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Found 35 results

  1. Gonna keep the words few and the pictures great, aiming for a concrete-shelled native pond and water-stream feature. At a rough estimation we are looking at about 4,000 litres, to be stocked with Crimson Spotted Rainbows, Gudgeons and other native fish which I hope to collect form Cedar Creek. Currently about a week into the project, will update daily. Pond Site: Day 1: (Marking) Day 2: (Digging) How the water run off will be dealt with (pond site is on a sloped hill): Day 5: (Took the weekend off) Dug a shelf around the outside of the pond, roughly 8 inches broad and 20cm below desired water level. 15cm will be concreted, 5cm to have the water level above the shelf and thus halfway up the bordering rocks. Day 6: (Levelling) Tomorrow I will complete the final levelling process, shape the waterfall/stream into steps and begin the 12mm reinforced steel shell in order to concrete next monday. Currently I'm leaning towards waterproofing the concrete (like a pool) rather than using a liner, but am still undecided. Have also not yet chosen a pump, any recommendations are more than welcome.
  2. Firstly, long time no see, long time member but havent been in the scene for a while. Now, my son wants a fish tank,but he gets emotional at the loss of a pet, so i'd like to start him with shrimp as its almost impossible to get attached to one, will be stsrting with something like an ar 620 set up, plan on using black sand/fine gravel and some nice rocks and timber/vine with plenty of java moss, anything major i need to know or do? And what is a good food for shrimp? Are there any small fish that are shrimp friendly? Cheers
  3. Hey Im building a 1200x1200x600H 10mm Acrylic tank and I would like to incorporate a 1200x600x600H sump with it. I have some some sketches of how I would like to build it, but I've never built one before and I don't how it would go. Some things I'm not sure about are: -what size pump I'll need -what size air pump I'll need -media to go in the sump and in what order -what size pipe from the over flow box I also don't really know if my overflow box is designed right, along with the sump itself.. Could anyone direct me to a site on how to build and design a sump for my kind of tank, or does anyone have a effective design for my tank, I will quite happily scrap the idea and start again. Nothing has been built yet. I work with acrylic so I can build whatever I need. The tank will have live plants in it, and a about 20 rainbowfish.
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  5. .Hi Folks, I would need some advice, help. I want to build a sump tank for a marine tank. I attached a picture about the imagined sump. Please give me positive and negative comments. The details... The fish tank is 91cm x 35cm x 45 cm (L-W-H). The sump tank will be 60cm x 30cm x 30cm (L-W-H). The heart of the filter will be an Aqua One Moray 2300 pump (2200L/Hr). There will be an Aqua One Protein Skimmer G220, a Tunze 6015 (1800L/HR) wave maker and a heater too. I would use sponge, bio balls and crushed coral as filter media. What do you think about it? Other question. I want to drill one (or two if necessary) hole for the outlet water, but I'm not sure about the diameter of the outflow. What size bulkhead should I use? Which option would be better (drill a hole on the bottom side or the back side of the fish tank)? I don't know exactly which type of outflow is better or reliable? How can I sure that there won't be flood? Thanks, Jani
  6. .Hey everyone this is my first design I'm going to try build a sump ... Does this look like I'm on the right track or am I way off the mark ? Love your input / suggestions
  7. Okay last ditch long shot. I'm on the hunt for sensors capable of reading nitrate and ammonium levels continuously. I've done about as much phoning around and emailing as I care to do. I have found plenty of probes, but I would prefer something without the $9000 price tag. Given my struggles I am resigned to the fact that off the shelf units are going to cost a pretty penny, but still believe the price tag is a reflection of the money being thrown around in the intended industries, and that the bulk of the price is paying for IP rather than the hardware. Scrolling through data sheets has offered hints, but nothing conclusive. So do we have anyone with the smarts to know where to look next? Wednesday is "give up" day so any clues before then would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Matt
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  9. ill start off with: i should have just bought prebuilt rack for sale. thinking that getting some company to deliver me a tank rack would be too much hassle. but on hind sight.... doing one yourself would probably cost way more monetarily and time.
  10. Hi all! I've had a browse around and unless my eyes deceive me, which they do sometimes, there's bugger all info on here to help an eager fish keeper to build their own tank stand! Surely there's plenty of you out there that have done this, I've seen some nice stands being built, particularly [MENTION=2664]cichlidwife[/MENTION] but there's no one thread that gives you all the important tips to read through if you want a go at it yourself. So maybe we could all post a few points here and make it a sticky thread?! So it's easy to find?? Tips like pros and cons to wood and steel and do's and dont's. I myself am about to embark on a 10ft stand in timber to hold three separate tanks. I'm good at building and over engineering but suck at documenting my processes. I've build plenty of stuff from my daily job of building pumps/ motors to my spare time building new extensions on house so I should be okay building a stand for a fish tank but it's be nice to get some tips from the pros before I start! Last thing I want to do is put my tanks on a pile of matchsticks!! So have at it, and give me your thoughts. I intend on putting a 4x2x2 on each end of my 10ft stand with a nano shrimp tank in the space between. Cupboards underneath to house filters etc and one big arse common hood to cover them all!!
  11. After several years without a proper fishroom I have finally decided to bite the bullet and get cracking on a new setup. It may not be the largest or most advanced fishroom out there but I am hoping when I am done it will be something I can be proud of. I have started this thread for 3 main reasons: 1) To chronicle my efforts (or lack there of) to help keep me motivated 2) To get feedback on fine tuning elements of the build (and hopefully prevent making costly mistakes) 3) To catalog what to do and what not to do for anyone else considering a similar project I am yet to start the build but I have been busy acquiring materials and am finally at a stage where I can make a start. I will update this thread regularly to show progress but do not expecting anything amazing overnight - the expected build time will be roughly 6 months, time and finances permitting. My Goals Be able to breed several different species of cichlids and raise their fry comfortably Design the system to minimise time spent on maintenance Keep electrical consumption low (without being a complete miser) Set out tanks in a way which makes them easy to access/work on Maintain crystal clear water and optimal conditions for my fish Attempt to be "display quality" whilst still being a fish room I will go into more detail at a later date but here is a little more basic info to finish us off: The room - Approximately 28m2 (4.73m x 5.91m) The racks - Structural pine frame, dressed with pine on all visible facings The tanks - 23 glass tanks plus 3 IBCs Actual "in tank" volume - Approximately 8,000L Total system volume - Approximately 10,000L (including sump and water held for water changes) Lighting LED throughout Heating Reverse cycle air-conditioner Filtration 6 stage (no in sump filtration) The basic design is pretty well locked in and I have already started making purchases, but if anyone has any thoughts or advice at any point I'd be more than happy to hear it. If you can help me to prevent mistakes it will save me time and money, which ultimately means more to spend on fish in the end. That's about it for now. I will probably do a quick sketch of the basic floor plan and post that up later tonight, and hopefully have some progress to show by the end of the weekend. Thanks for looking!
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  13. Hi peeps I'm thinking of building a tank between 9ft-12ft. What are the standard glass thickness and what would be best for width and height? Cheers
  14. PETCO.com - Freshwater Compatibility Chart soooo............ cherry shrimp and auloncarra peacocks can "usually co-exist"
  15. Alright, only a newbie to this site so not sure if I should post this here, but, I want to build a Tank 280 cm x 90 (high) x 60 cm wide. Does anyone know somebody who can supply Glass or Acrylic for this project? I've got a mate who can build a metal stand, but will it hold 1500 kg of water? Thank in advance.
  16. ok so iv got this 8*2*2 setting in the garage out side of the fish room and its been empty since i got it 3 months ago so to day i went to get the sand and some other gear to set it up .the plane is to grow some plants that i can maintain with only a few bulbs on the tank .not to shore on the plants yet but iv got a heap of anubis left over from another project so i can start with that. filter has not been put on yet as im not shore what to use only got 2 sponge fillters so far .please give me some tips on plants and anything else .so hear is some pics of how i did the substrate. this is the tank empty its not much to look at but for my first planted tank it will do some of the stuff i got from bunnings 2 of bags corse sand 2 bags of washed sand
  17. As the winter drops in i want to build a 4x4m insulated room in my garage and heat the room instead of my tanks. thought i just build a frame made of 70x35mm structural pine and use insulation sheets/foil or whatever instead of gyprock. would also need to build a ceiling as i have to stay under the garage door. Any help/info would be much appreciated as im pretty much clueless at this stage. Just read about kingspan aircell in another thread but i dont know which produkt to use for my project or where to buy that stuff. Also dont want to spend too much. cheers sebastian
  18. Hey guys, I recently got a second hand 4ft tank but my problem is i dont have a stand for it so i was thinking of building one. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice. (I've been reading the threads were people have built them). Or is anyone on here willing to build one for some $$
  19. Can anyone give any advice where I could get a 3 tier steel stand made on the Gold Coast?? Cheers
  20. Would a 4X12X18 suffice, and also any building instructions and ideas inc media, structure, bulk heads, overflow and pump sizes would be awesome. ps this tank will be used for natives only.
  21. Looking at building a display cabinet, and need a collection of tanks... Would like around 16x 200x200x400 (LxWxH) tanks (slightly flexible on dimensions). Since they are so small, and the same dimensions, do you all think it would be easier to buy them, get them built or buy the glass pre cut and put them together myself? I've found one place that sells them for $60 each! I can't afford $960 just for tanks... seems a bit steep. Anyone? Felix
  22. Whilst we're all doing the 'look at me and how good I am' threads, I thought I better join in and throw up some snaps of a little project of my own. Keep in mind while viewing, I'm a draftie and this is my first attempt at building anything since I knocked together a wooden AK-47 (my pride and joy) when I was 8. I usually draw these things with no hope of making them. I'm reasonably happy with the progress, but lets be honest... it's a bit rough. Materials: 15 odd metres of MGP10 90x35 and 70x35 - solid as a brick out house A crud load of screws Some 20 year old wood glue that was rather chunky Coupla sheets of the thinnest and cheapest ply available An veneered cupboard door the old man picked up on a reno A door catch I flogged off the old ladies dresser (she still hasn't noticed) Tank: 2x2x2 in 10mm glass, beveled edges, 3x35mm drilled holes Sump & Plumbing: $10 garbage bin from bunnings and some 77c buckets 2000L pump 25mm bulkheads and stainless strainers PVC overflow Poly inlet PVC overflow Lighting: 2' T5 lighting (4 tubes) Now for the pics - constructive criticism welcome... It's not finished yet, still needs: sanding, painting, cleaning etc.
  23. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I might find a simple build layout of a tank cabinet so I can make my own? I've had a few quotes from around town and they all sound too expensive, especially for just a plain frame stand. Any help would be appreciated. Caitlyn
  24. does anyone have any tips for making aquariums. Thanks Josh
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