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Found 19 results

  1. So I'm about to upgrade to my 4x2 and I'm using black Diamond quartz as my substrate. As I am keeping malawis in my tank in wondering how I can help control my pH? I have calcium carbonate sand currently in my smaller 4 foot tank an i wondering if I could place some of that into a mesh bag/stocking and put it in my canister filter to help with the pH? Thanks guys.
  2. HI, i have just upgraded my tank to a Aqua one 850 (161 lt) , i have had peacock cichlids for 2 yrs now , electric blues, the aquarium store sold me some calcium carbonate , i have used fine gravel in my last one as my blues likes to renovate a lot,, i still have my my old tank ( aqua one 510,70lt) going with gold fish now for my son, it is crystal clear always has been.never had any probs, what i am finding with calcium gravel it is still not crystal clear,i i have done 2 ,25% water changes to try and get the slight milky water out, i washed the gravel for a good 15 mins , until water was clear before i put it in the tank, the aqua one has a wet dry filter system, wool - carbon cartridge, sponge- ceramic noodles, it runs 2000lt /hr, i also have a internal one going to help the water circulate, which has same media as the 850 , my ph is 7.8 with out doing anything, i asked the shop where i just spent $1000 , he suggested i pay him another $50 to get him to come with a micron filter , (got to love the service in bundaberg) is there any thing i can do , or will it take time to filter out the fine particles from this gravel, any advice would be appreciated. i found u guys by googling ur post on calcium gravel . ps.all i use in my tank at water changes is water ager ,amerite down and geo liquid for cichlids. regards Matty73
  3. So like everybody here at its come up against some really bad hard water lime scale build up on tanks and have struggled and failed to completely remove it despite following the general advice. So I stepped it up a notch. Just ordinary concentrated hydrochloric acid from the pool shop. When using this stuff make sure to wear nitrile gloves and have bicarb on hand to deal with any spills. Here's the tank. It has been left out in the sun for weeks. So it gone really hard and was difficult to scrape with a razor. Basically all I did was pour a small amount in the tank. Using a cheap scouring pad soak up the acid and scrub away all lime. Repeated until I thought it's all gone. Carefully rinsed the walls of by tank down. Importantly I added bicarb to the acid solution in the tank untill it stopped fizzing. It you don't do this its bad for the environment and the sewage systems. Then I tipped it out and called it a day. Easy as. Just a quick after shot after drying a portion of the glass. Just thought I'd tack on some safety information: Conectrated Hydrochloric acid is dangerous! This stuff here is 33% (or 9M to the chemicaly inclined) Concentrated HCl will do a nice job at dissolving any metals it comes in contact with producing hydrogen gas. (as will vinegar, just slower as its less concentrated) Always use nitrile or chemical resistant gloves when the is the possibilty of skin contact. Always have bicarb on hand to neutralise any spills - but when adding bicarb to a spill be careful as the reaction is vigorous and produces alot of heat! Always neturalise the solution with bicarb before disposing of. The fumes are dangerous and hurt like hell, don't breathe them. If you do move away and take many deep breaths to clear the gas out completely! This looks scary when you look at the list... Its really not that bad to deal with, you just need to be careful and keep these things in mind!
  4. Hi all, I have a tank of the above, I have some sea shells in it and add some egg shells, I'm told that, that is a good way of giving them some calcium. Is this true? What else could I do, to make sure their shells don't go soft? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Ok so I have searched the forum and can't find anything on this so I shall ask........ What is better for keeping ph up calcium carbonate or a crushed coral sand mix? Need to do the following tanks: 3x 6ft 5x 4ft 15x 2ft Thanks for all the help Karen
  6. Hey guys so I'm turning a calcium reactor (came with my co2 cylinder) in to a fluid bed filter for a tank I'm setting up for shrimp breeding, ill eventually add a chiller to the system as well:ballchain:. Just seeing what sand people would recommend to use in a fbf. I'm thinking pool filter sand but there is few types so I thought I'd see what people use and like. The first filter will be made from the main reactor and ill be blanking off the holes I don't need and ill put some corse filter foam At the bottom to keep the sand running in to the base. Ill be running the water though a little (11/12 L/min) iwaki magnetic pump. It crossed my mind to not use sand and use k1 or something similar, if someone with more experience with fbf wants to chime in and give some hints and advise that would be great.
  7. Hey Guys.. I've got two Mystery/Apple Snails, one in a tank at work with a Betta and one in a 3 ft with Guppies and Khuli Loaches. Their shells seem to be thinning, and deteriorating would I be safe to add some form of Calcium/Cuttlebone into either tank? I don't want to affect the fish in either tank, but I'd also like to avoid losing either snail too.. Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  8. Ok be gentle, my brains seem to be on holiday today. Does the Seachem reef buffer add calcium? My salinity is a up a bit so added top up freshwater. My ph is just a tad low at about 8.1 and my calcium could be a little higher at barely 400. Apart from that my phosphates with the HANNA checker this time are a sweet 0.01. I just added a little bit of the reef buffer dissolved. Will that raise both the ph and the calcium?
  9. Just wondering if any trick to removing wat I imagine is calcium from the inside of a tank ? Thanx in advance.
  10. i have a second hand tank with a white film on the inside of tank, what is a safe method of removing, ive tried vinegar, so what next cheer pete
  11. do calvus like calcium carb as a substrate?
  12. are these two the same thing lol or different? i assume they must be a little different but for a cichlid tank whats the best? cheers
  13. where can i get some calcium carbonate from in bulk. south brisbane cheers
  14. just wondering were i can get some of this to keep my ph nice and high,and also has to be white and fine (1mm) what would be the best place to get it from and the chepest? thanks.ben
  15. I am now considering switching from calcium carb to sand a tank. I was thinking maybe I should run some calcium carb in the canister filter for buffering, but I don't know how much to use? I don't want to use too much, nor do I want to use too little. The tank is about 250 liters. Any advice would be appreciated
  16. Hey guys, Got some calcium carb in my tank that is browning a little with algae and just wanted to know the best method for cleaning it? Was thinking soaking in something, not really sure what works best though. Cheers
  17. hey guys.. can anyone tell me where i can buy food grade calcium hydroxide (aka kalkwasser) ive been told to get pickling lime but cannot seem to find pickling lime in any of the supermarkets.. thanks :ginger:
  18. Ok time for a basic question. Just wondering what Calcium Carbonate is like as a gravel. Can you gravel vac it like normal gravel? or is it lighter? I know it affects the water quality. I am setting up a bigger tank for my birchadi, they currently have sand and love it but it's a bugger to clean, especially with bubs swimming around. I think they would prefer the water conditions with the Cal Cab. Also where is the best place to get it? Is it only at LFS? Thanks Jenny
  19. As above.. Gonna give salt a try... Any tips form fellow salt-sters ???... Thanks in advance..
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