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Found 20 results

  1. My Gold Honey Dwarf Gouramis have had fry but I am unprepared and a beginner with Gouramis. What is the best way to keep the fry, they are absolutely tiny (about 4 days old). What water temp, ph, do they need a filter? I currently have them in a small tank , no heater, no filter but with an air stone. I am feeding them liquid fry food. They don't seem to move around much, just hang out on plants and the side of the tank, is this normal? If anyone has experience with these fish, I would love to hear from you, it would be greatly appreciated. cheers😎
  2. i just got back in to breed african cichlids but i never breed burundi frontosa befor can someone please tell me . how i can sex them if they are still abit to young to breed as im getting 25 of them and what i should feed them
  3. If your answer is "yes" why? If your answer is "no" why not? I know it's not a big deal question, but just wondering why the forum has gone quiet. Of the more than 16000 members how many will respond? Will the members who only use the trading sections answer? I would say "no" because they wouldn't read this.
  4. I've Got 3 snails in a 15-20l fish tank i when i got them they shells looked like slightly decaded i guess like gritty i guess i describe it as that. & i was reading they need calcium to fix there shells but. i read you can use aquarium salt/ cuttle bone which i have. But what it doesnt say how much to put in & how much cuttle bone to place in the water. & when ill start to notice snails shell heal. Also what is it a GH test kit? General hardiness of the water? what should that be for snails? but also have 2 prego female guppies in the tank at the same time.
  5. ..If you loved the Nano Care Magnet you are going to want the big brother. Almost double the size but not double the price and will handle glass 10-15mm. With a gap between the magnet and the glass also means that gravel and sand will not get caught. Also received in the 6020 nanostreams which are very well priced as well. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Tunze_Nano_Care_Magnet_Long_0220_011_10_15mm_Glass _p/0220.015.htm Here is the smaller nano care magnet at work. Tunze Nano Care Magnet 0220.010 Tunze Turnbelle nanostream 6015. The Tunze Turbelle nanostream is German made and of the highest quality and extremely efficient.
  6. Hey Forum Lovers We at Aquaholics Online are having a sale on our Allpet Care Aqua Heaters The heaters are backed with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY Prices are as following 50w - Normally $20.90 NOW $15 ($13.50 after forum discount) 100w - Normally $23.90 NOW $15.50 ( $13.95 after forum discount) 200w - Normally $26.90 NOW $16.01 ( $14.40 after forum discount) 300w - Normally $29.90 NOW $17.00 ( $15.30 after forum discount) Stock is LIMITED and will be until sold OUT (not to be repeated at these prices) Aquarium Water Heaters For Your Fish Tank Wholesale Direct
  7. Hi everyone, I am new to keeping Oscars (sort of) I am taking over the care of our Oscar because I got sick of having to remind the OH to feed, clean etc - I had absolutely no idea about keeping fish, let alone an Oscar! It went from me wanting the tank and stand replaced with a cabinet style as our bub is just starting to crawl and I didn't want her to find and play with all the electrical cords under the stand, long story short, now I am going to take over the care of our beloved Freddy, many hours spent reading up on Oscars, caring, feeding, filter systems, diseases etc etc Aaaargh head ache! lol I now realise the OH has absolutely no idea about caring for Oscars either Hmmm!!! Anyway, I am confidant I have learned enough to get poor Fred sorted out and happy again and I am going to our local aquatics store tomorrow, although I am doing a complete tank swap tomorrow since I have found a cabinet and tank we need, one that I can lock up and little miss can't get into. Thankfully it is the minimum size I read that is recommended for 1 Oscar (55 Gallons) Ideally I would prefer to get a larger tank for him but for now this will have to do. I am about to go for a look through all the different topics but if anyone knows of anything on setting up a new tank, as far as cycling goes, for an Oscar, or has any tips, it would be much appreciated. Everything else as far as filters, testing etc I pretty much have it covered, I am confidant I can carry out all the necessary testing. But, still a little fuzzy on 'cycling' or can't really find any straight answers, planning to ask at the aquatic store while I am there also. Getting PH levels right is the easy part, but not sure exactly what to do as far as the initial cycling of ammonium nitrate, nitrite... I read about using gold fish and that cycling can take several weeks ?? but unfortunately I do not have the space or spare tank to wait that long. I will have 2 canister filters running in the tank aswell as a heater of course, will that be enough for the initial cycling of the water and what is the minimum amout of time to wait before I can put Fred in his new tank and is there anything I need to add to the water to help things along?... any help appreciated. P.s - He only has Gravel on the bottom as we know that; pretty tank set ups + Oscars = Total inhalation haha. Plus he has a little crab ornament that he loves to push around so we leave that in there as his 'toy' and I change his back ground every now and then to give him something new to look at. Edit: Thanks in advance :-)
  8. Hi all, I would like to get some archer fishes for my outdoor planted unheated tank, will need to know what is the best care for them? Tank mate? Would breeding them possible? Tank: 6x2x70cm Filter: Eheim 2217 Sump: starting to do as the holes are drilled, I may move my shrimp and fish to my 4ft sump or 200lt drum acting as sump. Current fish: 100s glass shrimps, 50s RCS, 3 crimson rainsbowfish, random feeders, 3 small marble BNs. Plants: fully planted with many types ranging from moss, wisteria, to small/big needle leaf javafern... Gravel: 2Tones'DIY CO2 sandbased Few big driftwood Cheers, Unheatedtank
  9. Hi. I am looking to get a few crystal red shrimp. How hardy are they compared to red cherry shrimp? Do the need a controlled temp as in a chiller? A silly question as well do they cross breed with rcs? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi guys well I have decided that I am going to give Discus a go can anyone point me to some good care sheets/Sites. Also anyone have any idea of what Discus are available my wife loves the Red Leopard Discus I think she just likes vibrant colours I don't really mind to be honest.
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  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Just took one of the lids off 5ft that the light sights on now what is it. Just took light apart looks one bulb has dropped from the thing it sites on ie rail.?? Light to close cause this How to care for lids, clean how often Asunder
  14. Hi guys, I have been trying to learn about Discus and what they prefer in terms of GH and KH but the websites I have read contradict each other and some of their pages won't load it was all getting a little frustrating. Do they have any species they can share their tank with? Any particular illnesses they suffer from? Favourite foods and best overall diet? How many litres should hold one Discus happily? I have lots of questions if there are any professionals around (゚ー゚)
  15. What sort of temp should I be running my shrimp at and most importantly, what should I be feeding them?
  16. Hello ! i want to breed cherry shrimp but never have , just wanting to know what i need to do? i want to use the cherry shrimp as feeders for my GT's, how many can i fit into say a 50L-100L tank? i have seen people posting that they pin zucchini in the tank , can i feed them just that? are they fussy on water conditions? Cheers Sean.
  17. Evening all. First off thanks for everyones help with my last thread in reguards to their eggs. Turns out some hatched but I have lost all of them bar 6 now in a fry saver. This time I'm more prepared & have been watching the pair closly. Her tube is comming down & looks like she is ready to lay soon again. My question this time is, if the fry survive will she pick off the 'blue' ones? Will she see them as being deformed & eat them to increase the chances of the others? Also, what is best to feed the fry? Any other pointers would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Craigo.
  18. to everyone out there that has the opportunity to go on holidays, what do you do with your fish? I have africans that eat alot, and i wont b home for 3 weeks, i have seen those fish feeder things, but what does everyone else usually do? Sell up? Trent
  19. Hi Guys, i have a quick question....I am not a breader nor do I want to be, i have an all male malawi tank, well they were suposed to be all male. Keep a long story short i bought 4 albino pindani from LFS, thought there might have been a female in the lot and just wanted to see what happened. I noticed one fish not eating, and had a large mouth so I seperated the female about 2-3 weeks ago. 2 days ago she spat about 20 or so fry. I have had fish breed before but usualy just let nature run its course, don't want cross breeding or anything. I am still concerned about hybrids but i was told if the fry are true albino then they are not hybrid, is this true? And what is the best course of action to take if i did have true albino non-hybid fish, how do i look after them, should i remove the mother? Should i remove the fry? What is the best water parameters to prevent loss of fry? How and what should i feed?? And another related question, If i put the female back in the tank with the other males what is likely to happen? If she breeds again will she always choose the same male? Thanks for the help Dean
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