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Found 17 results

  1. has anyone used the Wyin C02 regulator, cant find any info on the net, is it worth buying?
  2. Does any one know if the ISTA I-641 C02 regulator will fit a C02 bottle with a AS 2030 thread??
  3. Hey everyone, I had an old tank laying around was running but no fish for awhile so decided to set it up and try a planter tank which I would like to later on stock with a few small fish. Size of tank is 20 x 15 x 60 I just wanted some advice. It has ada soil with a 6 or so plants atm. C02 Bottle Regulator think its set to 3 bubbles a second. I have no idea how much I need ???? large canister filter with 1 internal which I am using to defuse the C02. Lighting was twin T5 with pink/red globes but the light died so I am using twin fluro white lights atm till I decide what to buy. Advice here would be awesome. The tanks been running for a few weeks I have noticed the plants are starting to get black dots. I ran a test last night results are. PH 6.8 Ammonia 1.0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 0-3ppm Any advice would be greatly appreciated I will post photos tonight. Thankyou
  4. Hi, My ista 3l cyclinder has run out and will be refilled this week. Are there things i can do to lessen the impact of no c02 for 2-3 days for my plants or would 2-3 days not make much of a difference. Also anyone found a place to refill the ista c02 cyclinder's on the northside of brisbane. I was going to try the brewing hub boondall. Thanks Mick
  5. setting up a planted tank what is the easiest and best C02 machine on the market for a 5ft x2ftx2ft. thanks
  6. I have a 4x2x2 tank about to be setup and were looking for some plant suggestions. The other specs of the tank will be as follows Substrate - Eco Complete Filters 2 x Eheim 2217 300w Heater 2 X Workx 48cm Led's 1 Ista C02 system (reg, solenoid and reactor etc) Driftwood - 3 pieces of mangrove root The stocking list will be mostly rainbow fish with some tetras and cory's and sae's and a gourami So my thoughts so far are as follows Foreground - Hairgrass, Blyxa japonica, or Pigmy chain sword Background - Swords, Crypts and Vallisneria From what I have read these are low maintenance plants and as this is my first planted tank I did not want to go too high tech at the moment. If anyone has any ideas please let me know, would also be interested which lfs in brisbane have a good selection of plants. I will also keep an eye on the classifieds in this forum. Thanks Mick
  7. Hey guys. I have a 4 ft planted tank with a tropical community. I use fertiliser at the moment but I'm looking to get a c02 diffuser kit. Anyone know the best place to get one in Brisbane or which would be the be the best to use? Hopefully cheap too
  8. Hi All, I'm building a high tech nano cube, with the following specifications so far. Tank -ADA 30c (30cm rimless etc) Filter - Eheim 2213 Heater - External Hydor 200w Lights - BW30 Dalua LED Substrate - ADA Amazonia Powder Some eBay lily pipes Plan is to plant with some HC and maybe a few other low carpeting varieties in an Iwagumi style. Fauna planned - Some kind of shrimp (prefer something that likes algae), and a Siamese algae eater for cleanup. I will likely get some kind of display fish in future as well (tetras or maybe blue rams). Clearly planting this will require some CO2. I'm not really interested in DIY, and I had been looking at some of the small fluval kits, but I think I'd be constantly changing the cylinders. So I'm leaning towards pressurised CO2, and some advice or guidance (never having C02 previously) would be useful. What I've learned so far - You can get CO2 bottles from the home brew shop. They are generally cheaper. - You need a regulator - You need a check valve - You need CO2 resistant airline - You diffuse the C02 with an in tank diffuser, or you can inject inline with a reactor. - Solenoids can be connected to timers. What I'm still trying to work out| - How big a bottle do I want? 6kg seems fairly ridiculous but 2.6kg? How long would that last? Few months? Few years? - The home brew ones are....the same? kegking has a nice 2.6kg for 199, seems reasonable. - Regulators - brand recommendations? Things to watch out for? I assume I need it to have a bubble counter and needle valve (and optionally a solenoid, but I've decided I need that) - This all just screws together...right? - Diffuser vs reactor? I like the idea of having this inline (adding CO2 resistant flow), but will this work with a lily outflow (i.e near the top)? Any advice on diffusers? (Trying to keep a very minimal look)? Build journal to come as things start to arrive (hopefully this week). -D
  9. Hey guys, I have a 25L Nano tank and have tried to set up a DIY CO2 kit with 2 bottles - 1 with the mixture (yeast, sugar, lukewarm water), the other empty which eventually travels through the line to an air stone in the tank. My question is, does anyone have an idea of a mixture for this size tank. ALso how far should i be filling the mixture up a 600mL bottle? and should the second bottle have water in it? or remain empty? I also have not noticed any sort of bubbles from the air stone. I gave the bottle a bit of a shake and it released a whole heap of bubbles for about 15 seconds, but then they died off to nothing. How often should this be bubbling normally? Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hey guys, I have decided to upgrade my planted 4 foot tank and bought myself a 6ft monster! I currently have plants in my 4ft and it looks nice, all healthy using aquasoil as substrate, dosing each week with Seachem flourish and excel daily, but I've decided if I am going to set up my dream tank filled with heaps of plants I think it's finally about time to get into C02. Can anyone give me any tips on using it? I am trying to find a good quality unit or is it better to source the parts separately? I have noticed some products on the market are only up to a certain amount of litres and I can't find anything that's probably more suitable for my size set up. Anyone know of any great C02 units or where I can get them from for a tank 680l with a larger cylinder capacity to hold more C02 so I don't have to refill too often.
  11. I'm having trouble finding a supplier in QLD who can suply me with a solenoid to stop and start a regulator, I'm hoping someone here can stear me in the right direction as i'm trying to source parts for a C02 system. I do have a C02 cylinder and regulator tracked down but need the solenoid and bubble counter. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  12. Hi all, Boss wants to upgrade work tank into a planted setup, can anyone help me with a rough price for a c02 setup suitable for tank 1200x600x450, running 2 x Aqua One 1200lph canisters? Any help appreciated.
  13. As the title says. What are the better brands to look for when buying a CO2 regulator? Thanks
  14. setting up a planted tank what is the easiest and best C02 machine on the market for a 5ft x2ftx2ft. thanks leala
  15. hey people im looking for some where around teh gold coast area if possible that refills C02 cylinders Ive tried chubb fire security here on the north coast and they wont fill the bottle i have as it is under the size they can fill. So if you know of a place that will fill a 1.2kg bottle can you let me know please. Cheers
  16. Hi all, Has anybody bought the Ista C02 cylinder (1L etc) from Guppies Aquarium? I am wondering if they comply with Australian standards (only says BOC connector compliance) and therefore will be able to be filled legally by a gas supplier. I have tried to email Guppies before but they don't respond. I was happy with their delivery speed and products etc but they are not so responsive on the communication. The link for the product in question is found here (hope this is within forum rules to link - if not I will edit it out): http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.a ... _1306.html If anyone could give me feedback on their experience with ISTA pressurized c02 systems it would be greatly appreciated. Daz
  17. Hi guys, Just bought a c02 system and should arrive tuesday however have some issues I want to clarify before it is used. How do you personally monitor your pH levels in your tanks with the c02 systems without buying a c02 pH controller worth about 500 dollars as I do not have that sort of money for that small item. I need help with knowing how to monitor my PH level as i do not want to come home from uni and realize all my fish have died due to a pH increase due to damn c02 system. I do have a API full master test kit and also a seachem PH monitor for inside the tank which is basically the sticker thing to tell me what my ph is whenever time of the day. What else is there to help prevent massive pH spikes. Thank you for your help Adam
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