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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for a 20mm (3/4") or 25mm (1") bulkhead to fit a 65-75mm clearance at the back of the tank so I would need a bulkhead with a low profile or thin lock nut. Does anyone know where to get something like those in the pictures below? They seem to have a very low profile locking nut. I can easily take off the excess threads. (Images borrowed from the internet)
  2. Hey guys just wondering what ppl have used to cover there bulkheads so nothing too large eg. Fish, waste, plant bits etc going down into there sump. I was thinking if getting some fly screen and zip tiring it over the holes if the bulk head??? What's your thoughts?
  3. Looking to coverup some bulkhed holes in old breeding tanks,, If anyone local ( sunnycoast ) has small pieces of 6mm or 10mm glass for the job, or even the round pieces left over after drilling (20mm-40mm)?? cheers, jono 0437934115
  4. Ok guys I'm setting up a 6x2x2 tank n sump. It's going to run a 5000lph pump that will give me around 4400lph at my 1100mm head height. My mate just drilled it to take 2x 25 mm bulkheads, I'm only new to fish but I'm all most positive that they won't flow enough to keep up with the pump. Would I need 3 or even 4 bulkheads? Cheers scott
  5. I wanted to know do u have the inlet and the out let at the same height I have a 25mm inlet and a 40mm outlet with 4000l/phr pump can anybody give me some advice?
  6. hi i am looking for someone to cut two holes in the back of my 4x2x2 10mm glass does anyone know where to get this done please not sure where to start looking thanks pls pm any ideas
  7. going to plumb 4 x 4 foot tanks roughly 1000lph through each woould like to drill 1 hole only in each 1, what size bulkhead should i use? 2, what size hole will need to be drilled? 3 can top to tanks flow into bottom to then bottom t into sump? Or should they all go individually? Amyhelp or adviice is appreciated thanks!
  8. am going to setup a small breeding system and want to sum it tanks are 600x400x400 and am looking at running 500-800lph through the tanks, what sized bulkheads/pvc fittings should i run?
  9. Hi Guys, I have 2x 25mm bulkheads for my 1mx 600x 800 marine aquarium... Just wondering how much water per hour would flow down 2x 25mm bulkheads (obviously 25mm piping). There is about 4ft of piping for tank to sump...
  10. Hey guys; My 4x2x2 is drilled on the bottom panel but in the middle of the tank; so i cant build a weir around it. Ive had it on a sump setup and just used two PVC pipes going all the way to the top of the tank; so the tank doesnt drain. Im changing to canister filters; Can i use the 2 holes in the bottom for the "strainer/intake part" and have the returns coming over the back of the tank? Or will the pressure of having the intake on the BOTTOM of the tank be too much for the canister filters? They are "AquaNova" (Ebay cheapies) filters. Ive seen other tanks with bulkhead/canister filters, but these have all been drilled on the back panel not the bottom? Nick
  11. Hi guys, I have a 6ft tank I need to buy bulkheads for. I am going down to the irrigation shop at moss st on saturday but i thought i would get a head start on what i need. I know they will help me down there but I want to have an idea of what I need before I head down there. The tank has two (2) 50mm holes and the return is 38mm. So can someone confirm that I need 60mm bulkheads and 58-60mm bulkhead? Is that correct? What other plumbing would I need? I want to look at the options before I head down there.....
  12. Just wondering if there are any advantages of having a weir in the end of the tank rather than just having bulkheads ??
  13. I have just put my breeding setup together and when The tank fills up it doesn't seem to drain as fast as it should be. Does it need some sort of breather to flow correctly?? Any help would be great.
  14. just made a cabinet sorta thing. plan is to have a 3X1X1 on top 3X18wX16H in the middle 3X15wX18 on bottom for sump. this would be the first time sumping so any suggestion, ideas would be appreciated. at the momment what i have in mind is... sump pumps water to the top tank, over flows into middle tank and back to sump. what size piping would be best to use? how many should i have from middle tank going into sump? what size pump is needed for this? heres a pic of the cabinet, it is 120cm high its not finished yet, will be adding doors to hide the sump and then waterproof the thing. cheers for any suggestions
  15. just need to know what size hole i hav to drill for a 25mm bulkhead cheers Steve
  16. Just wondering where you guys get bulkheads for your overflows. I'm looking for one like in the picture but without the 90 degree barb fitting need a slip fitting instead.
  17. Can anyone tell me how much a 25mm bulkhead will flow coming out the back of the tank and then down through about 1m of 25mm pipe? There will be a SS strainer as well. If you have a comparable setup/system, what is your pump size and the head that it delivers at.
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