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  1. Ive grown up being told that 3cm is the size to reach before selling BN catfish, be it any type. I'm now at a stage that my peppermints are breeding like crazy, and by the time their fry are 1.5cm (in a separate tank) they have hatched another batch (in our community tank). My question is, what size is to small to sell? I understand when they have their egg sacks, thats crazy too small. But what about 1.5cm? They are bigger, eating solids.. Whats your thoughts? xx Cheers, BNgirl
  2. What large catfish ( 30cm+ ) do we have in Australia? besides the natives the only types I've seen are the occasional red tail and false tigrinus... what other species are out there?
  3. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find a pair of L46's(Zebra Catfish). If anyone has a pair or knows where I could get one, I am open to offers. PM me cheers
  4. First I need a positive ID on this guy please. Second is this strange habit its started in last few weeks. Added airstone thinking it might want air, even though all other fish were behaving normally. I now believe its doing this on purpose. Barstard aims at us. Lol. Thoughts?? Watch "Squirty squirt." on YouTube
  5. Every time I buy these guys the last a day or two. My tank is is of high ph, plenty of O2 and other tank mates are happy - fronies,trophies,mbunas. Your advice is very welcomed.
  6. Does anyone know if there are any size limits on any of the native catfish? i am aware of limits on Tandanus but not of any other species.
  7. Hi All, Does anybody know if Spotted Raph cats in Qld/Australia. Pretty keen to get my hands on one/some. Steve
  8. From the BBC no less! Australians can rejoice again in living in the Dangerous Country... Australian man left bloodied after catfish 'assault' - BBC News
  9. Hi guys is this guy a L169? I have another that is much lighter in appearance with the same markings I will try and get a photo of that one also.
  10. I have a gorgeous sailfin pleco, approximately 25 to 27cm... but I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl. Can anyone identify the sex for me? It'd be greatly appreciated. Do I need a photo of anything in particular to help you guys determine the sex? Cheers, Lily & Geordie
  11. I have a male Bristle nose & female bristle nose but ive been looking closely are they the same type of species, and are they able to breed. They have different colours, They have a breeding log i just havnt seen them interested in ea other :S
  12. hi i was wondering if anyone knows what these 2 fish are? they were a little stressed when i took the photo so there colour is a little dull but i was hoping someone could tell me what they are? i know there is a little peppermint in there lol. but the stripy ones?
  13. Hey all.. I have 1 big male bristlenose catfish and 2 female bristlenose catfish.. I want to keep the females in seperate tanks and keep changing the male once he breeds with the female and hatches the babies.. I this something i should do i thought it would give the female a few weeks or so to relax away from the male ?? Or would you keep the male and 2 females in the same tank.. My tanks are 4x2x2 and 2x1.5x1.5 ....
  14. .Hey Fish mates.. Just wondering what types of fish to keep with guppies.. I have a 5ft tank and its got 7 Guppies and 3 Bristlenose catfish.. What other fish can i put in there with them ?? Also chasing some more albino bristlenose.. Any help would be amazing please..
  15. Hi setting up a large frontosa set up and just wondering what catfish would be suitable to keep with them and that would live in the same water perimeters ?
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. as above i am setting up a tank "again" and have had mixed ideas and opinion's on keeping shrimp and royal whiptail catfish together? will the royals eat the shrimp or ph/kh and what not levels mess with one or the other?
  18. .Hey fish mates.. Just thought jt i would ask a question.. I have a 5x2x2.5 ft tank.. I have a male thats about 14cms and a female is about 11cms.. I also have in there 6 other bristle nose that are between 4 and 8cms.. Should i take the smaller ones out and put them in my 2 ft tank which already has 4 x 4-5cm bristle nose in there or keep them in the 5 ft.. Im in a bit of a pickle as too how many is too much for the 5ft tank.. The fish i have in the 5 ft are just guppies..
  19. .Hey Fish Mates.. Can you put common bristle nose catfish in with peppermint bristlenose catfish ?? Would they still breed ?? are they aggressive against eachother ?? please help..
  20. .Hey all.. just a question.. can you keep a sailfin pleco in with 4 bristlenose catfish and guppies.. will the pleco eat the baby bristlenose or would it be ok..
  21. Would those be ok together with some large rainbows? From The Native Dude
  22. You do not see many of these around and one of my favourites. Some may not see the attraction but I like them and they are pretty active little cory. Corydoras Black Venezuela Catfish
  23. Hi Everyone, Im looking to purchase Long Fin Bristlenose catfish, Im additec to them:help: Dan
  24. hey all iw as jw if anyone knows were to get a spotted talking cat at a decent price eg under 75 dollars wich is what id have to pay locally would love to have a big group of them but not at that price
  25. Hi I was thing of adding to plecostomus catfish to my 6 ft tank what size do you think they will grow too ,would they eat smaller fish when they grow up and are there feeding habits the same as bristlenoses . Thanks Peter.
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