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Found 16 results

  1. My girlfriends bullrout passed away this morning, due to an infection that seems to pop up in her tank only. R.I.P Winston. In an attempt to move him to a hospital tank, to treat him, he managed to hit me. I must say that it was one hell of an experience. Anyone else got bullrout tails of pain and heartache.
  2. Hey all, I have a 6x2x2 with an external canister filter and an internal jet filter with an air hose keeping everything oxygenated. I have 3 barra around the 8-10cm mark who are happy as Larry, an archer fish who doesn't stop all day, a native rainbow fish who hangs round the surface keeping the film clean and my two little bullrout, about 10-12. Good rock cave and drift wood set up with numerous options to hide. Oh, and about 10 wild caught fresh water shrimp who have made the rocks and logs their home. Before and after work I check my freshwater bait trap for guppies and shrimp to ultimately meet their doom. The bigger shrimp survive and find a place to hide, which is what I was hoping would happen so my bullrout have something to stalk at night. I'm not sure if my bullrout are eating at all. The barra demolish 20 guppies with in minutes so the bullrout don't get a chance so I was hoping that the shrimp who make it to the sand would eventually get eaten by the rout but I don't think it'd happening. Is there anyone who keeps bullrout that can help me? Should I get a long set of tweezers and try enticing them with dead food incontinence of their nose? Thanks in advance. Ps. The water is fine for the fish, I get it checked every two weeks and I do my own testing in between...
  3. .Hey all, just aquired a new bullrout that's about 15cm and he's quite shy at the moment. my question is how to I get him tame and start on hand feeding etc? Is there anything I can do to bring him out of his shell? Or is it just a matter of patience and gaining his trust? any helps appriciated! cheers, Andrew
  4. Just wandering if anybody who keeps or has kept bullrout, have had them cling upside down to something? Couldn't find my today in the hollow log where he normal hides. Was searching all over and here he was clinging upside down in log. Was wandering if this is normal behaviour or is there something wrong with him? Thanks
  5. This one is wild caught, would like to swap for something interesting It's 19cm in length
  6. I have a 30cm Jungle Perch in a 6x2.5x2 with a 15cm Bullrout and a few very large peppermints. Im looking for other native fish but also something that can hold its own with the JP. Cheers Matthew
  7. hey Everyone im new to your forum and look forward to sharing with everyone and happy to take some needed advice as a newbie to native pet fish. ive been fishing for many years and has been my main hobby now and since i started. however i have started a light freshwater natives tank consisting of a bass barra pleco. only about 8-10 each, pleco is smaller. and just went down to my creek to collect my fish traps and shrimp pots to have found a bullrout in 1, Awesome ive been wanting one for ages after a mate showed me his eating a large shrimp. he is about 15cm in length and had a shrimp in his gob haha. after putting him into the new tank ive notices he was a bit drowsy and leaning to one side a bit. he is extremely full of shrimp by the looks of it so i wasn't surprised by his behaviour, however on closer inspection ive noticed some parasitic worms on his tail and body. ive been reading some of the other responses to worms on freshwater natives and did some googling, however i have been unable to find the correct match to the parasitic worm on my newly caught bullrout :/ they're about 1cm long (varying) and black with small white stripes so not anchor worms. they don't seem to have caused any swelling to him but worried if it will hurt/kill him :/ im sure someone on this forum could help me out Cheers Hamish
  8. i did a search on here but did not find any place that have them now ? if some one can help me i would be mega happy size smaller the better but will buy what ever i can find and i am sorry if i put this in wrong place thanks for all your help matt
  9. hey guys, i have just set up my fishtank and have been looking for a bullrout for the tank. does anyone no where i can buy a bullrout from? cheers Jordan
  10. Hey guys, I have some strong, healthy Bull-rout for sale. SPECIES: Bull-Rout (Fresh water Stone fish) QUANTITY: 15 SIZE: Ranging from 2cm-20cm PRICE: $15 (small) $35 (large) TRADE: PM LOCATION: Burpengary CONTACT: PM CONDITIONS: PM to arrange.
  11. hello guys ang gals i am thing of geting a bullrout some i just want to know so info like tank size, tankmates, food ect. thank u any info would be great.
  12. my oscar ate a bullrout about 5cm does anyone know if this will effect her cheers john
  13. Heres a couple of pics i took of my bullrout spike this morning i hope you like them
  14. Got an awesome snap of my Bullrout this arvo....
  15. hey guys im new here and im so happy japes mentioned it in another forum, is there any of you that keep bullrout in freshwater, ive seen a couple for sale at aquariums alive, Hi motorman, and wanted to know if its doable. and how would they go with some mouth almightys? the tank is four foot long and about 35 cm wide and filtration is rufg with about 5500lph. i was hoping to go with aussie natives in this tank.
  16. hey guys. recently got a bullrout but he wont eat. any suggestions?? have tryed blood worms n some cook and raw meat but still nothing. wat should i try?? it does have 4 other fish in with it but doesnt try to eat them. he is about 15cm any help would be great cheers doug
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