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Found 67 results

  1. A friend of mine was at Pet City on Friday and told me that they have 4 to 5cm Black Calvus for $22.95. Now my mate hasn't got the best memory and this sounds like a great price. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow but if he's right I might be going for a drive 👍Just thought someone who are looking for these might want to know👌 Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  2. Just a question if I put a small group of calvus in a display tank with 10 juvies africans will that bring them Out of there shell (no pun intended) haha they just seen to be really shy with any sort of traffic around tank
  3. Hey Fish Friends.. What would go better in a 2ft tank ?? Black Calvus or some Neolamprologus multifasciatus ?? I have never had either and thought i would see what you guys would recommend ..
  4. Picked up some nice White calvus today so dam excited love these little fellas but I will update the photos when when they have settled in. Josh
  5. .Could I please get an id on these calvus I bought them and they are meant to be black
  6. Hi guys, Been looking at a lot of standard good ole black Calvus today and have noticed (As I had in the past I suppose, but never given much thought to) that a lot of then have a yellow tinge to their head/face. Does any actually know why this happens with some variants, but not all. Does it mean they may have crossed over a different variant at some point... Even in the lake ??Just curious on informed opinions.
  7. So it turns out my Black Calvus have bred again, only this time I noticed the fry before I lost em. I lost count at 45 this time, seem's to be working out for me! Might need to buy some more tank's at this rate lol. Cheers Doug
  8. Just sitting looking at my calvus tank when I noticed something moving on the floor, at a closer look I found 13 Fry just swimming around the floor like they own the tank lol! So Happy
  9. Heres a little thread i've wanted to get going for awhile .. So this might stir up some opinions but I think we are wrongfully crossing our black calvus varieties not aware of the differences...seems people arent really aware of the yellow faced type but I believe its a true variant and I think we have some real deals lurking in oz(I myself vaguely remember seeing the odd black calvus around with a yellow streak down the front of the face).... The yellow body colouring seems to fade with aging(as is happening with stock overseas)...and certain fish genetically carry stronger colouration...i know some here in oz have mentioned it could be from cross breeding etc but I beg to differ...having seen images of wild caughts in the US with this colour pattern and also and how the yellow can fade with generations,crossbreeding etc has me thinking the natural occurring variety does display a strong yellow band down the face...this is apparently much stronger on the boys and a very reputable breeder by the name of Russ(Razzo) in the US had a beautiful boy with a super strong marking thus making his fry some of the most sought after calvus in the US as they were throwing heavy yellow facial markings..unfortunately he no longer breeds this variety(concentrating on frontosa I last read)but I have supplied a bunch of his great images and would love to hear thoughts etc on this variant or on the state of our own black calvus...seems we might be crossing variants and inturn trying to destroy different variants all unknowingly..if this is the case...maybe we should be trying to breed back towards the yellow pattern on the front of the face plus other visible features to save this type of variant!!!...I personally think if it was the result of crossbreeding it would also affect a much more wider or random area of colouring/patterning(as I have now seen in some potential hybrids).... So some calvus eye candy...some beautiful patterning on these F1 juvies... And so now some of the adults....... Could put pics up of these guys all day long...beautiful fish if you ask me
  10. I picked up a couple of new calvus and I think this one might be a female, can anyone help me?? It is approx 5cm and all pic's are of same fish Fingers Crossed it is a female!! Cheers Doug I have just put them in the main tank and my big male is chasing it around and when the both are in a log the male chases all other fish away
  11. Hi Everyone, I have bought 2 Black Calvus, just wondering if anyone can help me with what type they are and what sex they are. 1st 2 pic's are of the same fish and last pic is of the other. 1st fish has a really yellow face and fins but with the crappy phone you can't see properly. Thanks i advanced. Cheers Doug
  12. How many times a day should you feed black calvus fry? I am feeding instant baby brine shrimp.
  13. How much would a pair of black calvus be worth male 11 to 12cm female 6 to 7cm breeding
  14. How much would a pair of black calvus be worth male 11 to 12cm female 6 to 7cm breeding.
  15. thought i would share my tried and true method of safely extracting alto comps and calvus from their shells to steal their fry and to clean their shells from all the gunk left over from last spawn which can and does spoil some or all of the next clutch if the female doesn't clean up properly or simply cant! this is why sometimes you will notice less fry with each spawn instead of more, the egg rott from the last batch is spoiling them ; >>> So, here it is. If its just a male or non-paired or non-spawning girls that have hogged a shell I extract them by placing the shell right up to the front glass with the opening facing you, give an inch or so room from the opening to the glass, when they come out a few mins later they say WTF im not living here up against this front glass, and that BigRock bloke is ugly enough from a damn distance as is, im out of here lol ,...so they simply abandon it! males abandon instantly and females who aren't fanning ofcourse will abandon it pronto aswell !! a fanning female usually wont. So with them,soon as I notice fry I go get an exact replica shell that's been cleaned and dried then i'll gently move her shell over just a few inches and place the new shell in the exact same position and place where hers was and then sit back and watch, she will come out a couple mins later and you'll see her expression almost say wtf lol what am i doing here? this isnt my shell thats my shell. And bang she'll go in the new one and that's when you dive in and grab her shell full of fry works a treat! and she is none the wiser all except her fry are gone, the pair bond also stays the same, theres NO territory dispute or sussing of new shells or placement etc, coz they have no real clue what happened when you do it this way and they'll begin another spawn soon as they can. This method is also more deviously fun than other methods when doing it, so enjoy!! ;
  16. I'm starting to lose a few CALVUS fry they are just dying I'm feeding them powderised nls Thera a+ and they are in an egg tumbler but not tumbling what can I do to help ? They are tiny and I'm hesitant to move them ? Ideas?
  17. my black calvus finally bred and now the tough challenge of raising the fry begin i have only lost about 3-4 so far over the last week or so i brought an egg tumbler and just have them in that for the time being. i guess I'm just chasing some advice on how to raise them best ? I'm currently feeding them sera micron food suggested by the Local pet store. is this good ? should i put them in their own tank or anything or just wait until they grow a bit more and become hardier ? water temps? i have a lack of experience in this ? any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  18. how do you tell the difference between black and white calvus? i've had a bit of a google but nothing seems to help my search pics would be a great help cheers
  19. I want to make my own breeding caves and was wondering if there is anyone out there that has made them before and that can give me a heads up on they made them. Materials,dimensions ect. If anyone can help that would be great. Cheers Marty
  20. as it says above, i need breeding tips on gold head comps, black calvus and white calvus. i have all in seperate tanks and none have bred yet. -2 established pair of comps. -3 black calvus gender unknown. -4 white calvus 1 male 3 females. cheers timothy
  21. Hey all I haven't got access to a lot of suitable shells up here and I've heard corner PVC with a cap works. What do you calvus guys use. Cheers Marty.
  22. im going away for a couple of days and want to feed them on a dry food out of an auto feeder for a couple of days,will spectum crushed be ok?? cheers marty
  23. hey all my calvus fry are now 1-1.5 cm long and have in the last week come off the bottom of the tank and are starting to swim around,i was wondering at what size will they start feeding on brine shrimp. they have been getting bbs(live) and now cyclops. what are your thoughts ?? cheers marty
  24. hey all is it ok to feed rotifers to calvus fry until i can get somelive bbs going cheers marty
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