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Found 32 results

  1. Who is best to contact about getting cabinetry for tank stand made up these days? Brisbane. Thanks.
  2. Hi does anyone want a five foot by 2 by 2 fish tank cabinet? Make me an offer to trade for a small fish like a breeding pair of convicts or something like that. I live on the Gold Coast in Labrador
  3. Morning, hope everyone one is enjoying the festive season. I'm about to do a new 8x2.5x2.5 build for my beloved p-bass, but I am trying to find a cabinet and hood similar to this, if someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks James
  4. ....Hi all looking to buy a 2nd hand or ner new display tank for my Frontosa colony needs to be with a cabinet not a stand. if anyone's looking to sell one with in 2hrs drive from Toowoomba qld 4352 let me know pm me or sms me on 0403745984 cheers
  5. My build starts by scoring a free 5ft from mate of mine. For starters you should never take free tanks off mates, because by being free all it does is escalate the build. This tank is designed to be a room dividing tank, I know its not over tall but i think its big enough to do the job. The bulkheads and plumbing are concealed in the cabinet. Tank is 5ft long, 18 inches wide and 20 inches high, the sump is 4ft long 12 inches wide and 15 inches high. Sump tank was also free off Gumtree. Designing the stand cabinet and hood. Stand
  6. Just wondering if there is anyone out there with cabinet making experience. I have just purchased a sump that is about 1.5cm too big to be angled in through the back supports off my cab. Just wondering if i was to remove one of the back supports and then put it 2 inches to the side to make it easier to pull the sump in and out if it could potentially cause the cabinet too collapse. It is a 6 foot cabinet with two back supports and will have to support about 800kg. Let me know if i have missed out any info as im really not a handy-man Ps id rather be safe than risk anything so if it is at all possible that the stand wouldnt be as structurally sound then i will put the support back exactly where it was and the sump can just be permanently in tere Cheers
  7. Hey guys, I'm getting a 4x2x2 tomorrow or Tuesday, it is currently on a stand but I'm after a cabinet to hide the sump, and keep the little ones out of it. So I was thinking of adding ssome boards to the side and doors to the front, also removing the bottom shelf and adding a frame on the bottom for support, is this as straight forward as it seems, or am I best of getting a cabinet built from.scratch.
  8. hey guys ive got a nice custom cabinet im making for a member here and thought i would share a build journal along the way ive got the cutting list drawn up and started ripping and edging the panels ready for assembly. heaps of pics on the way to show the progress and it begins ripped,docked and edged ready for marking out one cabinet assembled trio of cabinets screwed together kick made with ss laminate on ply cabinets on kick with stainless shadow line panel on top more to come of the satin board being cut and being prepped for spraying, cheers from Aussie
  9. So I'm buying a 6x2x2 tank in the weekend, and in want to get a cabinet made to look exactly the same as an old one I had in a fortnight or so. I would upload a pic by haven't got the net on here yet, I can txt you some pics of my old cabinet. Just shoot me a txt and I'll send thru some pics. Would need it built in Logan area as not many of my mates are willing to drive thurther. Send me a message on 0423729021.
  10. Max Nano - well it might be a bit big for a Nano but certainly a nice setup. We have a few of these available and seeing how they will go and we are doing a introductory special of $449 and of course you get your QLDAF discount of 10% off that. Warning Pic Heavy. Pick up only at this stage at Caboolture but can arrange delivery to close surrounding area's. Aquarium Nano Tanks
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Looking for some where on the Gold Coast that will make a custom cabinet for my marine tank
  13. I have recently re-decorated my home and painted all my furniture white. The only thing to do is my 6 foot fish tank. It is a Gary Maher cabinet. I can remove the hood for painting that is not a problem but I am wondering if I can safely paint the bottom section? I was going to use a non-toxic water based paint and cover over the top of the tank with towels. I do not want to strip the tank down, but rather just paint the outside. There is enough room around the tank where it sits to safely do it without touching the glass. Have any other members done this? And suggestions? I would love to have it match my other pieces of furniture and I am a bit disinterested in the tank right now so thought a change and re-aquascape might be what I need.
  14. My housing situation, being in a share house, means that my Aquaria is limited to one room, being my bedroom. Hence I'm interested in utilising the 3 feet between my 4fter and my desk with some sort of multi-tanked setup. However, it being in my bedroom, I would like it to hold some aesthetic/display value, as well as having closed cupboard space for cannisters etc. Hence I was wondering if two tiered cabinets are readily available for 2ft tanks? I could possibly stretch it to 3ft if that were the only option. Would it be as easy as posting a WTB on the forum? Or would it be a custom built affair? If so can anyone recommend me an expert willing to tackle such a task in the name of capital interest / innovation!?
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. AS the title sugests, im after a high gloss 'modern' looking Cabinet, Something verry clean, looks like its out of a scifi flick, that high gloss white, completeley flat, looks a little like perspex. . . Getting a new appartment and think im going to go with a white and Red Furniature theme and currently my Tanks cab and hood is a dark "walnut' stain and in a old fashion style. . . best photo i can give is this, so kind of a cabinet and hood made to fit in with this style. . Sorry if this makes no sence :S
  17. Whilst we're all doing the 'look at me and how good I am' threads, I thought I better join in and throw up some snaps of a little project of my own. Keep in mind while viewing, I'm a draftie and this is my first attempt at building anything since I knocked together a wooden AK-47 (my pride and joy) when I was 8. I usually draw these things with no hope of making them. I'm reasonably happy with the progress, but lets be honest... it's a bit rough. Materials: 15 odd metres of MGP10 90x35 and 70x35 - solid as a brick out house A crud load of screws Some 20 year old wood glue that was rather chunky Coupla sheets of the thinnest and cheapest ply available An veneered cupboard door the old man picked up on a reno A door catch I flogged off the old ladies dresser (she still hasn't noticed) Tank: 2x2x2 in 10mm glass, beveled edges, 3x35mm drilled holes Sump & Plumbing: $10 garbage bin from bunnings and some 77c buckets 2000L pump 25mm bulkheads and stainless strainers PVC overflow Poly inlet PVC overflow Lighting: 2' T5 lighting (4 tubes) Now for the pics - constructive criticism welcome... It's not finished yet, still needs: sanding, painting, cleaning etc.
  18. Hi I have brought myself a raw 3ft Maher tank as I would like to paint it white. Can anyone please tell me what type of paint I should use and do I need to use an undercoat or primer? Thank you
  19. Im planning on building a new cabinet for my 4ft display. I want it to house a 3ft sump. Just wanting to get idea's and see how other people did it. So if you have a custom cabinet, Please post piccies on this thread for me to look at Please & thanks.
  20. Hi all, So, for some silly reason I some how convinced myself that I don't have enough on my plate when it comes setting up tanks and decided that I would refurbish our 3ft. In all my madness, I do have a reason. When we bought it, the base of the inside (being made of MDF) was all swollen up and the stain on the stand wasn't exactly the best job but we could live with it. However, after constructing our 6ft x 2ft x 2.3ft tank that sits directly oposite using black, it kinda put the 3ft to shame in both size and style. So, to bring it back to life we are pulling it totally apart, fixing a few things up, sanding it back and redoing the stain to suit the furniture surrounding it. Some pics of the current state of the cabinet So .... time to start the refurb! Day 1 First off, we had to move our 30cm oscar to his temporary 6ft home Pumping the water backwards and forwards to level the parameters
  21. Does anyone know if it's safe to keep an empty tank on top of a cabinet that is smaller than the tank, which leaves the edges of the tank overhanging? Tank in question is 4x2x2, 10mm glass. Need to put it somewhere for 2-3days while I fix the stand up, and don't want to have to put it down on the ground.
  22. Hi all and happy new year Im thinking of shutting down my 6x2x700 and replacing it with two 5x2x2 or two 4x2x2 and nedd a stand to accomodate this if you could help with design and construction could you let me know cheers.
  23. I recently started building a cabinet for my 6 foot tank. Since then I have decided to use the space underneath for 2 breeding tanks along with a sump for the whole system. When finished I plan to add sides and doors to keep the noise to a minimum. Heres a few 3d drawings of what I hope to achieve. Front Back Progress Another reason I'm posting this up, Is because most of you are more experienced than me and if you can see anything I'm doing wrong, let me know . Ill keep you updated on how its going. Cheers
  24. Ok boys and girls progress has been far to slow to put you all through the pain of my build but its all coming together now so thought i would show you what i have done ill post up some pics tonight and will put the more recent ones up a little later feel free to let me know iff you think i should change some thing but i think i have it all covered o and please keep all the crap to your self if you feel the need to be a twat thank you and enjoy. the challenge to turn this into something more usable
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