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Found 25 results

  1. Hey everybody Chris here again, I added 3 new females to my colony today all decent size one of is quite big intact she's bigger then my dominant male.. My question is, will that be ok and my dominant male is chasing them all around being pretty rough really.. Is this just him showing them who's boss or does he feel threatened by them cause their the same size and bigger then him atm.. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Chris,
  2. Hey everybody Chris here, just a quick question for ya's.. I was sold this Frontosa a month or so ago was told he's a Burundi but I'm not sure.. I would like to know other people's opinions..
  3. Hey everybody my name is Chris I've recently gotten back into keeping fish, I have a 5x2x2 curved glass tank with 7 F1 Burundi Frontosa's and Afew electric yellows to add abit of colour to the tank.. I'm interested in getting more Female Burundi Frontosa's so if anybody has some definite females they'd like to sell inbox me please.. Thank you everybody
  4. Hi all, am looking for 2 x Burundi (f) about 15 - 20 cm's and 2 x Kigoma (f) about 7 - 10 cm's. Wanting to help my son as he has a male Burundi 20 - 25 cm and some Kigoma's which all are developing head shape and bump like a male. None have the gently sloping head shape of those females in pics I have seen on this site or google.
  5. So i came home before and seen my burundi male had jumped out of his tank at the top of my rack and hit the ground i grabbed him threw him in a tank but he had a broken back, sadly he is now in the freezer let's take a minite to reflect on his accomplishments biggest 1 being he thought his little flippers at the front were wings and he could fly... Ha... Let this be a reminder to all probably a good idea to have lids on your tanks
  6. Just keen to know where my Burundi fronnie colony ended up 10 years on after Lungy had bought them ? Someone off here must have bought them from him or know of them? I don't know if he was ever on Australian Frontosa Keepers website or if it still runs ? Be great to know they are still cruising on... pics of the colony: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/10-up-burundis-wonder-where-they-now-102502/#post682174
  7. Hey Guy's awhile ago i brought a Nice display Frontosa the shop told me its was a F1 burundi. A few of my friends reckon its a burundi and other's reckon its Something different possibly a cross?? What do you think?? Cheers
  8. some pics of my Burundi breeding colony which are just starting to pump out some fry. this is my Dominant Male Brutus who is a real stunner
  9. How many males/females do u need in a colony of frontosa? also how many could u put in a 4ft by 2ft by 2ft or what size tank is best for them.. any help would be great thanks
  10. Hi guys... Just after a bit of advice and or opinion on the best substrate and coral to use that also looks good in the tank for a colony of Burundi Frontosa. I am starting out from fresh with a 6ft *18*20 tank, sump filter. I wanna know if I can use sand that you get from Bunnings. As I said I'm just getting it up and running and want to do it right from the start I want something that looks good and also good for the fish. I know its not a hard topic but I am open to new ideas and I have never used any of the sands you get from Bunnings so if someone can take all the guess work out of it for me that would be great.... Thanks Guys...
  11. Here's a picture I took the other day of this rare guy showing off to the ladies
  12. Hi Guys I was at the City farmer Mitchelton and they had a special on fronts 3 for $100 the thing is they were largish fish about 8 or 10cm cheapest i have seen them and in good nick .. a Good luck shopping
  13. whats the best way too make sure that 3-4cm burundi frontosas grow as quickly as possible. there are 4 of them and they are currently in a 20L tank. they are too small to put in my big tank.... any ideas????
  14. As some have asked me for it, I thought I'd share the first picture of one of my WC Burundi Gibberosa that I got from Ravi about a month ago. They were quite skinny when I got them and 2 did get a bit roughed up in the face during transit. They look like they are coming good though and are eating NLS Medium Cichlid quite well already. With a bit of love and luck, they will hopefully be breeding in a few months time. I still have covers over 3 sides of the tank and keep lighting low, so not the best picture I have taken, but it will have to do for a first shot :-)
  15. heres a few pix of my 5x2x2, had it running for some time now, just released my Burundi 8-15cm into it, i have 3 big caves that i made from lava rock, they seem to have settled ok, pretty happy with it cheers
  16. Hey Todd, From what ive learnt trying to sex frontosa by appearance could be quite difficult, owning a colony of 7 kigoma frontosa myself. Ive spent hours and hours watching there behaviour and what they look like. As my fish tank is in the lounge room id rather watch the fish then t.v I thought i had 2f 5m and turned out to be 4f 3m. 2nd biggest in my colony was female. My largest female 16cm does have a bump, though the other three 10-14cm have a more rounded head and look quite feminine in appearance. hope this helps. what sizes are your fish and what do you think your m/f ratio is? got any pics? Timbo
  17. some of my colony soz couldnt take a pic of their tank my camera suks!
  18. Hey guys, Just picked up my new goby. Bought him as a ERETMODUS CYANOSTICTUS "KAPAMPA" but hes accualy a Spathodus erythrodon burundi. pics: Does anyone eles have any gobys other than humpheads? these fish are really funny to watch. So far he keeps to himself but had a massive fight with my mpanga and one. He now owns all the back rocks in my tank.
  19. So here is my Burundi Colony of 8, 2m 6f Around 23-30cm. 6x2x2 tank with 3ft sump. Fed on NLS and Brine shrimp. Bunnings play sand and some nice big rocks I stole from a mates yard, shhhh. The tank now has a clay pot behind the big rock on the right for the Alpha male. Might try and get some individual shots of the big female and males. The camera made out to be very black and white, but some of the fish, especialy the Alpha are lined with blue. Full tank Sweet, my fish.
  20. here is a couple of pics... my alfa Borris and the girls cheers Matt
  21. hey all. id love to buy 4-6 f these guys. before i go asking and told by a million shops they cant get them (again) any one know of a store that can? cheers -simon
  22. Gidday everyone I have recently put together a colony of Burundis my question is do they need substrate to spawn or will they breed in a glass bottom tank I have read conflicting info, do they need to build a nest in substrate? I have cal carb in my sump but dont really want anything on the bottom of the tank for easy cleaning any info appreciated cheers Hilly
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