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Found 6 results

  1. Dwarf Chain Loaches x 6 No postage Cairns Queensland Price $70
  2. Hi all, I have a few pygmy chain swords in my aquamanta vf 14 litre tank that have been in there with shrimp for about 6 weeks. Since having them, I have seen a lot of new growth and successful runners. However the majority of growth new and old seems to be transparent to a degree with no normal leaves anywhere. The tank has good water parameters. The lighting that came with the tank is 5W LED strip. The substrate is fluval shrimp stratum and there are no other plants. So why are the pygmy chainsword transparent? Not enough light? Or something else?
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  4. Hey everyone, Just looking on some tips for pruning a chain sword. As you can see it is getting a bit out of control, which I dont actually mind the look of at the moment, but not sure how high it will grow. So far i have just been removing the runners that are not growing in the correct places, however can anyone let me know how to reduce the height? Do I just cut back the leaves? Do the cut leaves just die or stay healthy? Any tips would be great.
  5. Live Animal Key Chains-New Trend in China - Technorati Lifestyle Really when is this kind of cruelty going to stop?
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