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Found 23 results

  1. Post is to let people know there seems to be two different types of eheim classic cannister in our (Aus) shops. I bought a 2217 with eheim media bundle at the start of this year from a well known retail shop. It looked identical to the old 'Made in w.Germany' and ''Made in Germany' models but has "Made in PRC'on the label. If it didnt have the new COI printed on it I would not have known it was not european. Tonight I stripped it down to check the impeller/motor/magnet/shaft, and it is in excellent as new condition. flawless and not a blemish. Today I received a 2215, from a different shop, probably better known and is very well regarded. The photo on the website shows the old style classic, but I recieved this new shape. The actual cannister, hose, Quick connects, etc all appear the same, but the motor housing and 'lid'of the filter are different looking. This one is made in PRC, and looks like it is made in PRC. A quick inspection of the magnet shows the surface of it has lost part of its outer coating already. I was considering sending this back, it was not what the photo on the website showed and was not the quality that I knew eheim once had (regardless of where they are made). But then I sat down and thought it over, the other filters at a similar price point are all made to the same or even lower standards, and it does come with a good warranty, so lets see how it does. The new 2215 was advertised as having 1xcarbon, 1x white fine filter, and 1x blue coarse filter. The unit arrived filled with 1x carbon and 1x white and SIX blue pads. Would make a pretty neat mech filter itn that configuration, but I removed 4 of the blue filters and used some 3rd party bio media. http://i1038.photobucket.com/albums/a461/isarich/DSC_0690_zpsk7vbyslf.jpg The 2215 fired up straight away and feels like it has more than the 600ish LPH even at a 1.3M Head and chocka full of media. And it is running dead silent, you cannot hear the thing from more than a meter away. I will tear it down in two weeks time to remove the carbon pad and see what the impeller magnet looks like. Long story short. It seems the classics that come with eheim media are the old shape cans, made in PRC. The classics without bio media seem to be this new, cheaper looking, style. Also made in PRC. The product photo on the outside of the carton "is" accurate, so if buying online I recommend phoning ahead to confirm what the box looks like. Assuming you are wanting the older style, and not ready to trial'n'error these newer versions.
  2. Hey Ive got a 2 tier rack, each tier with a 4ft tank on it. I was thinking about running one cannister for both tanks. does anyone do this at all? One thing I am concerned about is the syphon effect in a power fail from 1 tank to the other.....obviously from high to low Would I need check valves anywhere?? Pic below shows my plan and the ??marks are where im considering where the check valves would go?? thanks
  3. I'm looking at connecting two filters in series. Anybody tried it? whats the benefits and risk? I saw some diagrams on how to do it. I have some spare filter parts and was thinking of using it to put more media for the water to flow.
  4. I want to clean out my 2200 lph canister filter it has 4 trays in it the 1st tray is a sponge, 2nd tray ceramic noodles, 3rd tray has bio balls and the 4th has carbon at the moment. I want to know what is the best thing to replace the carbon as I have heard if you leave the carbon in there to long it can be put back into the water so what would be better than the carbon also roughly how much would I need also would it be a good idea to put some more noodles in tray 1 with the sponge cheers Yellows
  5. This may be an odd question, but can you use small cannister filters as calcium/nitrate/phosphorus reactors? Reactors on the market are essentially fluidised bed filter, and some cannisters have same water flow direction as these. eg eheim 2213 has inlet at bottom outlet at top. remove all media but leave coarse sponge to prevent reactive media from being pumped out. can adjust flow rate to manufacturer's guide line for reactive media. last but not least, same principle as reactor (anaerobic environment) What do you guys/gals think? Possible, maybe, impossible???
  6. Hi guys did a quick search on this but couldn't find what i was looking for Basically i have just setup a new cannister filter and was just wanting to know how long should i wait till i clean it for the first time.
  7. just setting up my 6x2x2 (600l) and i cant decide whether to run a sump or an external cannister. any suggestions would be great on what would work best and any of the details on l/ph and what type of pump to run. im gathering im gona need somethin that will flow 2400l/ph or more??
  8. Hey guys Just after some opinions, I am buying a new cannister filter for a 5x2x2 and im stuck with making my final decision between an OTTO PF450G and the Aqua One Aquis 1200. What are your thoughts on the two filters? Cheers Nick
  9. Just wondering if anyone can offer any advice on cleanining your external cannister filter. Ive done it before but have more valuable fish now. So want to know the BEST way. Im still learning and ive heard things like.. - your bacteria can die after 30mins of being switched off.. a bit worrying as I could have done that quite easily in the past chatting or even my rescaping can take a while! - ext filters can get to a point where it starts leeching bad stuff back into the tank. So I suppose I want to know WHAT the detrimental stuff to becareful of is.. and HOW to avoid it, do it.. etc I heard that when outlets down to a dribble your ready to do a clean... mine is, so I figure its time? This time I also wanted to replace the sponges in there. Its got big blocks of foam u cant squeeze out? Was going to replace with foam mat cut to size. Should i have different grades eg. from med to fine? Was thinking 2 do it slowly over few weeks with some new & some old foam in there so not to wipe out bacteria? Also with the matrix bio rock stuff.. its not in a bag atm.. is it better off in those media bags? And when cleaning it do you touch it as little as possible.. Or is it good to give it a good wash / blast with some tank water? (heard the live bacteria builds on the dead?) Sorry lots of questions asked.. But I really want to learn how to do it right! Cheers
  10. intake pipe IS fully submerged output is hanging out the top like its meant too but blowing barely amy bubbles if any!
  11. Guys, a friend gave me one of his old filter and when I was cleaning it, saw some small snails (croissant shape) that were living inside the filter (cannister, hose, media). Is this an infestation? Though I checked his tank, it's clean of snails. Hesistant on using it anymore as it might cause problem in the future. Trying to research about it, but don't know what's it's called. Any idea? Are they good snails?
  12. Hey guys I have 2 cannister filters im looking at for my 6x2x2 one is the Fluval FX5 and the other is the XP4 by Rena. I would love to hear which filter you guys would go with out of these 2. Thanks Leon
  13. Hey guys I have a 6x2x2 being made as we speak it will be delivered to me in 3 weeks with a lovely stand aswell anyway i am looking for a filter then can run the tank (it has to be a cannister) i know i have been told to go to a sump but im not really wanting to i want a cannister so if anyone can help me out with what would be the best to run a 6x2x2 that would be great. Thank heaps and i am looking forward to hearing from you all Leon
  14. We've all seen those cheap white cannisters on ebay for dirt cheap - Would love to hear from anyone that has had anything to do with these. I need a small cannister for 200L, and I can get one of these for 80 bucks with media. Also, I have heard that the ones with UV lights should be avoided as the plastic is not UV stabilised and deteriorates? True or false? Cheers.
  15. Hey, I have an AquaOne 1200 and every now and again the filter makes a noise and small bubbles come out the duckbill. I have checked that the canister is closed properly, not sure where the air is coming from Anyone have any ideas ? Cheers Josh
  16. Wat does it mean if the cannister filter water flow rate is very slow,even it slow when i clean the filter,does it mean the filter has it time or jus need to change some parts?i had this filter running for 3yrs nows,n i can oso hear some air bubbles noise in site the cannister too.cheers
  17. just got a jabeo brand cannister filter,ive filled the cannister connected hoses and pipes,turned it on but nothing happens,do i have to prime it manually?havnt got a clue never used cannisters before any help would be appreciated. shane.
  18. Hi all, just put a cannister back into service and it's making one hell of a noise. It's like a really loud vibration coming from inside so I'm guessing it's the impella. What would cause the impella to break? I have opened it up and cleaned the impella but no difference... with a good thump I quietened it a little It's been about 3-4 months since I used it last and it wasn't missing a beat then. Could the down time have messed something up? Does the ends of the impella shaft need some sort of fish safe greaseing up? Any help would be great, Andy
  19. can anyone give me some advice i got a cannister filter today. got it going the guy said to fill the in line with water and then use the prime button but everytime i fill the inline with water it seems to come straight out of the out line do i have to plug the out line before i prime it... SO HELP PLEASE
  20. I got a suprise gift from my partner today, a Fluval 405. I've never had or owned a cannister before. Can anyone tell me the best place to put the intake and outake pipes in a 5ft tank? Intake near heater or the other end? It came with noodles and carbon, being a planted tank i'd say 2 media baskets full of carbon might be a bit much, what would you suggest to put in the baskets instead (i'll run carbon for a bit to clear the tanks water)? Any other tips i should know?
  21. Hey guys, in a spot of bother here.Last night when i cleaned out my aqua pro 1500 cannister/external filter i found that on the "out" side port where you hook the hose to the filter the plastic has cracked down the side.I tried to araldite to fix the crack but to no evail.Im running a 3200lph internal filter and sum air stones but thats all i have. What i was wondering is do i need a new external filter or do these parts exist from lfs??? plus i think my brand of filter is old(bought it second hand with the tank). Any help will be appreciated, plus how long can i keep just the one filter running in my tank without harming the fish.In the tank which is 6x2x2 i have: 3x kadango's 15cm 2x kandago females 8cm 1x blue dolphin 9cm 4x lambardois 1x electric blue female 1x johanni 4cm 1x elongatus 4cm 2x very large sailfin pleco Cheers Dave.
  22. have read on a few site that using a cannister filter with spray bar for breeding BNS give the fish the impression of the rainy season in there natural enviroment and this encourages breeding. does any one here use a cannister on the BNS set up and get results, also do you still use a internal in the bottom of the tank to keep a strong current. thanks again chris
  23. Hey everyone, Just wanting to know which people prefer to run on there tanks and the benefits to both.... Ive always used cannister filters and bed filters, but after reading dif posts thinking may move to sumps and make my own. Any info appreciated. Dave
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