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Found 42 results

  1. Hi everyone, just wondering how long you should quarantine wild caught feeder fish/shrimp before feeding them to your fish? I have an American display tank setup and would like to start giving them occasional feeder guedgon and shrimp from a local creek any sugestions
  2. Have been thinking seriously about some of the smaller rock spawners from Lake tang wanted to know if it's possible to get the following wild caught Neolamprologus Brichardi neolamprologus dafodils neolamprologus stripped Brichardi fell free to pm me if you have any info of where I can get said fish thanks in advance
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Recent trip to the Amazon landed a nice sized bristle nose. Hand caught from the pontoon
  5. The other week took the family to Crystal crk for a swim...ended up catching a pair of guppies wild type male an female Male is orange, yellow, navy blue and clear. An the female typical clear but has black eyes, just dropped 5 babies 3days ago Then went to black river today an scooped a few times in the shallows got a lot of gambusia plus this gorgeous guy he has neon green, purple, pink, orange, blue and navy blue an clear. My question is how can i tell the female guppies from the female mosquito fish? Will they breed together?
  6. recent events have made me question the ethics of wild caught fish prices, namely when compared to imported fish. how come a wild caught fish cost more than a captive bread counterpart (exclude the garbeg being floged off around here). so the said species is a alowable import, the captive raised one cost less to purchace from your LFS than its wild caught counterpart. even though the wild caught fish has had very little expenditure and investment made compared to its captive bread brethre. wild caught fish have no cost of set up, no brood stock cost, no grow out cost, reduced feeding cost, reduced consumption of power and water, less cost in labor, compared to a cptive bred fish. They are just netted and shiped to a exsporter. The same exsporter and same quarantine as a captive bread fish. so why the the inflated price? is it a status symbol? the belief of better quality? and how can you be sure you are even getting wild caught fish given the certs are not woth the ink on them?
  7. Out and about on the Gold Coast when i thought i would pop into one of my LFS (they just reopened) did a lap of the store when i see a Giant Pink Gourami. I couldn't help myself so i got myself a new little fish (name it come once i find out the sex) He now is living in a 6x3x700 tank with some Peacock Bass some Oscars and a couple of other cichlids soon to be rehomed.
  8. Hi I just caught my 2 yr old eating the Pleco alge pelletts behind the couch. Are they poisonous? Do I need to take her to hospital the info line won'tgive me an answer as the don't know. Like WTF!!!! Sorry just freeing out a bit
  9. Hey everyone, Next idea for a tank will be a 4x2x2 at the smallest and I plan on going out and catching some smaller but legal bream or whiting. 1. What sort of filtration would I need to have on it would a higher end canister be fine or would it be best to put a sump on it? Either way what sort of flow rate would be best to have. 2. What sort of scaping would be better planted or more rock work as I have heard they like both depending on the time of year. (what type of plants and rocks would be best) 3. If I were to go with a 4x2x2 what would be the the stock limit. Thanks, Adam
  10. Hi i want to know what u need to do to add wild caught to a tank , rainbow runners youtube vid says add salt to bucket to stop fin rot & parasites, how long do they need to be kept there? my first attempt did not fair well fin rot with 24 hrs some even quicker than that, is it common for this to happen , wild fish to have parasites? ?
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Was at my LFS today and was looking at the many types of clownfish they had. The first question I asked them was why 2 of them were so much more colourful/brighter in colour. He told me they were wild caught clownfish. He continued to tell me they were nearly 3 times the price of tank raised ones. Just wondering if tank raised ones will colour as well as wild caught ones? The ones I saw were amazing and even though the price, I would have chosen them.. Does this also go for other species of fish that can breed in captivity? Thanks.
  13. I bought some wild caught Aphyosemion Poliaki killifish at the auction last night and cant remember the location that was associated with them .thought it may be important as i read this morning that they are on an endangered list and theres variations according to location the sellers number on the bag was m22 dont know if that will help track the seller down any info would be greatly appreciated especially if they are endangered and i can get them to breed
  14. So I am currently collecting fish in Cambodia and went to a pond on the side of the road, I could not believe the number of sparkling gourami's I was able to catch within a 50cm area. I just stood there and kept scooping in the same spot every 30 seconds, each scoop catching 1 - 5 fish. The pond was quite large, approx. 2 meters x 50 meters x possibly 1 meter deep at the deepest point, almost completely covered in plants. Also we were at a market the other night and for sale were some Cantor's Softshell Turtle Hatchlings, these are an incredible species which grow to 2 meters in length but unfortunately are endangered because locals keep collecting and eating them. We managed to save 3 from being eaten, at $1 each, and have the smallest one which we are feeding up to go back with the other 2. They will be raised until they are large enough to go back into the wild in a safe (as safe as can be) area. Here are some pics and a video -
  15. Posted this in the wrong place so just linking to it from the photography lounge - http://www.qldaf.com/forums/freshwater-species-9/wild-caught-sparkling-gouramis-cambodia-plus-cantors-softshell-turtle-99424/
  16. Just wondering if any of the members of this site got any when they had them available 9 or so months ago? Would be keen to see pics of what they look like now. Beau
  17. And of course it had to be a cichlid keeper... Australian fish smuggler wets his pants
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. Went down to check on them this morning and look what I found :-)
  21. Was just looking around on google a bit and was wondering if people know any good places to go have a bit of fun and maybe end up with a few fish for the tank This started because I was looking for mono argentus but would also go for convicts or other cichlids. not after feeders Anyone have any experience with collecting their own?
  22. Wow..... : World records fall as giant alien fish threaten WA waterways | Murdoch University
  23. So last night i saw a thread started by Craigo on some of these wild caught Oscars at Pet City. Been thinking about going back to some Americans of late and these fish have always been a soft spot for me. After viewing them though my mind was quickly made up and hey presto 4 new family members. Now they are not the best shots as i have just taken them with my phone but had to share them. Will post more as they develop to adulthood and am looking very forward to seeing the difference in them to captive bred fish.
  24. Hi guys and girls I notice a lot of people on the forum have wild caught fish, I am wanting to buy some of these but I don't know who too contact or what website to visit too see what they import. Any help would be muchly appreciated. By the way I am after tropheus and frontosa varietys. Regards Wes
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