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  1. Hello QLDAF! Here at Pet City Mt Gravatt we are running a promotion for a week as part of our Marine Madness May. Buy 2 Corals and get 1 for free* *cheapest Check out the poster below for any T&Cs. So come visit us at Pet City Mt Gravatt - 224 Wishart Rd.
  2. Looking for black vinyl for the back of my 3×2. Does anyone know where to find it on the northside? Cheers
  3. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone could tell me where I can pick up some styro for under a 3x18 tank? Preferably around kallangur/brisbane north? Cheers
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Where's the best place and what's the biggest size air stones you can buy I have noticed some of the ones in pet shops are huge or are them air bars better
  6. Hi guys, I have no time to hatch BBS to feed my fry and id really love to feed them some. Does anyone here have some that I could feed my frys? Please, comment or PM me with a price, Im happy to pay a good amount. Thanks guys!
  7. Large plecos. albino, gold spot, commons, sailfins. Must be 30cm plus. Can also swap for smaller plecos, or other fish. Let me know what you are after? I might have it!
  8. Need a new impeller by the looks. Pretty pricey. Anybody got a good online supplier? Don't care if its ex. O.S Thanks guys
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Please ignore this group buy. The source is too expensive, for what you get. Will keep looking and will let everyone who might be interested know. Hi gang I have found a source of live Daphnia . Its $10 overnight shipping. I have made enquiries its $15 for a starter culture (teaspoon), $25 for a larger culture (tablespoon) and I am waiting to hear back on a larger order price. Anyone interested in going in and order, split the costs? PM me.
  11. Hello. I am in the process of setting up my new tank. 8x2.5x2.5 with a 4ft sump. I'm wanting to flow around 8,000lph. I was also thinking of running the pump external. Can anyone recommend a decent brand? Im looking at the new Vectra pump. Vectra M1 and L1 pump specs, pricing and availability announced
  12. Keen to get a couple of these. Anyone prepared to part with one? I'm in western suburbs of Brisbane - happy to travel in general area to pick up.
  13. Hey guys im chasing some cheap 2nd hand heaters needing 2 for two 2 foot tanks. Let me know what's available. Thanks
  14. Hi all..wondering where or if its possible to buy beta fry..I don't want to breed just for fun too watch grow.. Tracey
  15. Hi Everyone, i live around Warwick area and im about hour or so from toowoomba i'm trying to find sellers in Warwick preferably and looking for the following 1. 2x Peppermints Bristle-nose Male & Female 2. 2x Orange Spot Bristle-nose (Male & Female) 3. 2x Corydaras Bronze(Males) 4. 2x Corydaras Albino (Males) 5. 2x Corydaras Leapord
  16. Hey guys, anyone got a link to somewhere online or know of where to buy nice artificial aquarium plants? PM me if its not a sponsor to keep the mods happy ta
  17. Hello Looking to buy Electric Blue Jack Dempsey.
  18. I know there is trading section but I still wonder if anyone knows of good retailers to buy plants. Most seem really expensive. Cheers
  19. As the title suggests I'm wanting to buy methylene blue just wondering where is the most affordable place to get some? Cheers Ryan
  20. Hey guys just wondering where the best places are to get quality discus? has anyone ever bought from pet city? Or living reef aquariums?
  21. .i have 2 mature females looking for 2 mature males please PM me with price and if you will ship to western australia
  22. .As the title states after some 25mm Bulkheads with the black and metal strainers, and does 25mm pipe slide straight into the back of them
  23. .Where is the best place to buy Quickstart and Prime? Yes I can go to any pet shop but they are generally expensive. Any specials going somewhere or where I can purchase online?
  24. .Evening all, I'm looking for a cheap solution for packing about 200ltrs of filter media into bags for use in the sump. Ive tried locating onion bags online, seems silly but I didn't know who or where to ask? Any suggestions would be appreciated, doesn't have to be onion bags it was just the first thing I thought of. Oh, & Im not keen on stockings for this media, or just in general…. Cheers
  25. .After any marine fish for sale on the Sunshine Coast let me no what I've got thanks
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