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Found 8 results

  1. Ok so I have searched the forum and can't find anything on this so I shall ask........ What is better for keeping ph up calcium carbonate or a crushed coral sand mix? Need to do the following tanks: 3x 6ft 5x 4ft 15x 2ft Thanks for all the help Karen
  2. Hey guys, I have noticed my fish lately have been rubbing there gills on gravel substrate more than usual. Is that a bad thing or are they fine?
  3. i am setting up a 8fter with calcium carbonate substrate and was wondering what plants would be suilable. I have 4x 30W 4ft t8 tubes on the tank so was thinking java fern and anubias and maybe amazon sword. Would appreciate some advice please. Tank is 8x2x2 Cheers
  4. do calvus like calcium carb as a substrate?
  5. just wondering were i can get some of this to keep my ph nice and high,and also has to be white and fine (1mm) what would be the best place to get it from and the chepest? thanks.ben
  6. I am now considering switching from calcium carb to sand a tank. I was thinking maybe I should run some calcium carb in the canister filter for buffering, but I don't know how much to use? I don't want to use too much, nor do I want to use too little. The tank is about 250 liters. Any advice would be appreciated
  7. Hey guys, Got some calcium carb in my tank that is browning a little with algae and just wanted to know the best method for cleaning it? Was thinking soaking in something, not really sure what works best though. Cheers
  8. As above.. Gonna give salt a try... Any tips form fellow salt-sters ???... Thanks in advance..
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