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Found 19 results

  1. Hey guys I'm wanting to buy 100+ baby barra in the spring can anyone recommend a wholesale/farm please? I'm looking for bulk cheap not pet store prices thanks all
  2. 25% OFF all Filter Media for QLDAF Members from now until Sunday night !!. Yes you read this correctly 25% off All Filter Media from all of the leading brands - ROWA - Chemi pure - Marine Pure - Julian Sprung - Continuum - API - K1 Kaldnes - Bulk Ceramic Rings - Activated Carbon - Filter Mat - Bio Balls - Filter Socks - Jap Mat the range is huge. Please mention 25%QLDAFMEDIA in the shipping instructions section on your online order form or when placing the order over the phone - 07 3800 5592. We charge all credit cards manually so we will adjust the total on our end. If paying via paypal we will refund the difference back via paypal. Offer ends Midnight Sunday night ( discounts do not combine ). - Great time to stock up on your everyday essentials or for anyone planning a new setup / fish room !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - Filter Media Ben
  3. What are the biggest size bulk heads you can buy or what size ones would I need on 3 x 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 footers
  4. Hi people I am wondering where the best place to buy 32 mm bulk heads. I went to tony Powell today and for the complete kit it ends up being about $35 for strainer/bulkhead/and drainer connector. Just wondering if anyone knows of a better price and is this the largest size that can fit through a 45mm hole. Thanks in advance. Mark
  5. Hello, Do you know when you might have the Aqua One Goldfish Flake Fish Food 3.5kg Bucket Bulk in stock? Cheers, Yots.
  6. Hey, thinking of redecorating my main display tank and want to use black gravel. It's a 6x2x2, I think I will need approx 90kg so obviously looking for the cheapest way to buy! Currently have coffs gravel and would consider swapping with someone otherwise keen for recommendations of cheap places to purchase this amount of gravel?
  7. Hi Ladies / Gents Want to get a bit of a first aid kit of sorts organised, so that we have everything on hand ready for when it is needed. My question to all of you is : 1) Where does everyone get their Meds (for a reasonable price and in large enough quantities) Everywhere I look i can only find small amounts of simple Meds like Prazequantal etc in small amounts maybe 20 -100 tablets. 2) Which meds do you always have on hand..Most popular... 3) Does anyone have a regime for Meds.. For example 'worm all tanks once a month' Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Yas and Will
  8. Hi All, Im trying to find somewhere to purchase bulk frozen Brine shrimp and blood worms for a decent price. PM me if you know anywhere. Thanks all.
  9. hi guys and girls, so i now have my spare 4ft set up as a breeder tank with a small external and a sponge filter, i want to start breeding some feeders as i have a lot of fish in my 3ft and they're eating me out of house and home, i know every 1 says convicts or cherry shrimp. which would breed more though? my plan is to mainly feed live and supplement with pellet and wafers i'll also be looking for breeders of either type so if you read this and have some for sale around my area let me know . thanks again
  10. hi all I recently purchased a 3 tear setup that has 2 3x18x18 tanks with it. And then i purchased a sump for it which is a 22.5x14.5x15 with a 3500lph aquaclear sump pump. I was wondering what is bulk head would be best for this setup? And what size holes will need to be drill for them? Thanks in advance for you advice/ input Cheers dave
  11. As above I'm in Byron bay so shipping would be required if past gold coast. Also chassing "super worms" if any one knows where to get some from? Any help would be appreciated thanks sam
  12. I'm after big buckets of high quality flakes, algae wafers and 5-10mm pellets. Which are the best LFS around Brisbane or online sellers? Cheers, Jordan
  13. Hi guys and girls, I am wondering if anywhere sells Seachem products in bulk? The products I am chasing are Excel, Excel Flourish, Excel Iron, Stability and Stress Guard. Also API Melafix too, and Bio Chem Zorb sachets These products are used in my discus and tapa tank quite frequently just to upkeep my tank's healthy look with plants and to maintain best possible care for my fish. I am after bulk supplies of these products as as of late i have realised these products are costing me a fortune on a monthly basis. Any website would be handy. Thanks, Adam
  14. i see alot of people asking what size bulk head they should use I myself was asking the same question im not sure if its on here somewhere but i found this calculator very usefull you will need to calculate what your flow rate will be in gallons to use it but thats easy using a online calculator any way there you go. http://reefcentral.com/calc/drain.php
  15. I remember a post not too long ago which I cant find that said to put silica gel packs in food to keep it dry anyway was flicking through the internet and found this Thought id share can reuse it and its in AUS (I will be buying some soon) https://www.cameracheckpoint.com.au/sho ... a-gel.html Junkie
  16. where can i get some calcium carbonate from in bulk. south brisbane cheers
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. HI ALL, just would like to now if any one has purchase any of the bulk new 2FT tanks or the 3FT OR 4FT tanks off e-bay (under fish tanks ). and if they are any good. the location is at : coboolture-QLD seller store is ; fair price fix it group. any help wellbe apprrciated CHEERS JASON
  19. Hey, just bought my new 4x2x2 and i need to stock it with live rock. At retail thats about $600 worth of live rock which is abit expensive. I can get uncured live rock for about $10 a kg (which will cost me $400 in total) but i was wondering if anywhere do it cheaper. or have cured stuff for a tiny bit more. Thanx Ash
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