffer and testing with API reef master kit and salifert testers. (soon to be kamoer 4ch dosing pump and hanna checker test kits) Tank Stock 1x niger trigger, 1x coral beauty, 1x lawnmower blenny, 1x snowflake eel (eaten a few of my fish now resides in the refugium til i find him a new home) 4x strombus snails, 2x trochus snails, 6x turbo snails, 2x cowrie snails and about 20x glass shrimp from kings beach rock pools that escaped the triggers wrath... 1x catty, 1x favia, 2x trachy, 2x lobo, 1x toadstool, 1x colt, 1x acan, 4x zoa colonies, a few pallys and bright red mushrooms and a small green sps that started as a spec on some liverock and has grown to about a 20c piece size, i have since fragged it off the rock and am hoping better placement will boost its growth so i can ID it better. anyways pics to follow all comments and questions welcome ! old vs new
  23. Im new so sorry if this is in wrong section.. Im in the process of planning my first low light planted tank (I currently have 150L fancy goldie tank) Tank specs: Aqua one aquience 1200rt 320L 120cmx50cmx65cm 1250 Aquis external canister filter 1400L/hr = 4.3x tank volume 2x 150watt heaters 4x 39 watt T5 bulbs (1.8watts per gallon) Ideal water parameters: (from my research on below stocking plan and aqadvisor) Ph: 6.5-7.5 Water hardness : 5 - 15dH Thermostate set to 22C Proposed stocking idea: 6x sterbai cory 1x bristlenose 8x rosy barbs 5x male swordtails 8x galaxy rasboras 8x danios 5x dwarf gourami (2x male 3x female) Im not sure about the dwarf gourami numbers though in this size tank so any advice would be great? Aqadvisor says im 98% stocked
  24. Just one more tank lol mad'n'angry is building me a 10x3x2.5ft tank and that will be the largest tank in my fish room to date. The stand will be built by my mate Predator Rob and the cabinet will be built by my mate a.f.a and my missus will be the designer of the cabinet. It will have a 6x2x2ft sump and I'll do all the plumbing etc I have the easy life this time around thanks to the boys. I couldn't bare to sell the kapampa frontosa colony I had advertise which was sold to a mate. He understood and we sourced him Lloyd's WC Kapampa he had for sale. Tank is to be started in 2 weeks stand is to be built in 2 - 3 weeks I will share pics of the stand and tank and get the tank up and running with a canister and sponges to get the colony straight in once built and then will add the sump later on once it's available as I need to wait until some 8ft's are sold by Rob. The cabinet will be designed soon as well as the height of the stand is 1100mm high and it will have doors. The sump will slide in underneath the stand with plenty of room to access as the cabinet is gonna be open at the back. I'll share pics of all progress.
  25. I want to keep this tread clean so please help by not adding to it unless it is going to be helpful ie NO:- I didn't know that, that's a good idea and so on. I want to keep this thread short with as much good information. If you like it just click the like. So please add links and low wattage quality devices... Want to draw upon experienced fishroom keepers and links that are helpful and what has helped them. Will start with electricity and safety... I have a licenced electrician coming over later today and he asked what load it will have and other items of the house - total load. I have added all the wattages of all the items that I already have so heaters - filters - pumps. I then added what I would like to expand it to. If it is being all plugged into one socket then it has a maximum load of 10 amps So you should not use a power board that accepts less than 10 amps.. So add all your items together and then use the below link to convert watts to amps. Power Calculators for quick conversions. If you have other items there here is a link for the other general household items. Average Power Consumption of Household Appliances | Alternative & Renewable Energy - ABS Alaskan, Inc.
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