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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, im wanting to get a tank built by Peter who works at Tech den, has anyone had one built by him ? Could I possibly see a photo just to get an idea. Thanks
  2. Hi all, As some of you may know, after 3 years of breeding a variety of Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids I sold off what remained of my breeder and fry at the end of 2014 as I was finishing my last year of school and moving off to University and college the following year. Now being halfway through 2015 I am studying a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Marine Science, at the University of Queensland and living in a college room that’s around 3m by 4m in size, not ideal for my old 6ft tanks. I have to admit I had more then a few looks over the forum to see what has been going on and what’s getting around. However 6 months was as long as I could last without a tank and sure enough after some searching around on gumtree and identifying some space behind my bed, I’m back. For the last weeks we have been on our mid-year UNI break and during that time I bought a nice 3ft display tank with a nice varnished stand and hood. With some extra time up my sleave, I decided I would make a DIY 3D background for it. I found a Youtube channel called the ‘The King of DIY’ by a guy named Joey living in Canada. He has some awesome videos on all sorts of DIY aquarium projects, including how to make a DIY 3D background, and I would highly suggest a look. So after that I decided that’s what I wanted to do and set out to get my materials and equipment. Materials - 1200mm x 600mm x 50mm sheet of Styrofoam - 10kg bag of cement from bunning - Selleys aquarium and window silicone. Equipment - Silicon gun - Wooden spoon (for mixing cement) - Bucket (to mix cement in) - A variety of sharp knives for carving - Wire foam cutter (or the cheap mans option which I used is a filleting knife or Stanley knife as their sharp and thin so foam doesn’t go everywhere when your cutting) - Large paint brush for general use - Small paint brush for edges and hard to reach places - Cloth (to wipe cement off glass) - Its handy to grow your nails out a bit first to I found because you can scrape and thin out the Styrofoam adding a more natural look and saving time. After I gathered everything up the first thing I did was measure up the inside of my tank and workout how I could most effectively use the foam sheet I bought. It worked out that I had enough foam to do the whole back of the tank and one of the sides; which would both be up against the wall in one of the corners in my room. Since my tank is relatively small and thin I opted to go for Styrofoam that was 50mm thick as I wanted it to bulge out a bit, but not too much as it would take up to much of my tank space. The tank I got has a centre bracing across the top which made things a lot more difficult then they needed to be. This is because without it I could have basically slid the whole thing in one piece but because of the bracing I had to cut 8 individual pieces in order to fit them in and then re-assemble it inside the tank. The reason I needed 8 is because I need 3 sheets for the back wall and 1 for the side wall, then an additional 4 for the base. This is because I wanted the background to gradually taper off into the centre of the tank. I made sure to leave an extra centimetre or so while setting it all out as I would loose some length while cutting the Styrofoam. After I had all my individual pieces cut out I tested all my measurements out by assembling the block in the tank which is crucial to do throughout the process to make sure it all fits perfectly and you can make alterations. After making necessary adjustments I set it all up on my building table and decided to draw a rough outline of the shape I wanted on the wall and making sure it looked like everything looked like one piece. After that I begun carving with a few different knives until I found one I liked most. I found by the end that its important to be aggressive in the amounts you take off at the start otherwise you’ll be spending days carving. I think all up I would’ve spent about 10-12 hours of just carving out my background and making sure the structures matched up on one piece to the next. Sounds like a lot of time but to be honest with some good music going at the same time I found it very enjoyable and relaxing. I do however have a lot of admiration for those who make backgrounds for 6-8ft tanks as I’d hate to think how many ours that would take.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Hi guys and girls. I have a hobby of making cabinets stands and hoods. Im located west of brisbane in ipswich. My page is on facebook, if u search custom built fishtank stands/ hoods. Timber designs. While I build to order, I still make up stanfs in meantime. Currently have a 4 ft by 470 wide stand. Selling at a great price. Pics can be found on my fb page. Cheers
  5. Stand i built for a member on the forum its 10x4x2.5
  6. Well works been a bit quiet so been down in the shed for a few days and completed some more furniture for myself. First off i re did our bed with some drawers under neath it. Also made some bedside tables and a tall boy and a low boy. Was happy with the finished product. The new mattress is like cloud 9. Then i thought I'd surprise the young fella with a new bunk bed, with a desk and drawers under it. Now I've got them done hopefully over christmas break I might get to make myself a new cabinet for my 6 footer with prevision under it for a sump. =)
  7. Hey guys, finaly have got the pictures worked out on my computer and have my new tank up and running, still have a few minor adjustments on my sump. It has been a long project in making the hood, stand and sump. It all started when i went into my LFS and purchased a 4 cm bass and put him in my 4ft tank, threw in a heater and started feeding him. He is now 18 cms and going well with another 12cm barramundi. I started looking for a bigger tank for the pair and ended up buying a 6x2x2, the guy from my LFS said it was going to take 3 weeks to build the tank as he had a few little tanks to build and would have to let mine cure for a while after making it, after drivinga round all day getting prices and looking at the way tanks were built i was convinced to buy one from warners bay aquarium. Was a bit pricey but was well worth it in the end. I took the measurements of the display tank home, called into hudsons (hardware shop) and purchased some timber, plywood and MDF so i could start building my stand that afternoon (way too excited by this stage). I got home and started to cut out the frame for my stand, thinking i would have it done in a week, well..... as i am a carpenter and work 6 days a week things went a little down hill from there lol. Anyway was a long on going project but i stuck through it and got it done!! i am hoping to put some pics up please have a look and any comments are much appreciated!! always looking of bettering my ideas, so dont hesitate Thanks guys Chris [/img] Frame built. [/img] 2 coats of undercoat and then waterproofing. Doors hung.
  8. Yesterday a fellow forum member and I decided to make a hood. This is a prototype and is not perfect by any means and hasn't been finished, but I will build a proper one soon. What do you think?
  9. Hey Guys, Anyone seen a tank (e.g. 2ft AquaNova package) where the hood had a compartment for filter media (bio balls, Coal and sponge) and basically had a drip hose that was suppose to drip water onto the media and back into the water. Basically Im trying to get an idea of where the power head sits (I.E in the hood or in the water) and how its plumbed etc because my mate has one, and the hood doesn't seem to fit the power head in it, but yet there isn't sufficient piping to plumb the outlet from the powerhead (if inside the tank) upto the filter media in the hood. infact, none of the piping supplied even fits over the powerhead outlet. Ive written this and it even sounds confusing to me, so perhaps if anyone has something like this they could post a pic of the plumbing setup? Or if you've seen one gimme your thoughts/memoirs? Anything would help at this point.
  10. Hi guys I am in the process of building a new house and I am looking at building my 6x2x2 into a wall. Has any one had any experience with tanks being built into the wall? I have thought about access into the tank and for filter ect.. but I am wondering if there are any other issues in doing this?
  11. need built two 5ft x 15 inch colonial cabinets and hood , pm me prce if you have the skills of quality work . Dan
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