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Found 18 results

  1. .As the title states after some 25mm Bulkheads with the black and metal strainers, and does 25mm pipe slide straight into the back of them
  2. Hey everyone, Have just purchased a 6x2x2 tank I plan to have frontosa's in it. It comes with a sump but has been run via syphon method. I have been thinking about drilling the tank for the sump while I have it empty. Problem is I have never had a sump before and dont know where to drill the holes or if I should make an over flow etc. I have been going through the forum recently and it has helped but any more help would be muchly appreciated. I pick the tank up on thursday once I get it I can send more pics at the moment I only hace the one pic Thanks
  3. I need to drill 15 tanks for 25mm bulkheads but cant find a glass holesaw big enough to do it with. Any one know where you can buy them?
  4. Hi All. We now stock a selection of Complete Bulkhead Kits. Link - Bulkheads Ben
  5. Hey guys i've always used bulkheads myself but with a new build on the way always looking at changing the way i do things Wondering anyone out there has changed out their bulkheads for uniseals, pros cons? personal experiences? issues? Cheers
  6. Hi guys,, where does everyone get tank bulkheads from,,, i've recently aquired 2 stands that can hold 6 2footers each, and 12 2ft tanks, and want to sump/plumb them. Just trying to find my cheapest option to put bulkheads in, ideally the threaded ones so i can put risers and strainers on them. Thanks Krem
  7. Hey just wondering if anyone in the Ipswich area with experience in drilling holes in tanks would drill mine for a fee. I have looked into buying the drill bits but its Alot of money for something i'll only use once. I have 1x 20mm and 1x 40mm bulkhead. Thanks, Luke
  8. Does anyone know where other than bunnings will hve bulkheads? It seems that they may not stock them anymore
  9. where is best to get these bulk heads and also anyone know a good glass driller?
  10. I am going to buy my plumbing for my tank today and I just thought I'd see if there was anywhere i could compare prices. I have quotes from Tony Powell at geebung which sound cheap enough but there's no harm in shopping around to make sure you already have the best price. Where has everyone else bought their Bulkheads and plumbing pieces from? Thanks in Advance
  11. Where can i get bulkheads and taps and poly pipes at a reasonable price in Brisbane? Thank you
  12. hey guys, just wondering where you can buy fine strainers from?
  13. Is anyone able to or know someone who can drill some holes in some tanks for me? I need I think it is 7 holes drilled in some 2ft and 1 1/2 ft tanks. I tried myself in some scrap lids and broke all of them so not really keen on smashing my tanks. Otherwise if anyone has some cheap 2ft tanks that are drilled in an end I would be interested. Happy to pay cash/ beer to someone willing to do it, Have tried PMing a few people on here in my area that came up when I searched this but their inboxes are full. Thanks Pete.
  14. Hi all, I am looking for opinions on how I should setup my new 4ft tank. I am including a sump and a holding tank that will be under the stand with the water running from the 4ft, to the holding tank followed by the sump and returned back to the 4ft. The tank is going to initially be used for african fry (about 1cm - 6cm) and I plan on making it a planted tank with neons and discus in the near future once the african fry have been sold. I have been pondering using a weir as I have read there are tons of advantages to using them, however I am worried that I will come across issues with the plants and smaller fish such as neons gettings sucked into the weir. I am really keen to do a weir but I want to make sure I am not going to cause myself more trouble then just using 2 large bulkheads. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks, Regards Ryan
  15. just wondering who out there is able to get bulkheads. i an looking at using 2x40mm for the out flows and 19mm in flow. this will be on a 420l tank with a 3-4000 l/ph pump. i want to go big filtration to make sure the tank stays crystal clear. Are these specs ok or is it to much.
  16. Hey Guys, Just about to start drilling out the tank for the drain and return to the sump. I was wondering where the best place to get the bulkhead fittings is from? I tried bunnings but couldn't really find anything there that would suit. Also, what size would you recommend using? The tank is a 6x2x2.5 Cheers, Trent
  17. Who on the Southside of Brissy (or mail order) has the best prices for bulkheads & accessories. Baz
  18. Gidday everyone I am looking to buy about 20x 25mm bulkheads can anyone give me a good place to buy them online or is bunnings the place to go any info appreciated cheers Hilly
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