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Found 10 results

  1. Has/does anyone used these https://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3349
  2. Anyone ever used either of these 2 canisters? CLARITEC 10000 PRESSURISED FILTER WITH 13W UVC Claritec 10000 Pressurised Filter With 13w UVC FLUVAL G6 CANISTER FILTER Fluval G6 Canister Filter I'm thinking the Claritec will handle my 1100litres nicely? Obviously the Fluval does much less water but I think if anyone's ever been in love with a machine, it's me! Check out that display screen and it's got a computer in it to check water parameters and heaps of cool stuff! But yeah, if anyone's had any experience with either, good or bad, I'd love to hear it! Finn
  3. has anyone on here had drama's with the fluval fx5's pumping micro air-bubbles into your set-ups ??? first question would be how did you fix this issue ? i've had one do it previously and contacted the rep and the whole canister was replaced other than that...... second question would be, how long can my fish last in a tank that has micro air-bubbles? is it doing more damage than good working like this... any previous experiences/tips greatly appreciated, currently have a few fx5's and seriously considering switching to the eheim 2260 canisters as im tired of this drama.
  4. Thinking of buy one for a 8x2x2. The model is a Odyssea CFS-1200 Canister Filter 2650lph + 9W UV Sterelizer. There also is a 1000 and a 700. There quite nicely priced but is that for a reason as there cheap and nasty or do they actually do the job and keep your water quality clear. Any suggestion or feedback on these filters before I buy or consider buying. Cheers
  5. Anyone know of reliable canisters that are in the lower end of the $$$ market? Like aoa has Aquanic.... and echeim classic. Plus ebay has those really white and black ones. Cheers,
  6. so witch forum sponsors are stocking those lil 100-200 lph external canisters im looking for one and no one down my way seems to kno what im on about , and no i dont want one off ebay ! also who has expirience with them ? product feed back pro's/con's thank's guy's and gal's john
  7. I'm on the lookout for a few new canisters, and these are stocked by an Aus online store (reefshop). Has anyone had any experience with these??
  8. Anyone know the guy in Cornubia who sells really cheap brand new canisters? need one asap!
  9. hey not sure if thread exists but here goes, has any body got any stories good/or bad about those cheap chinese canister filters....we all know the ones, the white and blue/black one..they have many names and are avaliable from a few diff brands but they are all the same. sum even come with built in uv lamp. Any ways i was hav'n a bit of of arguement with my brother about which canister to get for his new 4ft. and im all for these filters hey i have 2 running my tanks, one with uv and one without both from diff brands but exactly the same...had them a year now and not a drama...same with a few people, but has any body got any other stories in regard to them. for my sake i hope they are all good ones.lol cheers guys. i hope i opened a can of worms here.lol
  10. Hi all, I recently got a great canister through Brad at Aquariums Alive and am wondering what the best media is to use? Tim
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