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  1. Semi solid carbon dosing recipe is working out great! Unlike the nitra guard titanium, mine produces absolutely no hydrogen sulphide, yes!!!! No nitrates coming out as is with phos, both are not showing on tests, either from the tubs or my system. If it was not for my diabetes I would have had no idea about this. Seems the obligates do not like my recipe, lol.
  2. Deal of the Day - Activated Carbon 10kg Bags. Today only 1/2 price only $25.00 !! Link - Age of Aquariums - Activated Carbon 10kg Activated Pelletized Carbon is a cylindrical-shaped carbon made from a carefully selected grade of coal. It is pelletized under rigidly controlled conditions using a high quality binder. This activated carbon possesses high mechanical strength and lends itself well to numerous cycles of regeneration. Its shape offers a low flow resistance. Ben
  3. I have an internal filter that allows for small cartridges of activated carbon to be inserted above the sponge. Will this carbon rob the tank of the micro-nutrients that I add to feed the aquarium plants? Like the copper, boron, iron, etc...
  4. Just put a HOB filter on my shrimp tank which i dose with flourish, the hob has a carbon cartridge, is this gonna have any effect of the ferts
  5. Hi all, just seeing if anyone has used coconut activated carbon before, I'm looking at getting a carbon filter for waterchanges and a few companies are using this type of carbon, apparently it makes for sweeter tasting water but I wonder if it would have any adverse effects if used for fish tanks. Thanks in advance. Cheers mick
  6. Looking for advice on recommended inline carbon filters. Im thinking something I can run from my sump return pump, 19mm hose if possible. Any advice appreciated, as allways budget is tight! Or an I barking up the wrong tree & people only use carbon filters for water changes…?
  7. hey all does anyone know if active carbon will lower your ph level? because I tested my ph last night it was at 6.4. Now tonight, I tested again now it is at 6.0 thanks Dave I have corys in this thank
  8. Guys some of you are aware of this already, so this is not for you. as you can see mine is only a three stage but through testing accounts for all soluble metals to 004 or what ever it was, which is very good. On average your carbon cartridge should be changed each six months due the extreme damage the cholamine/chlorine does to the RO filter bladder/cartridge. If you protect your RO bladder it should last 4 to 6 years no worries! Try to always use coconut carbon if you can and I use a fine film Vaseline on all seals and threads! Open container. My old one next to a new one. New ones along with a new sediment cartridge to last me two years.
  9. Hey Donny what is the price of activated carbon from you guys? A mate wants some!
  10. Can you, or can you not use activated carbon in a marine tanks filter? What is the general consensus on this? Cheers
  11. Two Little Fishies CDX Carbon Adsorption Media now available. CO2 adsorbing media for PhosBan Reactor or similar aquarium reactors * Innovative media helps keep pH-lowering CO2 out of your aquarium * Replace exhausted aquarium media when it changes color to violet Two Little FishiesTackle pH management at the source for water parameters vital for healthy reef aquariums. Two Little Fishies CDX Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media help maintain and elevate aquarium pH by removing CO2 (carbon dioxide) introduced through protein skimmers. Simply install CDX in a tall columnar reactor such as Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor and connect the CDX-filled reactor to your protein skimmer. Use the Two Little FIshies CDX Adaptor or a similar barbed, reducing fitting to connect the air intake for the protein skimmer to the outflow pipe of the reactor. Now your protein skimmer is a CO2 scrubbing dynamo! Is atmospheric CO2 bringing aquarium pH down? Two Little Fishies CDX Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media takes a novel approach to pH management. Accumulation of CO2 in the air (especially in closed environments) can make its way into an aquarium through any device that draws in air. Once dissolved into aquarium water, excess CO2 can lower average aquarium pH. When installed in a reactor and used in conjunction with a protein skimmer, CDX works in two ways to help maintain higher average pH, vital for healthy reef aquariums. First, CO2 entering your protein skimmer is removed. Second, the CO2-free air injected into your reef aquarium via protein skimmer effectively removes CO2 dissolved in the water. Color-changing CDX media turns from white to violet to indicate exhaustion. Available in a 750ml Container $24.95 and a 3L bucket $59.95. CDX Adaptors also in stock. Link - Age of Aquariums - CDX Media Ben
  12. Just wondering if I could get some opinions on how long people leave carbon in a filter for? I have a 5x2x2 and about 2-3kg of carbon in a canister filter. I'm around the 8 week mark for the carbon I have in there. I have the time period of '6 weeks' in my head from somewhere... Just wondering what people do themselves and what they'd recommend. Cheers! Sara
  13. Hi All. $18.00 per bag Today only for QLDAF members ( Bargain ). Link - Age of Aquariums - Activated Carbon 5kg Ben
  14. I want to clean out my 2200 lph canister filter it has 4 trays in it the 1st tray is a sponge, 2nd tray ceramic noodles, 3rd tray has bio balls and the 4th has carbon at the moment. I want to know what is the best thing to replace the carbon as I have heard if you leave the carbon in there to long it can be put back into the water so what would be better than the carbon also roughly how much would I need also would it be a good idea to put some more noodles in tray 1 with the sponge cheers Yellows
  15. Does anyone else use "www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=4072&catID=36" to do water changes? Granted they are not cheap but after lugging around 30L buckets and trying to calculate amounts of dc to add depending on what the council is adding they are just too easy. I have had mine going on 6 years and it's working fine still and makes those disaster moments more bearable and quick to fix. I don't see any threads where they get a mention so am i the only one using these? I would rather pay for stuff that works than trying to save a few dollars and do things the slow way. The only fault i have found is if you have the tap going flat out not all of the nasties get caught so a medium flow rate works good. I make sure i have some normal dc around but it never gets used. Any other uses out there and have you had any dramas?
  16. Interesting news item about increasing growth rates. Bamboo charcoal boosts aquaculture growth, study says - Taipei Times
  17. so ive always been told not to use carbon as it removes to many minerals and general hardness from the water. After reading through many tropical fish hobbyist magazines just about every planted hobbyist is using activated carbon in their filtration some of these magazines are close to ten years old.... i just use macropore white for clarity.. i have bulk amounts of AC from work i could use as opposed to paying for media just like to hear everyones opinions
  18. I have two aquatopia internal filters, one small one in my daughters tank and another in my tank along with a canister filter. My question is how long will the carbon last? Can I simply rinse the sponge (which is hollowed out and filled with carbon) out in tank water and reuse, or does it only last a certain amount of time?
  19. can carbon be used as a substrate? does it absorb oxygen from the water column? is eventual leeching of accumulated toxicity back into the water a myth?
  20. Guys, Have finally been given the OK from the misses to build a nice multi tank display unit. Only problem is the location and design is going to require careful planning as some aspects of the build and location will make access difficult. My experience to date has been a couple of free standing tanks with external filters etc and not much in the way of planning. Tanks I'm going for are primarily 4 ft shrimp/low density tropical fish tanks, most likely with each tank (divided or not) running through its own filter setup. My questions are as follows: 1. I know charcoal obsorbs the nasties and needs regular replacement, what i want to know is would it be possible to have large quantity of charcoal in the filter system so that can be changed less frequently? I.E. 5-10kg for a 4ft tank. 2. For a sump style setup considering using multiple lengths of sealed PVC tube or 20L screw top containers (like used in home brew) with the initial being easy access and holding foam etc. for physical filtering and remianing hard access holding filter media. With a sealed system like this, I assume that in the event of power failure etc. that there should be no (or minimal) chance of leakage, compared to a standard fish tank style sump, provided outlet from tanks are not blocked. Would a large bilogical filter area and low stocking level (such as with shrimp) increase the wate change intervals? 3. If anyone knows any good links to planning sump/plumbing would be appreciated. 4. Given the limited/difficulty with accessing tanks etc, I am considering putting in an UGF setup but using it weekly etc to actually flush the returning water back through the gravel substrate to essentially "reverse vacuum" the substrate. Any comments? 5. Given the size, number of tanks and reverse UGF idea, it will not be practical for me to use shrimp soil etc in the tanks, What i am considering is to use an external canister similar to that for the charcoal and filter the water through the soil to benefit from the PH stablising properties. Again would like any feedback on this idea as it would be easier to empty 5 - 10kg of soil every 6 - 12 months from a single container than have to stuff around with stripping out the tanks each year to replace. Any help will be much appreciated. Adam
  21. Vertex ROX 0.8 Premium Carbon now in stock. Here is a rundown - Vertex ROX 0.8 Aquarium Carbon offers superior adsorption, less dust and pristine water clarity. Typically used by pharmaceutical companies to create ultra-pure water. The wide variety of pore sizes makes it the best aquarium carbon available to remove yellowing pigments, contaminants and irritants from your tank. Vertex Premium ROX 0.8 Carbon Specifications Iodine Number: 1000 min. Ball-Pan Hardness: 97 min. Surface area (BET) m2/g: 1225 pH: Neutral Food Chemicals Codex: Passes Ash, Mass %: 3 Methylene blue absorption g/100g: 24 Washed with Hydrochloric Acid Priced from $28.95 for 1000ml up to $79.95 for a 3500ml satchel. Link, Age of Aquariums - Vertex ROX 0.8 Carbon 1000ml Ben
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