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Found 26 results

  1. Any members here kept and/or bred whiptails? What are they like compared to BN? I am setting up a planted 2ft and wanted to see if I could try them out.
  2. Iv recently replaced gravel with sand in my frontosa tank and now I want the rest of my tanks set up with sand... I've used the coarse coral sand in the fronts tank and found it soooo much easier to vac. I just give it a bit of a stir while doing my weekly wc and it stays beautiful and white and bright! It also seems to have helped stabilise the ph around 8.2 and I no longer seem to need to use a buffer. How do bristlenose and plecos take to sand? Can they ingest it and suffer gut issues? Or are they more likely to enjoy digging around in it as apposed to gravel? and will the bn fry be ok in it? I paid $99 for 20kg bag of the white coral sand at a supply shop nearby and it would cost me about another $400+ if I used the same stuff to do all my tanks which I can't afford. I've got a bag of richgro playsand that says is suitable for aquariums and the such....read mixed reports on it but at $8 for 20kg I'd be laughing if it IS in fact suitable. also on the fry note, my tanks have exploded with fry and I'm running out of tank space at a rapid rate. I have some flameback fry I need to put somewhere....will they be safe in a bn tank with an adult pair of peps and various juvenile cats? The flamebacks are about 1cm currently.
  3. About to start gradually salting up a tank very slowly so as not to upset the bio-bacteria in the sump and am aiming to get it to brackish water condition, he be ok in it or best get rid of him? He's 30cm+
  4. Spotted talking cats REGION: Sunshine coast interior PRICE : $50 ea, or $45/10. QTY : plenty SIZE : 4cm SEX : ???? CONTACT : Pm Available immediately. Can be freighted anywhere, or meet me in Brisbane. Trevor 0438 146 484. Sorry, no pick ups.
  5. Black lancer cats... Who has any atm or who would like to get some ???
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Neil Hardy Aquatica, Vefverslun Furufugla og fylgifiska This is why I hate looking on overseas sites because I cant have them Well most anyway I think im in love with this fish FJ
  8. Well after paying my fishes more attention my cuckoos have spawned. I'm very new to these fish so learning as i go with them. I stripped 3 female crimson tide hosts. One had just crimson tide fry free swimming. (Cuckoos must of been distracted and missed the spawn.) Second one had a couple of crimson tide fry and 7 cuckoo cat fry. Third one had eggs. Normal african looking eggs then some were a yellow clear sort of colour. (I'm guessing maybe catfish eggs.) Free swimmers are now in a fry saver. The others are in seperate tumblers. I did leave a few fry in with the cuckoos. So now i need to know what i need to feed them on for the start of their life. Is brine shrimp ok or do they need something special. How many do people normally get per mouthful ?? The crimson are only around the 8 to 12 cm mark i spose. Would i expect more with bigger female hosts ?? Cheers JP =)
  9. It’s fair to say that no better publication currently exists for dedicated freshwater hobbyists. Each issue featuring cutting-edge articles on fishes, invertebrates, aquatic plants, field trips to tropical destinations plus the latest in husbandry and breeding breakthroughs by expert aquarists, all accompanied by excellent photography throughout. From the publishers of Coral magazine, this is a freshwater-only magazine with the same excitement and cover-to-cover excellence as Coral. Richly illustrated with high quality colour images and packed with in-depth articles by renowned authors, Amazonas appears every two months. Coverage includes: new species, new ideas, new expert accounts on keeping and breeding freshwater fishes and invertebrates, planted tank aquascaping, travel to tropical source countries, visits to the fish rooms of legendary home aquarists and breeders, aquarium practice, biological background reports, aquarium technology and chemistry, interviews and much more. All printed on high-quality, sustainably harvested papers and non-toxic, soy-based inks. The name ‘Amazonas’ is derived from the native Portuguese and Spanish name for the Rio Amazonas, the river that the Western world calls the Amazon. Following the lead of Coral, the cover subject is dealt with in detail through extensive photo-reportage, accompanied by several in-depth accompanying articles. As with the early issues of Coral, this first issue of Amazonas is sure to become a collector’s item. Here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Amazonas - Breeding L - Cats
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. who can tell me how many L cat types i have in these tank
  13. After being showed how to tell the difference between male and female cuckoo's by DFishkeeper, I thought I would put up some photo's explaining the difference. First photo is of a female. ( No willy ) Second photo is of a male ( Willy ) Hope this is of help to someone. Thanks Scott.
  14. Hey guys, Picked up a couple of Salmon Tails this afternoon and they must have damaged themselves in transit. Will their damaged whiskers heal? One looks quite bad (90 degree bend). Cheers, Wellsey.
  15. Got a breeding pair of Albinos 2 weeks ago and i put them in a 2ftr . I also added another female to make a trio. Did i f@%k up . If not how long till they breed again? They have heat and 2 sponge filters and a heap of air. Should i black out the sides of the tank? Any tips to kick things on would be good.
  16. Hey, I'm just wondering if there's anywhere around that stocks pictus cats? are they hard to get here?
  17. can anyone tell me of any african rift lake cats available in s/e qld?would like different types in each tank have 3 malawi set ups. already have 3 cuckoo cat ( synodontis multipunctatus ) .what other rift lake cats are there? also are all feather fin cats ( synodontis eupterus ) a real aggressive cat mine is about 15cm or more and while moving tanks he was with my angels and took a big chunk out of the angels head ( which killed the angel ) but he chases every thing even rift lake cichlids.what to do with him he's boring in his own tank but a pain in another, but i like him though he's different.
  18. Was meant to ask before what non aggressive native cats are available( Not large ones average size) to go in a 130l tank for now and a shop who sells them if possible?
  19. Has anyone seen gulpers in qld if so how much were they if you can remember? Cheers.
  20. hi everyone its me again well anyway i have woke up this morning to about 10 baby bn cats and i didnt even no the fish were even breeding well any way i am happy well i need some help on feeding and looking after the fry Thank you, Rion
  21. hi i need as much info on how to breed comon bn cats as possible i already have 2 around 5 cm i need as much help i had drift wood but i gave it to my cosin for fish tanks so any thing that might help plz let me no than you very much, rion
  22. hi all i need as much info as posible about breeding bn cats if u have any info it will be great. Thanks Rion
  23. hey wats breeding size for cuckoo cats and how do u sex them plz any help appreciated
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